TenPoint Venom Xtra Crossbow Review

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tenpoint venom xtra Review

Tenpoint Venom Xtra Crossbow

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If you often find yourself trying to maneuver your crossbow in cramped hunting blinds, you might consider the Venom Xtra crossbow.

TenPoint is likely to the top manufacturers of the crossbow in the world. It is known for creating powerful crossbows that are lightweight, smooth, and accurate.

The Venom Xtra has the same look and feel as TenPoint’s Venom but with much more quality features and accessories. While this bow does come with a hefty price tag than other models, it’s worth the added expense when considering its sturdy build and high-performance design.

The crossbow is incredibly easy to set up, and sight can be quickly adjusted. With amazing included features this crossbow can be easily used by beginners and experienced archers or advanced hunters.

In this TenPoint Venom Xtra Crossbow, we covered up features, pros & cons, power, built quality, accuracy, and included accessories.

TenPoint Venom Xtra Review: First Impressions

TenPoint Venom


System: CompoundDraw Weight: 185lbs
Kinetic Energy: 114 ft.lbs.Power Stroke: 13.5 inches
Arrow length: 20 inchesBow Weight: 6.7 pounds
Axle to axle length: (uncocked/cocked): 17.6″ / 13.3″Trigger weight: 3.5lbs


  • It is crafted in a laminated wood stock.
  • It features a woven carbon fiber with double laminated limbs.
  • It comes with rubber safety wings that help reduce noise and vibration.
  • It also comes with auto-engaging safety and dry-fire inhibitor.
  • It comes with a speed of 372 feet per seconds and the kinetic energy of 114 pounds.
  • Its butt stock has strategically placed cut-outs that improve the balance and reduce the weight of the bow.
  • It comes with ACU draw 50 for smooth performance.
  • It has HE cam system that helps to reduce painful vibrational shock.

  • It has premium quality materials.
  • It is capable of hunting small to big games.
  • It has the easiest cocking mechanism.
  • It is durable and has a compact design.
  • It shoots 370 grain Pro Lite arrows up to 372 fps, that is super fast for such compact bow.


  • It is expensive.
  • It is too complicated for small gaming.

Detailed Specifications

Build Quality

It is one of the important aspects to consider when you are looking for a crossbow.

Venom crossbow comes with sturdy construction. It has a woven carbon fiber barrel, XLT bow assembly and a laminated-wood stock. To ensure that it can be used in various weather conditions, it is finished with a durable water-resistant semi-gloss and non-slip rubber butt plate.

You will be able to hold the crossbow up easier and without exerting any extra effort as it is lightweight and well-balanced. It has IsoTaper limbs, Dynaflight 97 strings and cables, and HE2 cams. These features work together to give the crossbow an excellent speed of 373 feet per second. The Venom Xtra controls the noise and vibration with its retention spring and barrel dampeners.

Since the Venom crossbow features a lightweight and compact build, it is also incredibly comfortable for most shooters.


A look or design of the crossbow is one of the first things that will catch your eye. The Venom Xtra has a minimalist design that is simple and looks good. It has mossy oak camouflage print that makes it easy for you to blend into your surroundings.

Measuring 34.6 inches in length and 17.6 inches (13.3″ cocked width)from axle to axle, this bow is perfect for kids and adults.  Also, its “bull pup” style stock fits comfortably and securely against your shoulder so you can take careful aim.

TenPoint doesn’t compromise on quality for looks either. This crossbow is still a lightweight, well balanced with a great design.


Precision is paramount, and the crossbow provides ultimate accuracy with the RangeMaster Pro illuminated scope. It is accurate up to 40 yards. It performs well, that means even in limited light conditions, you can shoot well.

Also, it is essential to know the speed of your shot based on different arrows for high accuracy. As heavier arrows naturally reduce the speed. Here is the list of TenPoint arrows which are compatible with this crossbow and how Venom would perform with these arrows:

Pro Lite Arrow (370 grains) – 372 FPS/114 KE
Pro V22 Arrow (420 grains) – 355 FPS/118 KE
Magnum XX75 Arrow (435 grains) – 350 FPS/118 KE
Pro Elite Arrow (425 grains) – 353 FPS/118 KE


This compact crossbow performs very smoothly, its HE cams gives smooth and easy draw, while also producing plenty of energy behind each shot. This Venom crossbow is capable of speeds up to 372 fps, that is more than sufficient to keep up with your prey. It also comes with a draw weight of 185 lbs you can easily take down most types of North American game.


Venom Xtra comes with an auto-engaging safety, and dry-fire inhibitor. The dry-fire inhibitor (DFI) prevents the bow from firing without being loaded. It also reduces the potential damage to the crossbow and the user.

The rubber safety wings are embedded below the barrel that reduces noise and vibration while preventing fingers from taking over the flight deck as you shoot. It also has a 3.5 lbs auto-engaging safety trigger that also gives it a lighter pull.


This Venom Xtra crossbow is very easy to assemble. It just takes 115-20 minutes, and you’re ready to shoot. Venom crossbow comes with bow section assembled as well as the stock. All you need to do is bolt both parts, and you’re done.


TenPoint provides a lifetime warranty that covers everything, but the limbs and scope aren’t included. These two things are separately warranted for the first 5 years. For more information, you can go to TenPoint’s website or read the owner’s manual that comes in the package.


The Venom Xtra comes in a complete package so that you can get the ultimate crossbow experience. This package includes:

  • RangeMaster Pro Scope
  • Aluminum 7/8 inch fixed Dovetail Mount
  • Ambidextrous Side-Mount Quiver Bracket
  • Instant Detach 3-Arrow Quiver
  • TenPoint Pro Elite carbon fiber arrows (six-pack)
  • Bowjax Crossbow Noise Dampening Kit
  • String Dampening System
  • Owner’s Instructional DVD
  • A TenPoint vehicle window sticker
  • Compact Limb Soft Crossbow Case
  • ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 Cocking Mechanism

It comes with a Compact Limb Soft Crossbow Case that provides more than enough protection. It is made with double stitch high-grade material, a shoulder strap, and a heavy-duty zipper.

TenPoint has included limb vibration dampeners that helps reducing noise and vibration. If that wasn’t enough to reduce the noise of the crossbow, it also has the String Dampening System (SDS).

Quiver and Bolts

It also includes 3-arrow instant detach quiver. It is very lightweight at 4.75 ounces. This quiver has a durable spine and made out of rubber to not make much noise as you take bolts out or place it somewhere. The package has included a six-pack of Pro Elite of carbon fiber arrows and practice points.


Venom Xtra is equipped with RangeMaster Pro Scope mounted on a machined aluminum 7/8-inch Fixed Dovetail Mount. It is one of the best scopes in the market and has so many cool features to make your hunting life easier.

It is made out of lightweight aluminum and measures at 8.25 inches in length. This premium scope is furnished with an etched glass reticle and fully multi-coated 1.5 to 1.5x optics.

Its sight consists of three duplex crosshairs and five dots. These five dots represent 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards; therefore, no adjustment for distance is required. The cross-hairs are set for 20(top), 30(middle), and 40(bottom) yards whereas 50 and 60 yards marks are freestanding dots.

In terms of accuracy, this scope performs very well. It is easy to sighting in and has an adjustable focus ring that allows you to get a clear picture easily.

Cocking Mechanism

It comes pre-installed with two different kinds of cocking device, i.e., ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 Cocking mechanism.

ACUdraw Cranking System

Crank cocking device is embedded into the butt stock so that you can say goodbye to hassle of carrying a rope cocking device around. It reduces the draw weight by 97%, you”ll only feel 5 lbs of the original 180 pounds draw weight.

ACUdraw 50 Cocking Device

In ACUdraw 50, the rope is integrated into the butt stock. It gets rid of the problem of storing your rope cocking device. With ACUdraw 50, the rope easily fits into its compartment as it is being retracted. It has a powerful magnet that keeps the handles in place.

Due to this magnet, TenPoint recommends that people with pacemakers or other medical implants shouldn’t use it.

Final Verdict

The TenPoint Venom Xtra is for those who are looking for the best of the best. It is the perfect choice for serious hunters that require a top performing crossbow. This crossbow features a sturdy build and powerful design. While the price of TenPoint Venom is high, but it has everything a hunter could ever want in a crossbow. It has a great value for money as this is a crossbow that looks as good as its shots.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How ACUdraw differs from ACUdraw 50?

Both are cocking mechanisms that”ll help you to load your crossbow with an arrow. Without those, you would have a hard time to load one of these crossbows as they have more than 150 pounds draw weight.

The ACUdraw mechanism uses a crank to pull back the string. Whereas ACUdraw 50 uses a rope cocking mechanism with a pulley system to pull back the string to cock the crossbow.

2. Is Venom Xtra crossbow suitable for hunting?

This crossbow is one of the best hunting rigs in the market. It weighs 6.7 pounds and shoots up to 372 fps. However, this crossbow has everything a hunter could ever want in a crossbow.

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