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TenPoint Titan

TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow

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An advanced technology crossbow with remarkable features and a better upgrade of the previous model the Titan Xtreme. White Hail Hunters relishes it for its accuracy, solid build, and sturdiness.

TenPoint Manufacturers has a massive reputation in the market and are best known for its most fabulous creations. Titan SS Crossbows is an improved version of the Titan Xtreme. It is the fastest, durable, and compact weaponry that comes at affordable prices. Its 6.7 lbs weight makes it the lightest crossbow even after you add all the accessories, it is still the lightest version.

A new user may find it comfortable to assemble, cock, and shoot. Its 340 fps speed is faster than your average crossbow and is perfectly suitable for hunt games. It comes with pre-installed ACUdraw mechanism, which makes the cocking easy. People with disability and shoulder problems can find it easy to cock and operate.

TenPoint designed it with latest Fusion S stock including foregrip and butt stock with placed cutouts. It not only gives crossbow a unique look but also ensures a better shooting experience. The buttstock also fitted with a two-position buttplate which customizes and match the length of the pull. The HL quad limbs contribute to the immense speed of the Titan SS.

Below are the brief description and specifications of the TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow Package Review. In this Titan SS Crossbow review, we covered up features, pros & cons, power, built quality, accuracy, and included accessories.

TenPoint Titan SS Review: First Impressions

TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow


System: CompoundSpeed: 340 fps
Power Stroke:12.5″Weight: 6.7 lbs
Draw Weight: 175 lbsKinetic Energy: 95 FP KE
Width – Axle to Axle: (uncocked/cocked): 21.5″ / 18.5″Length: 35″
Pro-Lite Arrows: 370 grainsTrigger Weight: 3.5 lbs


  • It comes with a 3.5 lbs power touch trigger which works smoothly.
  • The Fusion stock handling feature comes with adjustable comb height and a two-position adjustable butt-plate. It ensures the customized length of the pull for a better experience.
  • It comes with 3X Pro-View 2 illuminated scope.
  • The basic package also includes pro-elite arrows, ACUdraw, detach quiver.
  • The ACUdraw cocking mechanism is a self-retracting rope cocking that reduces draw weight by 50%.
  • It has ergonomic foregrip that sticks your fingers in such a way to remain well balance while shooting.

  • The foregrip cutouts enhance balance and reduce weight.
  • Its illuminated scope has better accuracy.
  • The crossbow is the fastest and the lightest version.
  • It is easy to cock with ACUdraw.
  • It is very compact and light in weight.


  • It doesn’t include any cocking device.
  • It doesn’t come along with shooting arrows.
  • The package doesn’t include crossbow case.

Detailed Specifications

Build & Design

Tenpoint Titan Crossbow has a solid reputation in terms of craftsmanship and quality of materials used in the crossbow. The crossbow is light in weight, durable and ensures long term warranty on the products. It gets assembled in less time and is ready to shoot once finished.

The crossbow has 175 lbs of draw weight, and with 95 FP kinetic energy, it shoots at an arrow speed of 340 feet per second. It is the lightest crossbow in the TenPoint series and ensures versatile performance and increases accuracy.

The width 18.5 inches when cocked and 21.5 inches uncocked allows you to navigate bushes and wood without any difficulty. The overall design makes it a sleek and compact model. Its performance and accuracy will never disappoint you.


The Titan SS is easy to assemble and takes less than 15 minutes to install. The scopes come installed on the crossbow, install the foot stirrup, quiver and other parts.

The package comes with the owner’s manual that can help you do the proper bow assembly. For easy assembly, it’s important to read all the instructions carefully. Once you did with all the assembly, your crossbow is pre-sighted close to 20 yards.

Accuracy and Power

It is remarkable weaponry that shot fire at a speed of 340 fps with 95 FPKE of kinetic energy. The total weight of 175 lbs and 12.5lbs of a power stroke enhance its shooting performance. It ensures better accuracy with 340 fps arrow speed. This crossbow is narrower than other usual crossbows and ensures great compactness.


The bow comes with the anti-dry fire mechanism which ensures safety in the field and reduces danger. Its stock is compact, lightweight, and safe to use. The long finger guards and wing design


Titan SS Package is manufactured in America and has long-lasting durability. The brands Tenpoint itself has a better reputation on its excellent quality products and offers lifetime warranty and durability on the warranty on its products. The scopes and limbs cover under separate 5-year warranty.

Not only this, the brand takes warranty of its every product and also provides excellent customer service. In case you find any defect or problems with your crossbow connect to Tenpoint, and they will make their possible efforts to fix the issue.


The crossbow accessories are made of high quality and long term warranty products, which makes it durable. Its skinny package includes the crossbow, scope quiver. However, it doesn’t include a cocking mechanism and bolts.
The crossbow package includes:

  • Three-pack of Pro Elite Carbon Arrows
  • 3x Pro-View 2 Scope
  • AcuDraw 50
  • 3×32 Multi-Line Scope
  • Instant Detach 3-Arrow Quiver
  • TenPoint window sticker
  • Warranty Card
  • Owner’s instructional DVD


The scope includes a package of 3×32 Scope with no illumination, but with the full package, it includes 3x Pro-View 2 Scope. The lightweight model provides three dots that cover the ranges between 20 to 50 yards. Many hunters use the lowest illumination settings as extremely bright settings may disrupt the target.


The Titan has come up with the better cocking rather than cocking with a cocking aid. It is ACUdraw. This self-retracting cocking device reduces the draw weight up to 50%. It perfectly suits the people with disability and people with bad shoulders. It allows the cranking system that pulls 3% of the draw weight.

ACUdraw 50

It is different from the ACUdraw and is installed on the buttstock. It provides you benefit of cocking a device without any trouble. It stores the string carefully into the buttstock. It allows you to cock and decock easily.
You don’t have to carry a separate rope cocker. This cocking mechanism retracts the rope and stores it carefully to the buttstock.

TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow: Final Verdict

Titan SS is a high quality crossbow known for its better quality and long term durability. It is lightest, durable, and has better accuracy. It has great compactness and is a better option to operate in small spaces such as ground blind and tree stand. This crossbow is among the favorites of whitetail hunters available at a reasonable price. The ACUdraw feature makes it a cool crossbow and stands it out in a crowd.

The lightweight and compact design of a crossbow is a plus point, but it doesn’t include arrows and rope cocking aid.

The best part of this bow is that it is a versatile option for deer hunters and gets installed in 10 to 15 minutes. The package also consists of Owner’s Instructional DVD, TenPoint Window Sticker, and owner’s guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a 150 lbs Crossbow Kill Deer?

Any crossbow in the range of 150 to 175 pounds can kill a whitetail deer. It can kill a deer at a moderate range. 40 to 50 yards is the maximum effective range for deer hunters.

2. What is the Effective Range of a Crossbow?

An effective, modern and fastest crossbow can shoot as far as 500 yards. A beginner can start the hunt ranging in 30-35 yards. However, A skilled hunter can hunt in the possible range of 60 to 80 yards.

3. How Often One Should Lube On Crossbow Rail?

It depends on the manufacturer guidelines as to how often you should lubricate. One can lubricate TenPoint Crossbows every 70 to 100 shots. You must lubricate the rail if its look dry. Do not apply too much lube on the rail as it may cause your ACUdraw felt pad to fall off. One must follow the manufacturer’s instructions on string waxing and lubrication to avoid any issue.

4. Is Losing the Tension On Limbs in Off Season is Secure?

TenPoint Crossbows does not recommend loosening or letting down the tension on limbs during the off season. It is not the right or reliable way to do it. You can end doing damage to the limbs if not tightened properly. It may also effect on your crossbow performance.

5. Do crossbows have serial numbers?

Yes. Turn your crossbow and upside down and look inside the rail, behind the trigger assembly and towards the stock. The serial number of a crossbow will appear on a sticker, and of 5 digits starting with XB.

6. How Often Should One Change String or Cables?

The TenPoint manufacturers recommend changing the strings or cables every three years under normal circumstances. The strings/cables get stretch over time and result in lower draw weight.

7. Does Titan SS Come With Crossbow Case?

No. The crossbow doesn’t include the case in the package. The case is significant to prevent damage. You can choose any hard or soft crossbow cases as per your recommendations. Some of the cases are Plano Spire Hard Case, Allen Hardcore Sub-Compact, TenPoint Universal case, etc.

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