Tenpoint Nitro XRT Crossbow Review – [January 2021]

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TenPoint XRT

Tenpoint Nitro XRT Crossbow

  • Reverse draw design.​
  • Vextor Quad cable system.​
  • Dual Flex limbs.​
  • Delivers smoother shot with less vibration.​
  • Offers better accuracy and performance.​

Prepare for your next hunt with $2500 Nitro XRT Crossbow to experience your next best takedowns. The balanced crossbow can easily fit in your hands with comfort and stability.

TenPoint XRT is made with a reverse draw assembly with a center-mounted riser which balances the bow. It generates a higher speed with less draw weight. The bow has slick features and better performance. This crossbow weighs only 7.4 lbs, with 225lb of a draw. The bow shoots with accuracy with speed up to 470 fps.

The T5 Trigger technology makes it an advanced crossbow with an ultra clean and crisp break. The trigger includes dry-firing inhibitor and auto engaging safety that ensures better safety.

Its Evo-X-Marksman scope brings better clarity at different speeds. It is a versatile crossbow with high quality features.

Below are the brief description and specifications of Tenpoint Nitro XRT Crossbow. In this Crossbow review, we covered up features, pros & cons, power, built quality, accuracy, and included accessories.

Tenpoint Nitro XRT Review: First Impressions​

Tenpoint Nitro XRT Review

Technical Specifications
Draw Weight225 lbs
Speed470 fps
Weight7.4 lbs
Arrow Length20″
Power Stroke16.5″
Kinetic Energy191 FP
Axle to Axle (Cocked / Uncocked)12.5″ / 7″
Axle to Axle (Cocked / Uncocked)12.5″ / 7″
ColorKUIU Verde 2

Key Features

  • The package includes the ACUdraw Pro cocking device.
  • The Nitro XRT bow includes 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver and ambidextrous side-mount quiver bracket.
  • Its Integrated String Stop System helps to limit the noise and vibration.
  • It has Six Evo-X CenterPunch carbon arrows with 100-grain practice points.
  • The Integrated String-Stop System is for noise dampening that reduces the noise.
  • It comes with EVO-X-Marksman Scope mounted on a machined aluminum 7/8-inch Fixed Dovetail Mount.

The Good

  • It includes a TenPoint STAG hard crossbow case.
  • It comes with string stops dampening system.
  • The bow has ACUdraw cocking mechanism. It effortlessly and quickly draws the crossbow.
  • It is the fastest and modern crossbow.
  • It ensures better accuracy and stability.
  • It has 25% flatter trajectory.
  • This reverse draw crossbow delivers smoother shots with less vibrations.
  • It provides speed up to 470 FPS.
  • It comes with T5 trigger technology.
  • The bow is 3x quieter and brings a superior balance.
  • It has a silent cocking aid.

The Bad

  • It is a bit expensive.

Detailed Specifications​


The build of the weaponry is strong, sturdy, and sleek. Nitro is fueled by RX7 cams and Vector Quad 4 cable system. It gives better power and nock-breaking accuracy. It has a 25% flatter arrow trajectory that allows more accuracy and allows you to hold on steady on the target with less fatigue. The crossbow has a reverse draw bow assembly that features center-mounted riser for superior balance.

The 470 fps speed with a combination of 225 lbs draw, it ensures massive power strokes. The T5 trigger has a smooth 3 lb pull that gives you less creep. The overall design is compact, light, and powerful.


It is a reliable, sturdy, and consistent crossbow with better durability and precision. It has KUIU Verde 2 elite design that can catch your eye. The bow gives a beefy and sleek look and a stone-cold-killer appearance at a prime glance.

The slick features of this crossbow make it a versatile crossbow with better accuracy and performance. The 25% flatter crossbow generates flatter arrow trajectory. It allows you to stick to the target with less fatigue. Its T5 Trigger technology comes with better anti-dry fire and other safety features. The superior balance of the crossbow removes that “nose-heavy” feel of traditional crossbows.

Measuring 30.7″ in length and 12.5 inches uncocked, and 7 inches cocked it is perfect for hunters. Its silent ACUdraw Pro draws your crossbow with only 9-pounds of force. It is a well-balanced crossbow with better key accessories.


It brings better accuracy shots with Premium Scope. The Scope has high quality glass etched reticles and 14x fully multi-coated lenses. It helps to increase accuracy with precision. Its scope can quickly attach with quick-detach scope rings, a bubble level, and high quality.

The 6-Pack EVO-X CenterPunch Carbon Arrows brings more accuracy than ever. The quad 4 cable system generates unprecedented power and nock-breaking accuracy.


The crossbow is easy to draw and gives accuracy and performance when it comes to EVO-X CenterPunch Carbon Arrows and bolts. It is capable of shooting 370 grains with 470 FPS speed and generating 190 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy.

The Evo-X arrows weigh about 445 grains at 440 fps speed. You can also shoot the target with TenPoint Pro-Lite arrows for better accuracy with the bow. With 225 lbs weight and Evo-X arrows, the bow can easily take down any big game. The arrows speed can shoot long distance with precision and accuracy.

T5 Trigger

Tenpoint crossbow made the biggest improvement to the new Nitro with T5 Trigger. It is the smoothes trigger ever and brings an ultra clean and crisp break after shot. Ambidextrous feature in it allows both left-handed and right-handed shooters. It allows you to use it with comfort and ease. Auto-Engaging safety and dry fire inhibitor make it safe to use.


This TenPoint crossbow package includes:

  • Integrated String Stop System
  • STAG hard case
  • Six Evo-X CenterPunch premium carbon arrows
  • ACUdraw PRO cocking
  • EVO-X Marksman Scope
  • T5 Trigger


The Scope is designed with high quality glass etched reticles and multi-coated 1.5-6x lenses for better accuracy. The scope offers clarity and maximizes performance in competitive shooting and hunting situations.
The scope is fog-proof and waterproof that features a variable speed and arrow drop-compensation setting for crossbows. The scopes are outfitted with quick-detach scope rings, high-quality flip-up scope caps, and a bubble level.

Hard Case

The case is water resistant and is designed to bring maximum durability and protection. It also features an extremely durable shell and velvet interior for added protection. The case comes with easy storage and allows you to hang the crossbow for ease and comfort. It includes two hook and loop straps to secure the crossbow during travel. The crossbow case also includes TenPoint neoprene sling, 3-arrow instant detach quiver and mount quiver bracket.

ACUdraw Pro

It is a silent cocking device that draws your crossbow with 9-pounds of force. It has an internal gear system that silently cocks the crossbow and lessens the number of cranks. The draw is 43% faster than the previous ACUdraw models.

It is one of the fastest, safest, and quietest device on the market. With an auto-engaging lever and ACUtorq crank, it reduces the possibility of over cranking.

Carbon Arrows

The brand new aluminum Alpha Nock arrows allow for a better string to nock contact than the old Omni Nock. The arrows ensure better accuracy and constructed from modulus carbon fiber at 33 MSI (million-pounds-per-square-inch). It is highly compatible with all TenPoint crossbows.

String Stops

The crossbow comes with noise dampening string stop system that limits the vibration while taking the shots. It reduces the noise while shooting the target and brings noiseless performance.

Tenpoint Nitro XRT: Final Verdict​

The Nitro XRT, no doubt, is one of the top models manufactured by Tenpoint. It has extraordinary speed, accuracy, and better kinetic energy. This compact model comes with easy maneuvering through the woods.

The reverse draw design of this bow brings balance and stability to the crossbow. It is possible by shifting the riser from the front of the crossbow to its center. The crossbow package includes all the accessories needed to shoot the target with precision.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Does ACUdraw Pro Come in Left Hand Model?

No. It only comes in a right-handed model. The left-handed person should turn the crossbow. Instead of clockwise for a right-handed person, it can turn the hand crank in a counter-clockwise motion.

2. What is an Omni Nock?

It is a new nock design that features six micro-grooves which forms three string alignment channels. It reduces the indexing problem related to the moon and capture nocks. It can be seen in narrower crossbows with acute string angles. The Omni nock keeps the bowstring from shooting over or under the arrow.

3. Is TenPoint XRT Ambidextrous?

Yes. The knob of the crossbow can easily be to the left side too, to accommodate a left-handed shooter. Its quiver also allows the left-hand side and right-hand side mounting.

4. How Long Can an Individual Keep Nitro XRT Cocked?

It is not recommended to leave the crossbow cocked for more than 24 hours at a time. Cocking a crossbow for a day is fine. If you cocked a crossbow in the morning and leave it cocked throughout the day.
Then you can safely discharge the crossbow in the night.

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