Scorpyd Aculeus 460FPS Crossbow Review

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Scorpyd Aculeus Crossbow

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Are you looking for one of the fastest crossbows? It is a super-fast crossbow that’ll make sure you always hit a target. There isn’t any crossbow out here that can stand up against Aculeus in a head to head comparison.

Its reverse draw set up along with its length gives it all that exceptional power. If you are an avid hunter, then Aculeus is the best choice for you.

Below are the brief description and specifications of this crossbow. In this Scorpyd Aculeus Crossbow review, we covered up features, pros & cons, power, built quality, accuracy, and included accessories.

Scorpyd Aculeus 460FPS Crossbow Review: First Impressions

Scorpyd Aculeus 460fps Crossbow


System: CompoundDraw Weight: 180 lbs
Power Stroke: 18.5″Speed: 460 FPS
Overall-Weight: 7.5 lbsLength: 34.5 inches
Axle to Axle(Cocked): 12 7/8″Trigger Pull: 2.5 lbs
Draw Style: Reverse DrawGrip: 1911 style pistol grip


  • It features Kempf TEC SEER-LOC adjustable trigger that offers extra stability.
  • It offers an exceptional speed at 460 FPS.
  • The package consists of a wide range of accessories.
  • It comes with the ACUdraw crank cocking mechanism.
  • Its draw weight is 180 pounds.
  • It features CNC engineered cams with sealed bearings and stainless steel axles.
  • It comes with an ergonomically designed safety forearm that helps prevent the thumb from entering a danger zone.

  • It is built using high-end technologies.
  • It is the best crossbow for seasonal hunters.
  • It offers a perfect balance.
  • It features a non-folding buttstock.

Detailed Specifications


Its total weight of 7.5 pounds, so it may not be the lightest you can find, but it isn’t heavy. However, it can be your perfect partner when you are sitting in a tree stand and waiting for a target to walk within the shooting range.

Furthermore, it is a reverse draw model that means this crossbow is well balanced, thus making the total weight feel less than it is.

It isn’t as much narrow and compact crossbow. It measures 12 inches when cocked axle to axle, so you can’t expect to take it through the most confined places.


The first thing a bowhunter wants in a crossbow is a speed. It can send bolts downrange at mind-blowing 460FPS with a 370-grain arrow. It features a combination of several technologies that work together to maximize performance.

Reverse Draw

It is a combination of archery elements that place the riser near the center of the bow. Also, it uses an inverted style cam, where the string comes off the front of the cam instead of the back. It increases power stroke by the diameter of the cam. Moreover, it offers faster arrow speed and flatter trajectory. Therefore it is the fastest crossbow. 


It features Kempf-TEC anti-dryfire that prevents the latch from releasing the bowstring if there is no arrow present. It places the safety bar directly under the seer lever. Therefore so long as the safety is on, the latch can’t release the string.

The safety lever is placed just above the pistol grip of the stock that disengages when ready for the shot. Furthermore, it comes with a direct mount ball bearing trigger arm for the smoothest pull and no slope.

Stock and Cams

The stock is lighter than the folding stock on other Scorpyd Crossbow models. It comes with a Hogue custom 1911 style pistol grip that enables you to select your preferred style of hunting.

Noise and Vibration

Your movement must remain undetected when you are hunting. Therefore some system for blocking noise and vibration should be in place. In this case, string stoppers come handy. It will stop the natural vibration that’ll occur when you shoot an arrow from a crossbow.


This Aculeus is available as a complete package that consists of everything you want to take it from the shipping box to the shooting range.

  • 1.5×5 Hawke Illuminated XB1 SR Scope
  • Fuse Quiver
  • 12 Scorpyd Arrows
  • Grim Reaper Broadheads
  • Scorpyd Sling and Butt Pad
  • Scorpion Venom Lube Kit
  • ACUdraw
  • String Stops
  • Scope rail
  • Sling Studs
  • Sled or Rope Cocker


It is a high-performance scope and features a crossbow speed selector allowing the scope to be matched to any bow. Its 1-inch optics are fully multi-coated for a high level of light transmission.

The illuminated center aiming points offer drop compensation out to 60 yards. You can select illumination between red or green with five intensity levels. Therefore, it can be easy to see in all light conditions, whether it is dawn or dusk, bright daylight, or in exceptionally green backgrounds.

Bolts and Quiver

It comes with 12 Scorpyd arrows. The arrows are of 100% carbon that is designed for superior performance, bringing you speed and accuracy.

The weight of the arrow consists of a brass insert for optimal FO.C. It maximizes accuracy, increases kinetic energy, and minimizes the load of downrange speed.

It also includes a quiver that features an advanced, lightweight, low resonance composite frame. It comes with an all-climate, multi-diameter gripper system.

ACUdraw Cocking Mechanism

It is one of the most user-friendly and practical solution available on the market for cocking crossbow accurately and effortlessly. It requires only the strength of the average person’s index finger to operate.

Final Verdict

At 460fps, it is one of the fastest crossbows. It comes along with extra benefits provided by the unique technologies employed by the manufacturers such as the Kempf TEC SEER-LOC trigger and ACUdraw cocking system.

You indeed pay a hefty price for it, but it’ll be worth every one of it. Since it offers high performance and you can take down any small to big size game with it. Also, it is supplied with a plethora of accessories such as quiver, scope, broadhead, arrows, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Aculeus and Deathstalker crossbow?

The Scorpyd Deathstalker features a one-piece technology and offers velocity up to 380 FPS. On the other hand, Aculeus is the fastest crossbow at 460FPS. Its stock is nearly a half-pound lighter than other models.

2. What arrow length is best suited for this crossbow?

The 22 inches arrow length is suitable for Aculeus crossbow.

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