Best PSE Crossbows In 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy
1. PSE Viper SS Crossbow Viper SS Handheld Crossbow
PSE Viper SS

2. PSE Fang HD Crossbow Package

PSE Archery Fang HD

3. PSE Coalition Compound Crossbow

PSE Coalition

Are you looking for a crossbow to get started with or just a cheap bow to hunt with, keep reading for a closer look at the PSE Crossbows.

With plenty of power and performance to match, this crossbow is a great crossbow for the money. PSE is well-known for its compound bows and crossbows. They also claims to have the most cost-efficient crossbows on the market.

PSE (Precise Shooting Equipment ) Archery is a leading manufacturer in the archery industry and has been researching & developing archery technology for the past 35 years. The best-thing about the PSE crossbow models is that they are incredibly affordable, despite the high quality and brand reputation.

Here is a list of  PSE Crossbows including a brief description, specifications, and pros & cons.

Comparison Chart for Top 5 PSE Crossbows In 2020

CrossbowBow Weight (lbs)Velocity (FPS)Draw Weight (lbs)
PSE Viper SS 1.621550
PSE Fang HD 7.3405205
PSE Coalition 7.5380185
PSE Insight 4.612029
PSE Foxfire 8.3330-340150

Which are the 5 Best PSE Crossbows In 2020?

1. PSE Viper SS Crossbow Viper SS Handheld Crossbow

PSE Viper SS


System: Handheld CrossbowVelocity: 215 FPS
Draw Weight: 50 lbsLength: 20”
Width: 15.5” uncocked; 13.75″ cockedWeight: 1.6 lbs
Power Stroke: 6.5”

It has an arrow speed of 215 fps. The Viper SS is small and has a draw-weight of 50 pounds. It is light in weight just with 1.6 lbs.

It has a self-cocking mechanism that allows reloading faster. It is also equipped with a popular anti-dry device. This Viper SS features built-in rear sight, windage and elevation adjustment.

This PSE Viper is best for those looking for high quality not only in function but also in materials and aesthetics.

  • It is perfect for youth, beginners, and seniors.
  • It is a lightweight and compact crossbow.
  • It features auto safety and finger protection system.
  • It has track style rail for precision shooting.


  • The arrows included in the package are not high quality.

2. PSE Archery Fang HD Crossbow Package

PSE Archery Fang HD


System: Compound CrossbowVelocity: 405 FPS
Draw Weight: 205 lbsLength:35.5″
Axle to Axle Width: 18″Sights:HDV 425 1.5-5×32 mm
Power Stroke:14.5″Kinetic Energy:134 FP
Bow Weight:7.3 lbs

With its amazing features and performance, it delivers bolts at 405 fps. The PSE Fang is a quality built-in pure PSE-style. It is the best crossbow for a pro hunters. Its adjustable buttstock and ergonomic design offer unbeatable precision.

It features fiberglass and aluminum construction that is lightweight and durable. Furthermore, due to its high tolerance you can use it in wide variety of environments and weather conditions. This narrow crossbow will never disappoint you in terms of durability and accuracy.

This model is perfect for men, women, and even younger shooters as it measures 35.5″ length. The accuracy of this bow is at the top level. You can drop down a deer or a big game in its track with a well-calibrated shot. In terms of safety, it comes with auto engage safety and safety finger reminders that help to keep your fingers off the rail.

The package includes:

  • HDV 425 1.5-5×32 variable zoom illuminated reticle scope
  • Cocking winch device
  • 5-bolt quiver
  • Three 22” carbon bolts with bullet points
  • Rail Lube
  • Soft coat trigger grip
  • Green Limb Noise Dampeners
  • Foot stirrup

  • It is compact and short that makes it easier to maneuver it in confined places.
  • It is accurate and very quiet.
  • It offers a decent accessory package.
  • It is best for hunting and target practice.


  • Its scope and bolts could be better.

3. PSE Crossbow Coalition Compound Crossbow

PSE Coalition


System: CompoundDraw Weight: 185 lbs
Power Stroke: 14.5″Kinetic Energy: 127 ft/lbs
Weight: 7.5 lbsBolt Size: 20 inch
Velocity: 380 FPSAxle to Axle(Cocked): 14″

The Coalition is an absolute beast in terms of power. It can shoot bolts 380 feet per second with the 127 ft.lbs of KE. This crossbow packs plenty of performance into a budget-priced package.

It has lightweight, adaptable stock for best hunting performance with a custom fit. The Coalition crossbow comes with split limb design and cams that offer it high power.

The package comprises 4X32 Illuminated Reticle Sight and 4X32 MR Scope, dual string stops, 4-bolt quiver, anti-dry fire & automatic safety trigger, 3-20″ carbon bolts, rope cocker and cocking winch device compatible.

  • It provides a complete package.
  • It has a smooth and crisp trigger pull.
  • It is perfect for target shooting and any North America game.
  • Its built quality is excellent.
  • It has adjustable stock with pass-through foregrip.


  • It is a right handed model.

4. PSE Insight Trainer Crossbow for Youth and Kids

PSE Insight


Speed: 120 FPSDraw Weight: 29 lbs
Power Stroke: 14 FP KE lbsAxle-to-Axle: 19″
Weight: 4.6 lbs

The Insight crossbow is perfect for teaching youth and beginners the basics of crossbow operation and safety. Its longbow style design provides a safer and user-friendly crossbow experience for all ages. The crossbow has an adjustable buttstock and automatic safety feature. It also features an anti-dry fire trigger. It has narrow limbs design, especially when cocked, which means you can use this even in a tight and narrow shooting lane.

The package consists of buttstock, 4-bolt quiver, rubber-coated foot strap, open sight system, recurve stringer, cocking rope, wax stick, and 4-16″ aluminum bolts with field points.

  • It delivers speed and accuracy.
  • It holds on target well.
  • It is the perfect crossbow for newbies and kids.

5. PSE Foxfire With Red Dot Scope Package

Best PSE Foxfire Crossbow


Kinetic Energy: 109-102 ft.lbsVelocity: 330-340 FPS
Draw Weight: 150 lbsLength: 38-1/2″
Power Stroke: 14.5”Weight: 8.3 lbs
Color: Mossy Oak CamoWidth 24″

It features anodized machined aluminum barrel and molded stock with comfortable thumbhole grip. The shorter and compact stock design makes this crossbow easier to maneuver in tight places like hunting blind or the woods. The 340 fps is enough power to take down any large game. It comes with 7/8-Inch fixed mount metal scope rail. Its KE ranges from 109 – 102 ft.lbs.

The cocking rope makes operations easy and automatically engages the safety when cocked. It has a rubber coated stirrup that makes cocking and loading this crossbow that much easier.

This crossbow package consists of Viper Red Dot Scope, four 20″ Charger crossbow bolts with half moon nock, 6-arrow quick detach Mongoose quiver and rope cocker.

  • It has an ambidextrous safety lever.
  • It offers high power speed and accuracy.
  • It is perfect for target practice as well as hunting.


  • This Foxfire crossbow is a bit heavy.

What Are The Common Features in The Best PSE crossbows?

PSE’s collection include compound xbows with a draw-weight of between 50 lbs – 175 lbs. The velocity of these crossbows ranges between 215 fps – 365 fps that means they are powerful enough to take down small to large sized games such as deer, elk, moose or bear.

PSE bows are a bit louder unless you add in limb dampeners or string silencers. All these crossbows are available between the price tag of $45 – $700.


PSE manufactures a handful of accessories for their xbows. In the category of crossbow bolts, the Carbon Force lineup and the Viper series all shoot straight and are well constructed to avoid splintering and cracking when fired into tough targets from point blank range.

The scope provided in the PSE packages helps to aim with accuracy and less difficulty. They offer a variety of crossbow scopes such as Viper Red Dot, 3X32 illuminated scope, and illuminated red dot scope.


Cocking these crossbows are very easy. They provide a rope cocking device in each package. This cocking rope reduces the draw-weight while cocking.

Safety Features

To prevent accidents, these crossbows are boasted with automatic and ambidextrous safety. They also include the ADF (Anti Dry Fire) mechanism. Once you cock the crossbow and the strings sticks onto the latch, it’ll automatically engage in safety mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How PSE Viper SS differs from PSE Fang crossbow?

PSE Fang is the compound crossbow whereas Viper SS is Handheld crossbow. The Viper SS is the lighter one as compared to Fang. When it comes to accuracy and power, PSE Fang is more powerful and accurate with 330 fps velocity.

Viper SS is perfect for beginners while PSE Fang is best suited for young shooters and hunters. You can read the Fang bow review here.

2. What size arrows suitable for PSE?

Generally, crossbow arrows are 16 to 22 inches in length, with the average being 20 inches. Most crossbow models are compatible with 18″ or 20″ arrows. They usually provide aluminum bolts or Carbon Force Charger crossbow bolts with half moon nock in the package.

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