Parker Bushwacker Crossbow Review

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Parker Bushwacker Crossbow Review

Parker Bushwacker Crossbow

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The Parker Bushwacker is the best compound crossbow for the youth and beginners.

It is an introductory crossbow that makes it great for target practice and hunting. This crossbow has an ergonomic stock and vented forearm to add aesthetic and safety to the bow.

Priced below $400, the Parker Bushwacker is laced with the latest technology, like the anti-dry fire safety, metal G2 trigger, ambidextrous auto engage safety and vented forearms. It exerts an arrow speed of 285 feet per second through a draw weight of 150 lbs and a power stroke of 11 inches.

It creates a safe shooting experience with a textured grip, and lightweight, well-balanced design. Parker has designed this powerful crossbow for both newbies and intermediate shooters, including women and children.

In this Parker Bushwacker Crossbow, we covered up features, pros & cons, power, built quality, accuracy, and included accessories.

Parker Bushwacker Crossbow Review: First Impressions

Parker Bushwacker Crossbow Review


Bow Weight: 7lbsDraw Weight: 160lbs
Power Stroke: 11″Axle-To-Axle: 23.25″
Speed: 300 FPSOverall Size: 37″
Bolt Size: 20″Finish: SpiderWeb Finish
Riser: Machined AluminumString: RED HOT Synthetic
Stock: Ballistic Polymer Black


  • It comes with ergonomically designed pistol grip and forearm.
  • It features Anti Dry Fire (ADF) protection.
  • It has 25 inches axle-to-axle width with a bow length of 37 inches.
  • It has exclusive Synergy Cam.
  • It has textured pistol-grip and vented forearm with safety finger flange.
  • Parker offers a lifetime warranty on the product.
  • Its trigger is very responsive and easy to pull.
  • It comes with ambidextrous safety.

  • It is great for hunting small and medium-sized game.
  • Its scope is easy to sight and holds zero very well.
  • It is lightweight and easy to cock due to low draw-weight.
  • It is compact and accurate.
  • It has an ergonomic design.


  • The package doesn’t include a rope cocking device.

Detailed Specifications

Build and Design
It features Parker’s advanced solid limb technology with integrated Micro Lite Limb Pocket System. This technology provides a lighter and more balanced crossbow for better maneuverability. It has a contoured pistol grip and vented forearm that helps to give a better hold of the crossbow. This design helps to keep your finger out of the flight rail.

The riser of the crossbow is machined and made of aluminum,

It has a nice SpiderWeb finish with a black ballistic polymer stock that delivers 300 fps for about 80 feet-pounds of kinetic energy with a minimum of 400-grain bolts.

Accuracy and Power
It is designed for beginners and intermediate shooters. The scope is very easy to sight. You can hit 2 inches groups from around 30-40 yards. This crossbow is quite comfortable to hold and also lightweight this makes aiming much easier.

However, due to the relatively low shooting speed, it is hard to aim past the 40-yard distance.

Safety and Comfort
Its G2 Bullpup trigger system provides two safety mechanisms, i.e., auto engage safety and anti dry-fire. It has an ambidextrous design that can be disengaged using either a left or right hand.

It features textured pistol-style grip that makes the Parker Bushwacker as comfortable to grip as a regular pistol. For extra safety and comfort, it has vented forearms so that you can pass all your fingers into it when preparing to shoot your bow.

The Parker Bushwacker comes with cams, cable, and string already installed. It just assembled in one simple step. Attach the prod of the bow to the stock, screw in the quiver & foot stirrup and at last mount the scope. The package includes the owner’s manual that makes the process very simple for a beginner.


  • G2 Trigger
  • Cocking stirrup and crossbow string
  • Multi reticle crossbow scope
  • Four arrows with field-points
  • Four-arrow quick-detach quiver
  • Warranty card (lifetime) & owner’s manual
  • Assembly wrenches, bolts, and screws


It comes with a 4x multi-reticle scope. This scope is specially designed for crossbows shooting 300 fps and faster. It is constructed with a one-inch aluminum monotube with a field of view 50.2 feet at 100 yards. Its ocular lens focuses easily and is fully multi-coated to reduce glare from sunlight and snow.

The scope is excellent for shooting at 20, 30, and 40-yard targets. Its optics quality is good for target practice, but if you plan to hunt in varying weather conditions (low light or foggy conditions), get an illuminated multi-reticle scope with better optics.

Bolts and quiver

Parker crossbows package consists Four arrows with field points. This crossbow is compatible with 20 inches arrows of 375 to 425 grains weight. Both carbon and aluminum will work well. Though if you’re a beginner better start with aluminum arrows.

Parker recommends that you should use their Red Hot High-Velocity Carbon Arrows or Parker Hunter arrows that come with the package.

G2 Trigger

The trigger assembly is made of metal. Since it is a sealed construction, there is no need for any lubrication. Its trigger pull is around 4.2 lbs. It is smooth and quite light to pull.

The G2 trigger is ambidextrous and designed to give steady aim to both right and left handed archers

Cocking Device

It doesn’t include rope cocking aid in the package. You can purchase one to make the cocking procedure smoother, simpler, and more accurate.


Parker’s provide a lifetime-warranty on the crossbow. Fill the warranty card and mail it within 15 days to activate the warranty.

Final Verdict

Parker is the trusted name in the industry, and their products are also made in the United States so you can feel great about purchasing a quality product with the “Made in America” label with a great warranty.

The Parker Bushwacker is excellent for both hunting and archery and a great choice for newbies who seek good performance and an affordable price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Bushwacker is suitable for beginners?

This is a great crossbow for beginners since it is cheap, lightweight, and extremely easy to cock. Its decent speed for polishing up on shooting technique before going after a long-range crossbow.

2. Is this crossbow good for hunting?

This crossbow is suitable for the medium-sized game ( up to deer). Parker Bushwacker can deliver around 52-60 ft.lbs depending on how far your target is. This Parker crossbow is lightweight and easy to maneuver in the field.

3. What is the Red Hot EZ Roller Cocker?

This is a cocking device designed by Parker to reduce cocking effort by 50%. This rope cocking aid makes the crossbow easy for anyone to use. It reduces bad shots by ensuring proper string alignment and an even limb load.

The Red Hot EZ roller cocker doesn’t come with the crossbow package. You can purchase it separately.

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