Killer Instinct Burner 415 Crossbow Review

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Killer Instinct Burner 415 Review

KI Burner 415 Crossbow

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Are you looking for an affordable way to extend your hunting season? This Burner 415 is a great pick to start.

The raw power has never been easy for speed seeking hunters to aim with! It generates 415 fps of blazing speed while providing both accuracy and control. This makes it just as deadly for targeting moose or grouse.

The best at all is its six-position AR-style buttstock that shortens its overall length for small frame hunter and extends comfortably to fit a variety of medium to taller shooters as well.

This Killer Instinct Burner 415 Hunting Crossbow Package provides you with all the equipment necessary to takedown a game and a tale you will remember for hunting seasons to come. Apart from this, it is light in weight and low profile at 14.75 inches when cocked. This ensures that you will be able to sneak through the woods like a silent predator.

This review covered up features, pros & cons, power, built quality, accuracy, and included accessories.

Killer Instinct Burner 415 Crossbow Review: First Impressions

Killer Instinct Burner 415


Speed: 415 fpsKinetic Energy: 141 ft lbs
Trigger: 3.5 lbsWidth: 14.75″ cocked
Width: 18.75″ uncockedLength: 34.5″-37″
Weight: 6.7 lbsDraw Weight: 220 lbs
Power Stroke: 14.5″Camo: Realtree Edge

Key Features

  • Comes with 6 position buttstock that is great for customizing your weapon
  • Micro-Lite barrel built of aluminum that makes the crossbow lightweight
  • Introduces new X-Lok adjustable foregrip
  • 3.5 pound KillerTech trigger for accurate shots
  • Equipped with Dead Silencing Kit that ensures the crossbow as silent as it can be
  • Narrow frame for easy handling
  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • Lightweight design – easy to carry by anyone
  • Comfortable to maneuver.
  • Easily adjustable to fit a variety of medium to large-sized hunters.
  • Delivers blazing 415 fps speed.
  • It is a value for money crossbow.


  • Without a crank cocking device, it is hard to cock at 220 pounds for small-sized hunters or hunters with back problems.

Detailed Specifications

Design and Build Quality

This model comes in the Realtree Edge camo design that helps you remain hidden when stalking your prey through thick bushes. Its Lightweight barrel is made of aluminum that makes it lightweight. It weighs only 3.7 lbs that don’t come at the expense of durability.

Measuring 14.75″ axle to axle when cocked and only 18.75″ ATA when uncocked, it is a compact crossbow. The Burner 415 provides ultimate performance and comfort for any hunter.

The icing on the cake with the Burner 415 is the simple to squeeze, smooth 3.5-pound trigger. Moreover, it comes with shock absorbers and limb string silencers.


It shoots arrows out at up to 415 fps behind 141 FP of kinetic energy, making it the fastest crossbow under $400. The Killer Instinct’s patented technology and ability to make high-quality, fast shooting, and precise crossbows at a reasonable price make them great.

Custom Fit

What makes this crossbow best is its 6-position AR-style buttstock and adjustable X-Lok. You can adjust the stock in six positions with 1/5 inch increments between them. Apart from this, you can adjust the X-Lok foregrip for a more comfortable grip. It provides multiple holding points. There is a rubber over-mold coating on the foregrip that makes it comfortable to hold.

The upgraded model of Ripper 415 has improved pistol grip and forearm. Its pistol grip has a rubberized feel to it and finger grooves. Also, there is a small compartment on the bottom of the handle. Inside this is fully rubberized that allows you to store something in it like hunting license etc.

Trigger and Safety

This crossbow comes with a KillerTech trigger. It has a smooth 3.5 pounds pull with a zero detectable creep and a consistent, clean break. Apart from this, the trigger has an ambidextrous safety switch and integrated Anti-Dry Fire. It prevents you from accidentally dry firing the crossbow when unloaded.

Furthermore, It is convenient  to manage and lightweight, the chances of an accident are reduced.


The Killer Instinct Burner has a draw weight of 220 pounds. This is not the easiest draw weight to handle for beginners. The package includes a rope cocker device that cuts the weight in half down to 110 pounds of required effort. Also, it has a big foot stirrup that will fit most hunting boots.

If you find it difficult to cock the crossbow with rope, you can use KI Series Crank Cocker. It fits perfectly on the Burner 415.

Noise and Vibration

There are not so many crossbows on the market that comes with an integrated dampening system. It is pleasantly surprising when you will see this model comes with a complete Silencing Kit. It reduces the noise and vibration while you cock your crossbow.


Assembling KI Burner 415 is incredibly simple. First, screw the bottom bolt and then the top ones on either side of the bow rail. Also, it is effortless to sight-in. Overall it takes only 10 – 15 minutes to assemble it completely. If it looks difficult to you, you can read the owner’s manual included in the package.


This crossbow comes as ready to shoot package. It consists of all essential accessories that match your expectations.

KI Burner 415 Accessories

  • LUMIX 4 x 32 IR-W scope
  • Rope Cocker
  • 3-bolt quiver
  • Three 370-grain HYPR Lite bolts with field tips
  • Dead Silent kit with string suppressors
  • Stick of rail lube


It consists of Lumix IR-W Scope 4×32 illuminated wire reticle scope. As it is illuminated scope, you can switch between red and blue illumination. It has multiple brightness settings and multiple reticles for shooting different yardages up to 50 yards.

However, the reticles are not marked and aren’t spot on at 10-yard increments. If you want a more accurate or high-end scope that goes great with Burner 415, you can upgrade it.


It includes High-Velocity HYPR Lite arrows in the package. These are designed and build with the goal of maximizing the speed delivered by high-power crossbows. The total shaft length of these arrows is 20 inches and a diameter of 0.348 inches.

They are fletched with 3″ vanes and have inserted moon nocks. It also includes 100-grain field tips.


This side-mount quiver included in the package can hold three arrows. You can mount it parallel to the rail of the crossbow.

Dead Silent Kit

The kit contains string dampeners and limb silencers. These dampeners reduce string noise, and the limb silencer decreases vibration during the shot. They attach and detach rapidly in seconds to cock your crossbow.

These dampeners and silencers are built of high strength aluminum construction for a sleek, compact design. There is a quiet rubber over-mold that is weatherproof and helps in silent operation. And the good thing is that they are lightweight and convenient to use.

DSC Dead Silent Crank

The Burner 415 is compatible with DSC dead silent crank cocking mechanism. You can purchase it separately. If you don’t want to scare your game while you are cocking your crossbow. Install ultra-quick and silent operating Dead Silent Crank. It rapidly attaches in seconds to safely and silently cock the bow at a moment’s notice.

Furthermore, its sleek, compact design with speed connect socket is made of high strength aluminum alloy that reduces weight and assures years of trouble-free use.

Final Verdict

If you want power in a small package at an affordable price, then this Burner 415 is the right choice. This custom-fit crossbow is easy to handle by shooters of various heights. Moreover, it has amazing speed, superior kinetic energy, and great power stroke. It is a well-designed crossbow comes with a lot of extra features.

It is a fully adjustable, lightweight, and easy to maneuver crossbow, which shoots bolts silently with a 415 fps speed. Its micro-lite barrel helps to eliminate excess weight while still producing dead-on accuracy. All in all, Killer Instinct backs this crossbow with a Lifetime warranty.

Frquently Asked Questions

1. How Compact Is The Burner 415?

The Burner 415 measures an impressive 18.75″ uncocked and 14.75″ when cocked. This makes it narrow in width for a bow at this price. The 14.5″ power stroke isn’t much shortest power stroke, so it takes some effort to get it cocked. However, it is not bad and manageable for beginners. The narrowness of this model works well in a hunting blind or tree stand.

2. What sized arrows does the Burner 415 use?

The 20-inch arrows should be used on the Burner 415. In the package, it consists of High-Velocity HYPR Lite bolts that maximize the speed. The straightness is at .003,” and the balance is excellent.

3. Is the KI Burner 415 a good crossbow for hunting?

It is one of the best hunting crossbows. The Burner 415 is the most compact and light crossbow. At 6.7 pounds in weight, it is lightweight and easy to take through the woods. Moreover, it is provided with string suppressors and limb silencers. It is a quiet bow for the speed.

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