Best Crossbows For Women In 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. PSE Fang LT Crossbow, Muddy Girl


2. Excalibur Vixen II-Crossbow Varizone Package

Excalibur Vixen II

3. Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II

Target shooting and hunting is a lot of fun. Crossbows are getting popular over the past few years for hunting and target shooting, not only among men, even in women of all ages.

Nowadays, many women enjoy these sports and hunting with crossbows. That’s why there are crossbows in the market specially designed for ladies and girls.

Crossbows for women are designed with some factors keeping in mind. Depending on height and stature, female hunters need a compact crossbow with a lightweight design.

There are various models releases in the market, whether for hunting, target shooting, or just recreational use. The process of choosing the best is challenging for both amateurs and experienced shooters and hunters.

Here is a list of Best Crossbow For Women, including the buyer’s guide and reviews.

Comparison Chart for Top 8 Crossbows For Women In 2020

Which are the 8 Best Crossbows For Women In 2020?

1. PSE Fang LT Crossbow, Muddy Girl



System: CompoundDraw Weight: 145-165 lbs
Power Stroke: 12.75″Length: 32 inches
Weight: 5.8 lbsWidth: 15.75″ Cocked
Velocity: 330FPS

This crossbow is designed for women, young people, and those with a smaller frame into hunting. It is a budget-friendly crossbow for women.

It comes with everything you need to get started, including multi-reticle scope, five-bolt quiver, three 20″ bolts, and a cocking rope.

Featuring 330 feet per second velocity, that can produce up to 97-foot pounds of kinetic energy. It has an adjustable grip mounting to a Picatinny rail makes it easy to adjust for ones shooting customization.

Moreover, it comes with an automatic dry fire inhibitor that engages every time you cock the bow. This crossbow is comfortable to shoot and highly practical for targeting prey from close quarters like tree stands and hunting blinds.

  • It is best suited for younger or female shooters.
  • It comes as a ready to shoot kit.
  • It offers high power and performance.
  • It is lightweight and has a compact size.
  • It comes with an anti-dry fire and auto-safety trigger.
  • It is easy to maneuver.
  • It is available in two color choices Mossy Oak Camo and Pink Muddy-Girl.

2. Excalibur Vixen II Crossbow Varizone Package

Excalibur Vixen II


System: RecurvePower-Stroke: 13.5″
Weight: 5.9lbsLength: 35.5″
Draw-Weight: 150 lbsSpeed: 285 FPS

It is a high-performance crossbow that fulfills the need of small-framed hunters without compromising quality or durability.

It is finished in either Realtree Hardwoods HD or Realtree APC pink. This crossbow packs enough punch to take down most small to medium-sized games. Wild turkey, deer, antelope, elk, and wild boar are all excellent targets for the Vixen II.

Its short, light draw and reduced draw-length make it the best option for ladies, youth, or hunters of lesser stature. In the package, there is a Vari-Zone scope. It comes with multiple reticles and adjustable settings for different speeds of the crossbow.

  • It is excellent hunting recurve crossbow.
  • It is well made and durable.
  • It is effortless to assemble.
  • It delivers great power and accuracy.
  • It comes with a five years warranty.


  • It lacks an anti-dry fire mechanism.

3. Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II


System: Compound Draw Weight: 160lbs
Speed: 350fps Bow Weight: 6.2lbs
Power-Stroke: 16.125″ Axle-to-Axle Width: 18.25″ (uncocked)
Warranty: 5 years limited

The Whitetail Hunter II is ideal for beginners and experienced hunters. With a 6.4 lbs weight, it is fit for women and those with smaller frames to ensure that the weight isn’t too much of a burden.

This crossbow comes with a high-quality design that shoots fast and accurate. The limbs of the crossbow are made of custom composite laminate, which makes it durable for cold weather hunting.

It uses a Trigger Tech assembly that creates a smooth roller between the sear and the trigger. At an affordable cost, the Whitetail Hunter II comes with a multiple-reticle scope, rope-cocking device, two headhunter arrows, and lubrication wax.

Keeping shooters safety in mind, Barnett created nock sensors, a pass-through foregrip, and anti-dry fire technology.

  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • It comes as ready to shoot pack.
  • It is an accurate crossbow.
  • It is a budget pick.
  • It comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.
  • It is powerful with an arrow speed of 350 fps.
  • The crossbow has a high-def camo pattern on it.


  • Its scope requires adjustments.

4. Carbon Express 20297 Covert Tyrant Huntress Crossbow Kit

Carbon Express Covert Tyrant


Speed: 345FPS Draw Weight: 175lbs
Bow-Length: 30.75″ Kinetic Energy: 114 ft/lb
Power Stroke: 13.5″ Axle-to-Axle Width: 12.5″/16.25″ (cocked/un-cocked)
Weight: 6.85 lbs Length of Pull: 14.5″

Covert Tyrant comes with a best-in-class compact design. It delivers superior handling and performance. A lightweight stock, narrow limb profile, and short-length make for high-grade balance and feel.

It combines velocity and power that rarely found in other crossbows of its class. With 345 feet per second, Covert 3.4 Hot Pursuit can take down the game with precision in the field.

It has an adjustable recoil pad and 9″ Picatinny Forearm Rail-System with multi-position fore-grip for custom fine-tuning. This crossbow is an excellent choice for women and youth hunters. Its lightweight pink-camo pattern allows for easy aiming and stalking.

This ready to hunt package includes:

  • 3 Carbon Express Hot Pursuit Premium Carbon-Bolts
  • 4 x 32 Multiple reticle scope
  • 3 Arrow quiver
  • Cocking rope
  • Three practice points
  • Rail lube wax

  • It is a calibrated, and brand matched shooting-system.
  • It has an ambidextrous design.
  • It is a powerful and precise crossbow.
  • It is a well-built and well-balanced crossbow.

5. TenPoint Shadow NXT Crossbow Package

TenPoint Shadow NXT


System: CompoundDraw Weight: 200lbs
Velocity: 390 fpsPower-Stroke: 12.2 inches
Length: 32.2″Axle-to-Axle(uncocked/cocked): 11.3″/6.5″
Arrow/Bolt Size: 20”Bow-Weight: 7 lbs
Trigger Pull: 4 lbsFinish: Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo

This Shadow-NXT is a perfectly balanced crossbow designed for lady shooters and made by TenPoint. It is the great fusion of weight, draw-length, and size for the female shooter.

It offers you with more shot opportunities in tight shooting fields. The compound crossbow comes with Narrow Crossbow Technology (NXT).

It comes with RX6 Cams and Vector-Quad 4 cable systems that work in perfect unison to provide optimal performance.

It has an ergonomic fore-grip and rubber safety-wings that help keep to the shooter’s foregrip hand safely below the string release path.

The package comprises:
3x Pro-View 2 Scope
3-Arrow Instant Detach-Quiver
3 Pro-Elite arrows with 100-grain practice points
String Dampening

  • It is sleek and lightweight.
  • It is made with outstanding limb technology.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It has an auto engaging safety/Dry-Fire Inhibitor.
  • It is quite and vibration-free.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • It can’t be cocked manually.

6. Wicked Ridge WR19025-5536 Ranger X2 Crossbow

Wicked Ridge Ranger X2


Speed: 330FPSKinetic Energy: 85 FP
Bow Length: 33.9″Draw Style: Forward
Power Stroke: 10.9″Axle-to-Axle Width: 19″/16″
Weight: 5.9 lbs

This Ranger X2 is one of the best crossbows for youth, ladies, and small-framed shooters. It features a built-in cocking device for effortless cocking.

The Lady Ranger has an easy to handle 150-pound bow assembly and 4S cams that generates a speed of 330 feet per second. When it comes to hunter’s safety, Lady Ranger X2 is provided with pass-through foregrip and glass-reinforced nylon safety-wings to help keep the hunter’s hand safely below the bowstring.

The riser and Machined aluminum limb pockets are fitted with 11″ Wrx laminated limbs. In the kit, it includes 3x Multi-Line Scope mounted on a machined-aluminum 7/8-inch Fixed Dovetail Mount. Furthermore, it comes with ACU-52, 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver, and three 18-inch Ranger Carbon-Arrows with 100-grain practice points.

  • It is pre-sighted at 20 yards.
  • It has an easy 1-bolt assembly.
  • It is ready to hunt package.
  • It is a perfect crossbow for hunting or target practice.

7. SA Sports Empire Muddy Girl Fever Pro Crossbow Package

SA Sports Empire Muddy Girl Fever Pro


System: RecurveDraw Weight: 175lbs
Speed: 235fpsBow Weight: 5.1lbs
Power Stroke: 10.25″Axle-to-Axle Width: 26.5″

This crossbow has a solid construction and gives a good bang your buck without breaking the bank. It features a classic camo body with ambidextrous safety shooting.

This bow is suitable for newbies as well as experienced ones as it comes with all needed safety traits. Its hand saver palm grips keep your hand away from the flight track. Moreover, its traditional rifle style stock combines a familiar feel with a firm grip.

The crossbow kit includes a 4x32multi-reticle scope, rope cocking device, 4-aluminum arrows, instruction manual, and a padded shoulder sling for easy transport.

  • It has larger boot style foot stirrup for those wider feet or heavier footwear in the colder months.
  • It comes with a compression fiberglass recurve limb.
  • It has a user-friendly design.
  • It comes with a replacement fever string.
  • This recurve crossbow has a sturdy cast aluminum barrel.
  • It has ambidextrous auto safety.
  • Its draw-weight is 175lbs.


  • It has a limited, accurate shooting range.
  • It is heavier than some rival models.

8. Parker X402-IR Pink Challenger Multi Rectile Scope

Parker X402-IR Scope


Bow Weight: 5.5lbs Draw Weight: 125-150lbs
Speed: 300fps Power-Stroke: 10.25
Length: 31.75″

The Parker Challenger is a real beast of crossbows and specially crafted for ladies. It is one of the lightest crossbows for women that makes it easy to shoot over a long period without fatigue.

It has an adjustable draw-weight so you won’t fall behind your troop. The bow is well balanced with a finger guard for added peace of mind.

It comes with an exclusive Synergy Cam-System that is unique to X-402 IR Crossbow. It offers better shooting performance than other women crossbow rivals.

The Parker Bows Challenger Crossbow consists of:

  • 32mm Multi-Reticle Scope
  • 4-arrow Quick Detach Quiver
  • 4 crossbow arrows
  • Owner’s manual

  • It comes with the EZ draw that aids in decreasing the effect of cocking.
  • It is light-in-weight and compact.
  • It has an auto engage the safety.
  • It has adjustable-draw weight.


  • It uses non-standard capture nocks.
  • It doesn’t include a rope-cocking device.

How To Choose a Crossbow for Women?

Best Crossbow For Women 2020

If you are a beginner who has never fired a crossbow, you should pick the most basic model. It helps you to understand the basic processes and mechanisms.

Experienced female-hunters should focus on mid-range crossbows that need more skilled handling.

Bow Weight

The weight of the crossbow is one of the most critical factors to consider. And if you want to conduct long hunting sessions and not want to be suffering from arm fatigue, then select a lighter crossbow.

It ensures your shooting setup is more stable that raises the chances of hunting success. The lightweight models give you more stability as well as accuracy.

The heavier ones also offer great stability and long-lasting. It all relies on your needs and preference.

Draw Weight

It refers to the amount of power and effort required to pull the arrow back so you can shoot the target. Crossbow with a heavier draw-weight tends to shoot faster compared to a bow with the lighter draw weight.

Therefore choose a crossbow that you can pull easily or draw-back.


The faster your bow is, the higher the chance of hitting your game. For hunting purposes, the velocity of your crossbow is vital to maximizing your chances of success.

For fast-moving targets such as deer, a minimum 300FPS velocity is required to generate sufficient speed & power to hit the target. You can also pick a Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow that offers 330 feet per second speed.


Today manufacturers are now opting for the pink tint among camouflage colors.

Some people might be thinking that the pink camouflage is more visible to your prey! But the truth is that deer and many other animals only see in grey. So a little bit of pink will not be visible to them.

The patterning on the crossbow matters more than the coloration.


If you’re a newbie, then take a look at the safety mechanism fitted onto a crossbow to assure a safe shot. Most bows require disengaging a safety lock before firing an arrow from a cocked or loaded position. There are a variety of locks and sensors on crossbows.

Each crossbow has different degrees of the safety system. So consider the one that suits you.

Cocking Devices

A cocking device helps to lessen the draw weight of a bow by up to 50%. With a rope cocking device, it is easier to draw. Hold the crossbow down with foot and pull on the rope handles instead of the string.

For a 130 pounds draw-weight crossbow, you require to pull to just 65lbs. Moreover, these rope cockers are small, cheap, and easy to carry.

Another device is a crank cocking device that is fitted to the bow for making the draw easier. It is a crank handle that enables you to rewind the string. This device adds more weight to the crossbow, but it is ideal if you need a high power crossbow.


Scope helps you to get more precise and more accurate shots. But the crossbow that has a scope already or comes with space where you can fix one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What crossbows fit women?

There are various things to evaluate when picking women’s crossbow. It must be light in weight and of shorter length. Also, its design counts as women are usually drawn to color and design.

2. Is it fine to leave a crossbow cocked overnight?

Don’t leave the crossbow cocked or dawn overnight. If strings break, it can go off and cause damage to property or people.

Decock the crossbow at the end of the day or when it is not in use.

3. What size crossbow arrow should you buy for a women’s crossbow?

Most of the crossbow arrows are 16″ to 22″ in length, with the average being 20 inches. When you are buying a new arrow, make sure that they are the same length as recommended.

4. What is the average draw weight for a woman?

  • Women (100 to 140 lbs): 30-40 lbs
  • Women with a larger frame (160 to 190 lbs): 40-50 lbs

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