CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Review – [January 2021]

In A Hurry? Our Top Reasons To Buy

CenterPoint Sniper 370

CenterPoint Sniper 370​ Price as of 2021-01-25 at 05:47

  • Lightweight design.
  • Adjustable stock.
  • Amazing shooting speed.
  • Best for entry level archers & hunters.
  • Immensive package with all accessories.
  • Sturdy built and well-balanced.

A deadly and impressive CNC machine under $300 for deer hunting and big games. It is the great crossbow for the money.

Center Point Sniper – a CNC Machine railed, ensures powerful performance, smooth operation, high accuracy, and better speed. Sniper 370 is the “Great Buy” Brand manufactures under Crossman. It is the deadly combination that comes under budget price and is economical. The best Sniper entry level crossbow is highly recommended for hunting.

A hunter on a budget can opt for this Crossbow package without any doubt. Its superior speeds towards the target make it convenient for a big game. You can easily carry it to outdoors with ease and is lightweight and durable. Its maneuverability, performance, and features are suitable for any skill level. The safety features Anti dry fire, and auto-safety trigger mechanisms prevent ill intention shots.

The string suppressors keep your shots quiet vibration free. It’s fully adjustable foregrip, and stock provides a great help during the scope mounting process. With the stock, it is easy to fit the sniper 370 to a shooter with a smaller frame, longer neck or shorter arms.

Here is the detailed crossbow review of CenterPoint Sniper 370. This crossbow review covers its build quality, features, pros & cons, and included accessories.

CenterPoint Sniper 370 Review: First Impressions​

CenterPoint Sniper 370 Price as of 2021-01-25 at 05:47

Technical Specifications
Draw Weight185 lbs
Speed370 FPS
Optics4 × 32 mm
Energy110 fpe
Stock TypeAmbidextrous
String Length37.2”
Arrow / Bolt Size20”
Mass Weight7.7 lbs
LimbCompression Fiberglass
Bolt Weight370 grain
Warranty5 Years
Trigger Pull5 lbs
TriggerPatented Trigger Technology (Dry Fire Inhibitor)

Key Features

  • Fitted Quad Limbs and CNC Cam System
  • Lightweight and Durable Rail
  • Anti Dry Fire and Auto-Safety Mechanism
  • Fully Adjustable Grip and Stock
  • Integrated String Suppressor for a Quiet and Vibration-Free Shot
  • Tactical Stock and Forearm

The Good

  • It is durable and lightweight and best compound bow.
  • It has a compact and sturdy design.
  • It has an affordable price and is a reliable crossbow.
  • It is a better crossbow for beginners and has a nice FPS.
  • It has adjustable stock and foregrip.
  • The crossbow has an efficient anti-dry fire mechanism.
  • It is made of better quality materials and well-balanced crossbow.
  • It includes superior firing velocity and string silencers.
  • It has easily adjustable AR style stock.
  • It’s lighter, reasonable and practically suitable for crossbow shooting.

The Bad

  • The quality of crossbow scopes could have become better.
  • The adjustable stock is a bit noisy and clunky.
  • It may have trigger creep issues.
  • This crossbow is front heavy.
  • The accessories are made of cheap materials.

Detailed Specifications​

Build Quality

The build quality of a crossbow plays a vital role to ensure its better construction. CenterPoint Sniper is a brand of Crossman and is manufactured under this corporation. It is a CNC machined cam system, made of durable and lightweight material. Its rail is made of aluminum. When comparing it to other crossbows, it never disappoints with material quality and construction.

The weaponry shoots the bolts at a maximum speed of 370 feet per second. In a budget price, it qualifies the big game hunting and proves itself in every aspect. Its weight is 7.9 lbs, which are also suitable for youngsters and women.

It is easy to carry and shoot. Its riser is made of aluminum and stock is made of composite and aluminum. In short, at this price range, it ensures better durability, lightweight, better performance, and speed.


Sniper 370 is a better choice for a beginner or a person who seeks their first crossbow. Although the crossbow is heavy, the built design is lightweight and durable. Its stock gives a more tactical look to the crossbow. It has a CNC machined cam system that propels bolt at a speed of 370 feet per second.

The crossbow has 185 lbs draw weight that beginner can use with ease. You can easily carry its lightweight machine outdoors and for big game hunting. Overall it has better-built quality at an exceptional price.

Stock and Limbs

The cams and rail are made of CNC machined aluminum. It gives it a strong and nice finish. The split limb of a crossbow is made of compression fiberglass.

Its stock has an assault rifle style and allows a good amount of extension by depressing a lever and pull it back or forward. You can adjust a pass-through foregrip on this crossbow, so there is less chance of grip it incorrectly.

Kinetic Energy

The center point sniper delivers up to 370 FPS that generates 113.9 ft-lbs with 375-grain bolts in better conditions. It can deliver the same result with 425-grain bolts. To keep the energy and momentum, it is recommended to use heavier bolts. Enhancing the bolt weight make use of full potential but will lower the speed.


The sniper 370 compound crossbow has an impressive accuracy. No additional adjustments are needed, and it can hit the center of the target at 50 yards. The only flaw is its trigger as it has lots of trigger creep. But it can be accepted at this price. If you can get used to it, then it’s acceptable.


A Weapon or Bow if not handled with care, may lead to injury or can be dangerous. Every weaponry comes with safety measures and precautions to prevent any mishap. The CenterPoint Sniper comes with multilevel and auto safety framework. It has an anti-dry mechanism and automatic safety trigger work that makes sure that you don’t fire by an accident when the bow is not fully cocked. It does not allow to shoot a bow without a bolt on the picatinny rail.

When cocking the crossbow turn off the safety before engaging and then pull the string back. In this crossbow, the safety release can be operated by using either hand. The foregrip and adjustable stock also increase the safety as you can adjust them to your length.


The great feature of the sniper 370 is its power and speed. The crossbow shoots the arrow at the velocity of 370 fps. It provides better performance than average K.E. The sniper ensures better accuracy for shots taken within 40-yard range. It is powered with CNC Machine Cams and Limbs that make it quite a remarkable weapon.

Noise Suppression

The noise suppression helps to reduce vibration and reduce noise output and increase accuracy. This crossbow has string suppressors which reduce vibration, noise output, and increases accuracy while taking your aim. Its foot stirrup is coated with rubber for the same purpose. Hunter also uses dampeners to make it quieter while hunting animals like deer.


CenterPoint Sniper 370 crossbow is easy to maneuver and gives better accuracy. It is a well-built crossbow and a better combination of accuracy, distance, and price. Without any adjustments, it provides better results in hunting.


Crossbow Maintenance is the must factor to ensure better performance and longer durability. To let you crossbow stay last longer, one must take good care of its movable parts like cam, trigger pull system, or strings. Clean the debris from the flight track to avoid miss-shots of the crossbow before hunting season.


CenterPoint Sniper 370 is available in camo and black color options. The camo can be applied on the limbs, quiver, and stock but not across the main rail, body, sight or butt. It makes the bow lightweight, durable, and compact to carry it easily for outdoors. It has better styling for entry-level beginners.


A Crossbow comes with essential accessories in the package that match your expectations. These accessories are needed for your hunting trips. Some manufacturers also supply crossbow sling with the accessories.

The Sniper 370 Crossbow Package Includes:

  • 4×32 mm illuminated scope
  • 3x 20-inch carbon bolts
  • 3 bolt arrow quiver
  • Shoulder Sling
  • Rope Cocker

Illuminated Scope

The scope included 4×32 resolution of the crossbow. It features crosshair and circles in red and green and has a calibration set of 40 yards. In this price point, it comes with a 4×32 scope, but you can get a better scope and attach it to the crossbow.

Although the illumination is not exactly top-notch, it still makes a remarkable performance and enhances accuracy even in foggy weather.

Cocking Device

The rope cocker lowers the weight you need to pull down by 50% the advertised draw weight. In a crank cocking to lower the weight, you need to pull.

Quiver and Arrows

It has three bolts quiver that matches with either camo or black depending on the variant you select. The bow quivers are somewhat heavy, so mostly carry bolts are preferred as they are light.


The bolts have 375-grain overall weight carbon bolts. It weighs 275 grains for the carbon shaft and 100 grains for the field point. The heavier grain broadheads or bolts increases the momentum and K.E. in hunting situations. The 20-inch bolts will grain 425 instead of 375 grain. The heavy bolts can enhance your hunting experience with Sniper 370.


Broadheads of 100grains or more are recommended for Sniper 370. You can try the Shwacker or Spitfire Maxx crossbow broad head. They are well known to get through and leave a nice blood trail.

CenterPoint Sniper 370: Final Verdict​

Centerpoint Sniper is lethal and impressive weaponry under $300. A beginner, women or even youngsters can easily operate it. The overall weight of the bow is light and can provide better performance with minimal adjustments. It is highly accurate and capable of bolts at a speed of up to 370 fps and is built for serious hunting. Its non-adjustable stocks makes it sometimes slightly awkward or require a shooter to twist to properly shoot.

Overall it is an excellent deal under this price range and never disappoints its user. The package includes extra accessory such as a warranty card, owner’s manual, hunting tool, and shoulder strap with other accessories. The bow also ensures a five-year warranty.

The overall quality of sniper 370 is superior and assures remarkable performance. You can easily carry it outdoors along with your for hunting or big games. we highly recommend this crossbow for newbies.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. How To Assemble the Sniper 370 Crossbow?

The model comes with a user manual guide with assembling instructions.
If you are a beginner, then assembling can be somewhat difficult. It is recommended to let a local bow tech set up or assemble for you. As the assembling could be vague. In case you have assembled a crossbow before, then, you should not have any problem.

2. What Purpose Sniper 370 is Designed?

Sniper 370 is designed for target hunters and recreational target practice shooters. It is an adult size crossbow and has easily adjustable stock design.

3. What are the Specifications for Hunting Deer?

A drawing weight of 150 pounds and more helps to hunt the deer. The bold head should be wide around 0.75 inches or higher.

4. Is It Easy to Cock a Sniper 370?

There are many ways to cock the model manually, with a cocking rope or crank cocking aid. Rope Cocking makes it easy and safe to cock or draw. One must cock it with the proper cocking procedure, turn the safety off. Engage the cocking lever before pulling the string back. It helps to pull the string back smoothly. With a draw weight of 185 pounds, it can easily be a back-breaker to cock.

5. What are the Rules and Regulations Using a Crossbow?

Every country has its different laws and regulations and varies from one country to another. Before using the crossbow and check the rules if you can use it for hunting purposes.

6. Can You Mount a Crank on this Crossbow?

No. There is no specific model made for this bow.

3 thoughts on “CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Review – [January 2021]”

  1. Center Point has a cocking lever/device for the 370 that makes cocking the crossbow easy and eliminates the 185 lb cocking draw weight by 70%. Pricey at $70 but well worth the investment.

  2. Users will appreciate the fact that this model comes equipped with a plethora of extras, such as an illuminated scope, a cocking rope, a side mount quiver, and two arrows. The manufacturer also provides lube wax that will help you keep the string and the bow in good functioning order, and prolong its lifespan. While it is not exactly a lightweight bow, at 6.9 pounds, it is decent compared to other models on the market that can go well over 8 pounds, without accessories.

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