CenterPoint Gladiator Whisper 405 Review

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CenterPoint Gladiator Whisper 405 Review

CenterPoint Gladiator 405 Crossbow

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A CNC machined Cam System for hunters under $1000 that can knock down any big games.

CenterPoint Gladiator Whisper 405 is the supreme choice of the hunters and a truly versatile crossbow out in the field. At this affordable package, you will get striking speed and accuracy. It has 13.5″ ultra compact front end for maximum maneuverability. It is a durable, fast, and powerful crossbow that deliver whooping results with 405 fps speed. The whispering silencing system includes two string stops and dampeners that reduce the noise and focuses entirely on the target. The crossbow offers an anti-dry fire and auto-safety trigger mechanism for better safety and precision. Its cocking device reduces the 50% the draw weight and makes it easy to pull the string into the latch of the crossbow.

Below are the brief description and specifications of the Centerpoint Gladiator Whisper 405 Crossbow. In this Crossbow review, we covered up features, pros & cons, power, built quality, accuracy, and included accessories.

CenterPoint Gladiator Whisper 405 Review: First Impressions

CenterPoint Gladiator Whisper 405 Review


System: CompoundSpeed: 405 fps
Power stroke: 15″Kinetic energy: 135 ft-lbs.
Draw weight: 200lbsLength: 35″- 37.75″.
Axle-To-Axle (Cocked/Uncocked): 13.5″/17.5″Weight: 7.9 lbs


  • The whispering silencing system of this bow includes two string stops which help to reduce noise and control vibration.
  • Tactical AR-style adjustable Stock.
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Rail provides repeatable, accurate shots.
  • Anti-dry-fire and auto-safety trigger.
  • It comes with a 4x32mm scope.

  • It is a powerful crossbow from the center point.
  • It is manufactured with Quad limbs with CNC-machined cam system.
  • It has fully adjustable AR-style buttstock.
  • The bow comes with Whisper Silencing System that helps to reduce noise and vibration.
  • The bolts in the package downrange at up to 405 fps with 135 ft. lbs. of energy.
  • It is compact and powerful weaponry.
  • The bow is reliable, sturdy and provides speed up to 405 fps.


  • The crossbow is a bit heavy.
  • There is no velocity dial on the scope.

Detailed Specifications


The Gladiator 405 offers a solid build and construction. The bow is a CNC-machined cam system with quad limbs for better precision. It allows the gladiator to shoot the arrow at a speed of 405 fps. It’s aluminum rail keeps the overall weight to the minimum and provides accurate shots.
The AR-style stock ensures a solid grip that helps you to reach and knock down the target easily. It can make possible adjustments from 35″ to 37.5″.
This compound bow provides massive accuracy at 405 fps speed with a combination of 200 lbs draw weight. Overall the build makes it an accurate and fastest crossbow among hunters.


It has a camo style design that offers big performance and allows you to hit the field and woods. The crossbow has a Whisper Silencing System which includes two string stops, two limb dampeners, and two two spider silencers. It helps to reduce the noise and vibration and brings accuracy. It’s durable and lightweight machine shoot-through riser.

It has an ultra-compact design with 13.5″ when cocked and 17.5″ when uncocked. 13.5″ makes movement into tight places easier. The safety mechanism prevents to fire the ill-intended shots. It includes rope cocker, quiver, shoulder sling, and scope that makes the shooting easy and comfortable.


The crossbow is easy to draw and ensures better performance when it comes to 20″ 390 gr. Carbon arrows. It can shoot at a speed of 405 fps and produce 135 ft-lbs of Kinetic Energy. The side mount bracket for the quiver can be used for the left hand as well as right-hand users. The 4x32mm scope has a reticle that helps to aim the target with better accuracy. The bow provides convenience, portability, and easy maintenance.

Noise and Vibrations

The CenterPoint comes with noise dampening system and string suppressors that keeps the strings from vibrating. The Whisper Silencing System includes string stops and dampeners that helps to limit the vibration control and reduce noise while shooting the crossbow. It not only hit the target without any noise but also offers an accurate shot.

Whisper Silencing System

The bow has a whisper silencing system that includes two string stops, two limb dampeners, and two Spider silencers. It helps to reduce noise and control vibration while shooting with the crossbow. The dampeners ensure the silent operation and easy to take down the game.


The safety features of the crossbow include Anti-dry fire and auto safety Trigger. The safety included in the package prevents the risk of shooting prematurely. It helps to prevent the dry fire and keeps the bow safe while cocking. The trigger design keeps the finger away, safe, and reduces the chances of an accident while hunting.


The CenterPoint Gladiator 405 comes with various accessories with the crossbow. The 405 package includes:

  • 4×32 mm Scope
  • 3×20” 390 gr. Carbon arrows
  • Quick detach quiver with side mount quiver bracket.
  • A rope cocker and sling


The package comes with a 4x32mm illuminated scope. It has a reticle that aims for better accuracy and clarity shots. The carbon bolts allow you to start shooting right away. The scope is outfitted with quick detach quiver with side mount quiver bracket.

Carbon Arrows

The 3×20” 390 grains carbon arrows ensure better accuracy and are easily compatible with CenterPoint crossbows. The arrows included in the package is ok but might not last long. You can try standard 400-grain without any problems or noticeable effects on accuracy and speed. You can purchase the additional arrows compatible with Gladiator 405 of 20 inches with field tips.

Rope Cocking Device

The rope cocking aid helps to pull the strings of the crossbow easily. The benefit of cocking the device with rope cocking is that it pulls the string quickly with accuracy. It also brings more consistency to the shot.

CenterPoint Gladiator 405: Final Verdict

It is a budget crossbow, a bit heavy but suitable for hunting purposes. Its AR adjustable Stock and smooth trigger make it the perfect crossbow for the hunters. The package includes all the accessories that make it a solid buy. The Whisper Silencing System makes it an ideal choice among the hunters who demand silent operation in the field. The package comes with a limited lifetime warranty and only applies to the original owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Crossbow Come with Hard Case?

No. Gladiator 405 doesn’t come with any hard case, but you can select case of your own choice.

2. Is the Scope Easy to Sight-In?

The 4x32mm scope doesn’t come with speed dial, so it takes more than usual time to sight In.

3. How’s the Safety of the Gladiator 405?

The foregrip is over molded and keeps your finger clear of the string. The anti-dry fire operates perfectly with the safety of the crossbow.

4. Is It Easy to Assemble the Gladiator Crossbow?

The crossbow comes with easy assembly. Attach the foot stirrup and connect the riser to the stock. Next, Mount the quiver and stock. Now assemble the AR -style stock and silencing system. A beginner will take 20-30 minutes to assemble it completely.

5. How Powerful is CenterPoint Gladiator 405?

The crossbow shoots the arrow, up to the speed of 405 FPS and generates around 142 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. The 390-grain arrows with a combination of 200 lbs speed ensure precision and better accuracy. It can easily handle large or big games in North America.

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