TenPoint Wicked Ridge Rampage 360 Crossbow Review [March 2023]

Tenpoint Wicked Ridge Crossbow​

  • Ultra-Maneuverable.
  • Narrow 15″ bow assembly.
  • 4S Cams and DynaFLIGHT 97 string and cables.
  • Shoots up to 360 feet-per-second.
  • Offers downrage accuracy and performance.
  • Premiere entry-level crossbow on the market.
  • Auto engaging safety T4 Trigger.

Wicked Ridge Crossbows are a division of TenPoint crossbows. They introduce a new Rampage 360 model in 2020. The highlighting features of this crossbow are its built-in cocking device and out-of-the-box accuracy. It is the premier entry-level crossbow.

It is one of the best crossbows under $500 with amazing features. The TenPoint Rampage crossbow features a unique stock design that lightens the crossbow and improves handling. When it comes to its looks, it checks all the boxes. It has newly designed stock dipped in a cool “Peak” camo pattern.

All in all, Wicked Ridge RamPage 360 crossbow package is designed to fit comfortably against your shoulder and easy to draw and shoot. It is an excellent choice for hunters who want a low draw weight crossbow but doesn’t dampen the product’s quality.

Wicked Ridge RamPage 360 Crossbow Review: First Impressions​

TenPoint Wicked Ridge Crossbow

Wicked Ridge RamPage Specifications
Speed360 fps
Draw Weight175 lbs
Width Axle-to-Axle (Uncocked / Cocked)19” / 15″
Kinetic Energy112 ft.lbs
Weight6 lbs
Power Stroke13.5″
FinishPeak Camo

Reasons To Buy

  • Lightweight and durable limb system.
  • Ready to hunt package.
  • Ultra-narrow 15 inches wide bow assembly.
  • Safe to use for beginners and youth.
  • Easy to cock.
  • Perfectly balance crossbow.
  • Equipped with Gordon Glass Limbs.
  • In-built ACUdraw/ACUdraw 50 Cocking device.

Reasons To Avoid

  • No noise or string dampeners in crossbow package.
  • No arrows included.

Detailed Specifications​


The crossbow has a narrow 15-inch wide bow assembly. It consists of a lightweight riser and machined aluminum limb pockets fitted with new 11′ WRX double laminate limbs. These limbs are molded from dampening glass-filled polypropylene, which increases the strength and reduces weight. It is built to withstand years of use on the range and in the field. Furthermore, it is powered by a new speed designed, 4S Cam, and Dyna Flight 97 string cables.

At 19″ wide uncocked and 15″ wide when cocked, the crossbow is a pretty compact and lightweight entry-level bow. 

Size and Weight

It measures 35½-inches long without the foot-stirrup and weighs in at 6 pounds. And including the foot-stirrup, it is around 39″ long. It has a compact, slim profile that makes it easy to maneuver in confined places like woods, treestands, or hunting blinds. This crossbow is best for beginners and youth dues to its lightweight design.

ArrowsWeightSpeed / KE
Pro Lite Carbon Arrow370-grains360 FPS / 112 FP KE
Wicked Ridge XX75 Aluminum Arrow435-grains340 FPS / 112 FP KE


This crossbow has a speed rating of 360 feet per second with a draw weight of 175 pounds. They tested the crossbow speed with two different arrow weights. When tested with a TenPoint Pro Lite Carbon arrow of 370 grains, it shoots with the speed of 360fps. And with Wicked Ridge’s XX75 Aluminum arrows of 435 grains, deliver 340fps.


It has a fully integrated fore-grip with elongated safety wings. This helps to keep the shooter’s hand safely below the bowstring release path. Moreover, its fully enclosed trigger offers additional safety.

However, the T4 trigger is an older model and has a bit more creep than their new T5 trigger. It is still great with a 3.5-pound pull. Also, it comes with auto-engaging safety and an in-built dry fire inhibitor.


It is a lightweight crossbow, and the ACUdraw crank cocking device is also balanced. Its grip and foregrip feel comfortable as well, and the wings cover the whole area where you place your hand. This helps you to protect your hands at all times.

Furthermore, using the auto-engaging safety, you can let go of the handle, and the handle will not crank back. Thus the cocking of this crossbow is safest, but it isn’t a silent way. There is no silencing or dampening features installed on this bow. To reduce the sounds to a minimum, you have to buy it separately and install the string dampener system and noise dampening crossbow package.


As like other Wicked Ridge crossbows, this crossbow has only 1-screw assembly. It is so easy to assemble, and even beginners can set it up in a few minutes. This crossbow takes only 10 minutes to assemble it completely.

When assembling this crossbow, make sure you read the instruction manual that comes with your crossbow package. If you find its assembly difficult, you can see a video on how to assemble your Wicked Ridge on YouTube that is uploaded by a Wicked Ridge.

  • Attach the cable saver to the cable and slide the riser onto the stock. After that, fasten the screw
  • Now install the quiver mount and then foot-stirrup.
  • And the 3x multi-line scope is already mounted to the stock.


In the package it includes the following accessories:

Wicked Ridge Rampage Accessories
  • TenPoint 3x Multi-Line Scope
  • 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver
  • Installation Manual with Bolt/Washers etc.
  • ACUdraw (built into the stock)

Quiver and Bolts

It consists of lightweight 4.75 ounces 3-arrow instant detach quivers. The quiver has an ultra-durable spine and a unique flexible rubber loop. It allows you to hang the bolt quiver while in your treestand silently.

Unfortunately, this crossbow package doesn’t include arrows, broadheads, or field-tips. You have to but arrows and broadheads separately. Wicked Ridge recommends using Alpha-Nocks on the arrows. If you don’t use Alpha nocks with arrows, then the warranty will void.

3x Multi-Line Scope

This crossbow comes with TenPoint’s 3x Multi-Line Scope. It is a well-designed scope that gives a clear view. Apart from this, it comes pre-sighted and features fully coated 3x optics. There are three duplex crosshairs calibrated for 20, 30, 40-yards, and a fourth partial line for 50-yard shots. It also includes 7/8″ scope mounting rings.

Cocking Mechanism

This crossbow is considered the first entry-level crossbow with a built-in cocking mechanism. The ACUdraw cocking mechanism staples in TenPoint’s crossbows for a long time, and they also include a bow with a budget-friendly price tag. The Tenpoint Rampage 360 crossbow package is available with ACUdraw 50, which is a built-in retractable rope sled cocking device.

It reduces the draw weight by 50% to a mere 5 pounds and provides easy cocking for all ages. And the cord/ropes retract neatly inside the unit’s housing after cocking.

Final Verdict​

The Rampage 360 crossbow package is one of the best entry-level options. And best of all, it is built in America and backed by TenPoint’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. It comes as a ready-to-shoot package.

This crossbow is fast, accurate, durable, and perfectly balanced. All in all, TenPoint offers great customer support. What truly separated this bow from its competitors is its built-in cocking device and precision.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the difference between ACUdraw 50 and ACUdraw?

ACUdraw 50 is an integrated rope cocker that reduces the system to draw weight to about five pounds, making it possible for anyone to enjoy crossbow hunting and shooting. On the other side, the ACUdraw system is integrated into the crossbow stock and has no dangling parts. Both crossbow systems are integrated and easy to use. If you have a shoulder or back problem, choose an ACUdraw system, and if you are in good shape, you can go for ACUdraw 50.

2. Do I Have To Lubricate The Flight Rail before Shooting My Crossbow?

Yes, before shooting your bow, run your finger down the flight rail to determine if lubrication is required. If you feel lubricant on the rail, there is no need to lubricate at that time. If the rail feels dry, then use lubricant with a foam applicator. Run your finger down the entire rail to ensure even coverage.

3. Can I Use A Moon or Capture Nock On TenPoint Rampage 360?

No, If you use a moon or capture nock on any TenPoint crossbow will void the warranty. You can use Alpha nocks, as its deep string channel increases string to nock engagement and holds the bowstring in place during the shot that prevents the string from shooting under or over the nock.

4. Is It Safe For Me To Dry-Fire My Crossbow?

It is not a safe practice to dry fire your crossbow. Your crossbow is provided with a DFI mechanism. If you forget to load the bolt into the crossbow but attempt to take a shot, the DFI will catch the bowstring. It helps to prevent damage to the bow assembly.

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