Wicked Ridge Fury 410 Review [March 2023]

Wicked Ridge Fury 410 Crossbow​

  • D1 Trigger System.
  • Stop String System.
  • Superb Speed 410 fps.
  • RangeMaster Pro Scope.
  • Acudraw De-Cocking System.

It is one of the most popular industries known for its products. This industry creates products with cutting-edge technology. The Wicked Ridge Fury 410 Crossbow is the best choice for the user who wants the crossbow for hunting. It will give them the best hunting experience. 

This crossbow delivers a blistering speed of up to 410 feet per second. It comes with a safe decocking mechanism that provides more safety to the user and prevents serious injury. It provides silent crossbow cocking.

This crossbow is fully friendly equipment, you can use it without any fear of damage or losing control. Furthermore, it is light in weight and maneuvers easily in tight spaces. The scope is excellent, clear, and has illuminated dots for 10-yard increments out to 60 yards.

This wicked ridge crossbow gives you maximum performance with its advanced features. It has a reverse-draw crossbow that provides better balance for this crossbow. The Fury crossbow is compact, with an axle-to-axle width of 15 inches uncocked and 9 inches cocked.

Wicked Ridge Fury 410 Review: First Impressions​

Wicked Ridge Fury 410 Review

Wicked Ridge Fury 410 Specifications
Speed410 FPS
Draw Weight200 lbs
Width Axle to Axle (cocked/Uncocked)9″/15″
Kinetic Energy
Weight7.5 lbs
Power Stroke15.5″

Reasons To Buy

  • Silent Cocking.
  • Light Weighted.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Light Weighted.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Best value for money. 
  • Compact, lethal performance.
  • Easy to assemble and user friendly.

Reason To Avoid

  • High In Price.

Wicked Rigde Fury 410 : Detailed Specifications​


Now, we are discussing some unique features of this Wicked Ridge Fury crossbow, these are given below;

Acudraw De-Cocking Mechanism: This crossbow is equipped with the revolutionary Acudraw De-Cock device, which provides safe and silent cocking. It eliminates the hassle and frustration of discharging your crossbow after decocking.

D1 Trigger: It comes with a D1 trigger with a 2-stage, zero creep design, which provides consistency and crispness. Simply pushing a button shifts the trigger into decock mode, which allows the user to safely decock the wicked crossbow with an acudraw cocking device.

Rangemaster Pro Scope: The Wicked Fury crossbow comes with a Rangemaster Pro Scope that is designed to improve the accuracy and precision of a shooter. It features variable speed and arrow drop-compensation settings for shooting.

Quiver: It is equipped with a quiver, a container for holding arrows, attached to the front of the crossbow. It comes with 3 matches 400 carbon arrows.


This Wicked Ridge crossbow offers some advanced features. Its contraction is a powerful and compact weapon that shoots at high speeds. Further, it is capable of shooting the arrow at up to 410 feet per second. This crossbow has enough ability to hunt deer, elk, and moose. Wicked crossbows bring you more accuracy and precision, which enhance the user’s hunting experience.

Cocking / Decocking: The Wicked Ridge crossbow is an easily cocked or decocked device with safety and without creating much noise with the help of an acudraw cocking device. This device gives protection to the user and prevents injury. You can easily stop the cocking anytime and reverse it anytime.

Reverse Draw: It features a reverse draw advantage and has a 15.5-inch power stroke, giving it blister speed with less draw weight. The elongated power stroke increases the distance between the arrow and its nock engaged with the string.

Safety: This crossbow provides more safety to the users with its advanced AcuDraw cocking mechanism, which is one of the best user-friendly devices. You can effortlessly cock your crossbow with this Acudraw device, which also prevents any kind of injury or damage to the user during its cocking.

Durability: The Wicked Ridge Fury crossbow is made of high-quality American material at a reasonable price, which provides uncompromising quality and durability to the users.

Setup: The Wicked Ridge Fury crossbow comes partially assembled, so you don’t need to worry about its assembly. It doesn’t take much time to set up, users can easily assemble this by themselves just follow the manual’s instruction chart.


This crossbow includes all the accessories listed below in its package:

  • Rangemaster Pro Variable Speed Scope.
  • 3 Match 400-carbon Carbon Arrows.
  • Acudraw De-cock.
  • 3- Arrow Quiver.

Rangemaster Pro Variable Speed Scope: It provides Rangemaster Pro scopes that are designed for better precision and accuracy. It offers a special feature: a speed selector to match any crossbow shooting with a range of 410 feet per second. It is designed to provide an aim point exactly. It assures us our target is always within scope. This pro scope aids in picking up the reticle in adverse conditions such as snow, pre-dawn, rain, and cloudy.

You can take your shooting to the next level with this highly advanced scope for crossbows. It is designed to be versatile and easy to use.

Acudraw De-cocking Device: The Acudraw De-cocking Device comes with this crossbow package. It is a great, safe, and silent cocking device. It has cutting-edge technology that allows you to rewind and stop the cocking at any time.

3 Match 400 Carbon Arrows: There are 3 matches of 400 carbon arrows, which are made up of carbon. It is designed for optimal accuracy and specially made for amazing performance with the crossbow. These arrows have a 400-grain weight, which allows the arrows at over 400 feet per second.

3-Arrow Quiver: This crossbow comes with a 3-arrow quiver that is attached to the scope rail of the crossbow. It holds the arrows and can be carried on an archer’s body.

Final Verdict​

This crossbow is one of the best crossbows. It is the fastest and most powerful hunting tool ever. It generates great speed, up to 410 feet per second. It is foolproof equipment, and for advanced hunters, it gives more precision, with an acudraw cocking system, D1 trigger, and reverse draw. 

It is a budget-friendly crossbow with advanced features and quality. This hunting tool is equipped with a variable speed scope, which emits light in bad weather situations and gives more accuracy and precision to the target. Thus, it enhances your hunting experience.

Moreover, it has an ACUdraw De-Cock mechanism, which is one of the most user-friendly devices and cocks a crossbow effortlessly and accurately.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Is The Stock of Constrictor Crossbow Interchangeable with AR Stocks?

Yes, a mil-spec stock will fit on this crossbow. However, you will lose one position because the tube is slightly different from an AR buffer tube.

2. Does this crossbow need to be assembled?

The Bear X crossbow comes pre-assembled. You only have to mount the scope and install the quiver. 

3. What cases will this crossbow fit in?

Bear Archery doesn’t manufacture any crossbow cases, but you can try out different crossbow cases. The Titan Cooperhead crossbow case fits perfectly and has one internal pocket and five external pockets to store arrows and other accessories.

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