TenPoint Turbo M1 Review [March 2023]

TenPoint Turbo M1

  • Reverse draw design.
  • Ultra-Maneuverable.
  • VX-5 inverted cams.
  • Delivers smoother shot with less vibration.
  • Offers downrage accuracy and performance.

Tenpoint redesigned the successful Turbo model that is shorter, lighter, and faster (around 30 FPS more) than its predecessor Turbo models. It features a narrow 9″ wide bow assembly. Plus, the Turbo M1 sends arrows downrange with pinpoint accuracy at lightning speeds up to 380 FPS.

It is an excellent addition for any hunter who wants to have great precision and safety while using a lightweight bow. Moreover, TenPoint has made some changes in the Turbo’s trigger and cocking system and the traditional long, wide stirrup.

You can cock the TenPoint Turbo M1 easily while seated in a treestand, blind, or on the ground. It is a tremendous innovation in the world of crossbows. Now no more bowing over the crossbow while struggling to keep one foot firmly in the stirrup and no more wrestling with the bow to get it cocked while confined in a climber.

TenPoint Turbo M1 Review: First Impressions

TenPoint Turbo M1 Crossbow

Turbo M1 Specifications
Speed380 FPS
Draw Weight190lbs or 9 lbs w/ACCUdraw Pro cocking device
Width Axle to Axle (Cocked / Uncocked)9″ / 14.25″
Kinetic Energy119 ft-lbs
Weight6.4 lbs
Power Stroke14″
Camo PatternMossy Oak BreakUP Country

Reasons To Buy

  • Lightest, narrowest, and fastest.
  • The ACUdraw Pro reduces draw weight to 9 pounds.
  • Easy to maneuver as the weight is only 6.4 pounds.
  • Made in USA
  • Auto-engaging safety, and has a dry-fire inhibitor.
  • Acura Pro silent cocking option for effortless cocking.
  • Ambidextrous T5 trigger.

Reasons To Avoid

  • No noise dampeners or string suppressors in the package.

TenPoint Turbo M1: Detailed Specifications​

Size and Weight

This forward draw crossbow has a total length of 32.5 inches. And due to the forward draw system, this Turbo M1 is quite narrow. It is only 9 inches wide when cocked and 14 inches width when not cocked. Therefore, it is one of the best crossbows for treestand or ground blind use.

In terms of ease of use and balance, it checks both boxes. You can adjust this crossbow to be used by right-handed or left-handed shooters. Furthermore, it weighs 6.4 pounds, so your balance while shooting will be improved. The lightweight stock turn down weight. Also, special cutouts are made to improve the shooter’s balance.


It comes in a nice mossy oak camo look that will easily blend throughout many different natural backgrounds. Apart from the design, it is responsible for the great comfort from the stock to the grip’s feel.

It is also designed with a radically narrow 9-inch wide crossbow assembly that enables you to maneuver through the confined hunting places. This ensures that you never miss a shot of a lifetime.

VX-5 Cams

The cams extend the power stroke and increase rotation. It delivers devastating speeds and precision on each shot. In other words, it allows reaching a maximum speed of 380fps.

So due to its design, the balance is enhanced, and you will be able not to miss any targets while hunting using it.


With 20″ Pro Elite Arrows of weight 400 grains, the Turbo M1 can shoot bolts at about 370 FPS along with a K.E of 119 ft-lb.

A heavier projectile is to be favored to gain KE and momentum to result in a perfect arrow penetration when hunting tough games. On the other side, lighter projectiles will have improved speed, giving the arrow a better flight and less drop before reaching the target.

ArrowWeightSpeed (FPS)/KE
Pro Lite Carbon Arrow370-grains380 FPS / 119 FP KE
Pro Elite 400 Carbon Arrow400-grains370 FPS / 122 FP KE
EVO-X CenterPunch Carbon Arrow445-grains350 FPS / 121 FP KE

To reach the advertised 380 fps speed by TenPoint, you will have to purchase the Pro-Lite Carbon arrows. These bolts weigh 370-grains and reach a speed of up to 380 fps.

You can also opt for EVO-X CenterPunch arrows for hunting. They weigh a little more but offer you more K.E and deeper penetration. And all TenPoint’s crossbows work with Alpha-Nock technology arrows.

Performance and Accuracy

As we have explained above, the speed that this crossbow shoots at is excellent, and this factor affects the accuracy. However, when you shoot an arrow in different types of conditions, wind can set the arrow off track. Thus, if the velocity is higher, the chances of weather making you miss the target are low.

According to some pro hunters, the Turbo M1 performs admirably at 20, 30, and 40 yards uring less than admirable conditions. However, if you move back to 50 yards, your groups tend to open up from less than 2″ to more than 4″. This is to be expected under such situations and a good reason for crossbow hunters to keep shots on the game within 40 yards.

Despite the unpleasant weather, the Turbo M1 performed well. No malfunction occurred when tested, and all bolts landed well inside th 2″ kill zone.


With this Tenpoint’s crossbow, your hands will be protected by the safety wings that are attached to the stock. They are made of glass-reinforced nylon, which doesn’t allow you to place your hands onto the flight deck.

When it comes to safety, the design of the crossbow is handy. There are incorporated grip cutouts for you to be able to rest your fingers there while shooting.

T5 Trigger

TenPoint provided its latest “T5” trigger system on this crossbow. It is one of the safest triggers with an ambidextrous layout.

Apart from this, it has an auto-engaging safety and an anti-dry fire inhibitor. Plus, the trigger has a ¼ inch of creep and 3.5 pounds of pull.

Sound and Vibration

The ACUdraw Pro decreases the noise to a minimum when cocking. Also, the design and trigger of the crossbow are ergonomic and smooth with less creep. Thus it offers good performance in terms of noise and accuracy.


The Turbo M1 is compatible with ACUdraw PRO or ACUdraw 50 SLED cocking device. With this cocking system, you can cock and load crossbow smoothly, quickly, and quietly, effectively cutting loading time in half.

The mounted ACCUdraw Pro mechanism includes a “sled” attached to two cables. It is fully integrated into the stock of the crossbow. Thus no need to untangle the ropes or to put it away after cocking the crossbow.

The crank cocking device reduces the draw weight to about 5 to 6 pounds. Thus it is perfect for those hunters who don’t have the arm strength or have physical limitations that don’t allow them to pull the string back with other cocking mechanisms; this would be the best option.


Usually, forward draw crossbows are easy to assemble. And the assembly process of this crossbow is as easy and quick as possible with all tools and parts provided other than a 7/16 wrench and a screwdriver, which are common household tools. Two set screws keep the stirrup and quiver mount solidly while one bolt connects the split limb to the barrel. It took hardly 10 minutes to set up the Turbo M1, including the accessories.

Furthermore, you get a stock assembly and quiver assembly that has the scope already attached. So this makes things simple. Also, there is a detailed instruction manual in the package that guides you on how to put it together.


The Turbo M1 basic package includes the following accessories:

TenPoint Turbo Package
  • ACUdraw PRO cocking mechanism
  • 3x Pro View Scope
  • 3-Pack Pro Elite 400 Carbon Arrows
  • TenPoint 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver


In the crossbow package, it consists of 3x Pro-View scope. This 8.5-inch aluminum pro view 3 scope with lightweight design calibrated for 20, 30, 40, and 50-yard dots. It is a fully coated 3x optics.

Moreover, it is easy to sight in and has a crystal clear view. You can use it with or without illumination. With illumination, you can choose between rheostat controlled green or red-colored dots.

Bolts & Quiver

It consists of a pack of 3 Pro Elite carbon arrows. They are fletched slightly offset and fitted with a 61-grain aluminum insert. Also, there are 3.5″ Bohning X Vanes, white Alpha Nock, and receiver for quick lighted nock installation.

Furthermore, the shafts are inspected for straightness to within .003 and hand-sorted for weight tolerance to within 2 grains per dozen. You will also get 100 gain practice points with these arrows. 

This crossbow comes with 3-arrow Instant Detach Quiver. With a 4.75 ounces lightweight design, it is sturdy and durable. It features an ultra-durable spine and a flexible rubber loop. This allows you to hang the quiver while in your treestand silently.

Final Verdict​

This Turbo M1 is an excellent easy to shoot crossbow with amazing capabilities, a great balance of power and speed with amazing accuracy. Shooting at confined places with this crossbow is very easy. All in all, it is robust, well-balanced, lightweight, and accurate – even in cold weather.

To save some extra bucks, you can choose a rope cocker rather than an ACUdraw cranking device unless your physical condition requires it. With that savings, you can upgrade your crossbow with string and limb dampeners so you would be 100% ready for the woods for next season.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Is Turbo M1 Crossbow Suitable For Whitetail Hunting?

This Turbo M1 is an excellent crossbow that any whitetail hunter would be proud to own. It is a well-balanced, sturdy, and accurate crossbow. All in all, it has enough power to take down whitetail deer.

2. What Is The Difference Between Turbo M1 And Titan M1 crossbow?

Both models are well balanced and accurate. TenPoint Titan M1 shoots bolt up to 370 feet per second with 116 ft-lb K.E. On the other hand, Turbo has better features than the Titan M1 and provides you with more value for money.

3. Can I use a moon or capture nock with this TenPoint crossbow?

No. use of capture or moon nock will void the warranty. If your crossbow needs that, use Alpha nocks.

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