TenPoint Stealth XLT Review [March 2023]

TenPoint Stealth XLT

  • RangeMaster Scope.
  •  5x Magnification.
  • Solid Arrow Retainer.
  • Grip Guard Button.
  • Anti-Dry Fire System.
  • PowerTouch Trigger.
  • Fixed Dovetail Mount.

In ancient times the crossbows were used for hunting or shooting purposes and merely had bow and arrows as their chief segments. Still, the crossbow has become technologically advanced in the modern era with extraordinary stunning features. TenPoint Stealth XLT is a technically advanced crossbow that has almost every feature, making it more efficient and effective in its work. 

Thus, we can say that it is user-friendly with an affordable price range. So let’s begin with our explained information about it so we can know more about its functioning properly!

TenPoint Stealth XLT Review: First Impressions​

TenPoint Stealth XLT

Stealth XLT Specifications
Brand NameTenPoint
Speed320 fps
Kinetic Energy88 ft lbs
Accuracy50+ yards
Hand OrientationAmbidextrous
Draw Weight185 pounds
Weight7.3 lbs

Reasons To Buy

  • Weight Reduction Modification Barrel.
  • Water and Fog Resistant Scope.
  • FST VI Stock For Balance.
  • User-Friendly Hunting Tool.
  • Easy to Carry Equipment.

Reason To Avoid

  • Expensive Product.

TenPoint Stealth XLT : Detailed Specifications​

Here is the detailed explanation of this tenpoint crossbow that tells us about its amazing features and excellent working.

Design And Construction

Tenpoint XLT has a speed of 320 fps and is 37.3″ in length, providing an excellent range of accuracy and precision in hitting the target from a greater distance. Thus, it is well compactly designed, and its structure is rigid. The making up of this crossbow is easy and effortlessly workable by the user. 

In addition, it has a RangeMaster illuminated scope with red/green lights that provide brightness to the shooting area and help to see the target even in low light conditions. It has the Magnification of 5x, which implies that the object seen with this scope appears nearer to us 5 times. Thus it aids in focusing on the target point with more ease.

Moreover, it also has a dry fire mechanism with technology; when the user sets the arrow in the crossbow to hit the target while releasing the arrow, there are chances of friction caused between the string and the bow. So, this technology does not prevent causing friction and thus inhibits the occurrence of any fire-related mishap during a shooting. 

Then, it also possesses a power touch trigger, a feature that releases the arrow from the crossbow on a slight pressing trigger. The user does not have to put extra effort into pressing or hitting the target. 


TenPoint has a fore-grip that makes it comfortable to hold, and a grip guard button is included that helps to keep the thumb safe and away from the string. The two limbs that are attached to the riser are there that help to perform in a balanced way. Thus, it maintains the sturdy working of this crossbow. 

Moreover, it has an ADF(Anti-Dry Fire) System that safely performs the cocking and decocking of the crossbow without causing any friction. It has an ACUDraw device system that assists the user in a cocking mechanism that involves stretching an arrow with the help of a string to set it on the crossbow to hit the target.

Per the manufacturer, it has a speed of 320 fps, but its actual speed could vary. Moreover, arrows used with this crossbow can also increase the speed and accuracy of the crossbow.  

The most acceptable length of arrows used with this crossbow to make efficient targeting is 20″, but 22″ of arrows are also acceptable in place of them. 

The illuminated scope of this crossbow is of 5x Magnification, enhancing its focusing power, accuracy, and precision. Thus, it helps the user to hit the desired target at a desired time and place. The strings in this crossbow have such amazing strength that they can hit at least 1300 shorts and may last longer if it has proper waxing or lubrication.

Safety Measures

Before using a crossbow for hunting, one should know certain safety measures. That is given below:

  1. Always wear safety equipment such as glasses, gloves, and finger or thumb foregrip to hit the target with the help of a crossbow.
  2. Always pay more attention while assembling, cocking, decocking, loading, or hitting with the crossbow.
  3. When your crossbow is loaded, you should not point it or direct it to any place other than the point you chose for shooting. It could harm the things that came your way while hitting. 
  4. Do not allow anybody to stand near the crossbow; this is because while hitting, if the string gets broken, then the whole debris of the crossbow falls apart sideways.
  5. Keep your arrows or bowheads safely protected in the quiver when not in use. So that it does not cause any harm to anybody. 

Moreover, this crossbow has an outstanding protection feature and a foregrip. 


The assemblage of this crossbow is not so difficult to handle as it has a manual to support the user in adjusting the parts as per the given criteria. Its assembly is easy and can be done in almost an hour. It gets finalized after its assemblage to become ready-to-use hunting tools.


The included accessories are of good build quality. In the Constrictor package, it comprises of:

  • RangeMaster Crossbow Scope.
  • Six Aluminum Arrows.
  • Six Practice Field Points.
  • String Maintenance Kit.
  • Arrow Quiver.

RangeMaster Crossbow Scope

Stealth XLT has a well-illuminated scope that helps the user to target the focus point with full accuracy and precision. Thus, it also has 5x Magnification that helps the user detect the target from afar. Moreover, it also has red/green bright lights that work in low light conditions. 

Six Aluminum Arrows

In the package, it has aluminum arrows that are more convenient to use as compared to other carbon arrows. Thus, these well-used arrows help the user to hit the target in a more accurate form. 

Six Practice Field Points

The package also involves 6 practice field points that help the user focus on the target better. Six form-filled field points are reusable, and users can use them repeatedly.

String Maintenance Kit

The collection of equipment comes with a tenpoint stealth xlt with a string maintenance kit. It has wax or lubricant as its accessory that helps the user to provide more strength to the string.

Arrow Quiver

This crossbow comes up with a 6 arrow quiver that can be used to keep arrows into it when it is not in use. So, the arrows remain safely in them and do not need to be placed openly.  

Final Verdict​

This crossbow is one of the well-equipped hunting tools with advanced features that can be very useful in almost every possible hunting condition. Moreover, an amazing feature is RangeMaster Scope which has illuminated light and red/green bright light that can be used to work in low light conditions. 

Moreover, it can shoot the target upto 10 to 50 yards of range and can hit the targeted focus with excellent precision and accuracy with the help of this scope. All over, it is clear that TenPoint Stealth XLT is the all-in-one crossbow best used for hunting shooting purposes. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the shooting range of this crossbow?

It has a shooting range of 20-50 yards. Upto this range, it can hit the target with accuracy and precision. Its maximum speed of 320 fps also helps the user to shoot the focused point.

2. What arrows are used with this crossbow to enhance its working efficiency?

This crossbow will work efficiently with 20″ arrows and give the best results in the activity of hunting. But using 22″ arrows can also be good enough and acceptable. Thus, we can see that these arrows can improve the crossbow’s performance.

3. What safety measures does this crossbow have?

The safety measures this crossbow has are its Anti-Dry Fire System and a foregrip and grip that are designed well with it and make it comfortable to use. Moreover, it also has a grip guard button that chiefly focuses on the thumb to keep it in a safe location while cocking or decocking a crossbow.

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