TenPoint Stealth NXT Crossbow Review [June 2023]

TenPoint Stealth NXT Crossbow Package

  • Safety engineered wings and foregrip.
  • ACUdraw cocking mechanism.
  • Designed for speed, accuracy and compatibility.
  • T5 Trigger specially designed for hunting.
  • Lightweight CNC machined riser.
  • Narrowest crossbow at 6 inches when cocked.

This Stealth NXT offers manageable beastly power at a relatively acceptable price. It combines great power, accuracy, and width that help you take down any size game. The bow is constructed with very tight tolerances, and its assembly provides tack-driving precision.

It is a mix of sleek design, amazing speed, and maximum precision that every hunter wants in a high-end weapon. Whether you want to hunt deer, elk, or turkey, it is the best crossbow for hunting. The patented cocking device allows hunters of all ages and physical abilities to use the crossbow.

In this TenPoint Stealth NXT write-up, we covered up features, pros & cons, build quality, power, accuracy, and included accessories.

TenPoint Stealth Nxt Review: First Impressions​

TenPoint Stealth NXT Review

TenPoint Stealth Specifications
Speed410 FPS
Draw Weight220 lbs
Width (Cocked / Uncocked)6″ / 11.3″
Kinetic Energy138 ft-lbs
Power Stroke13.5″

Reasons To Buy

  • Vector quad cable system that keeps the cams perfectly level to produce match-grade down accuracy.
  • Sound dampening system.
  • Auto engaging safety.
  • Best crossbow for hunting and target practice.
  • ACUdraw technology cuts draw weight in half.
  • Excellent combination of width, speed, and accuracy.
  • RX6 Cams that rotate 340 degrees to create lightning speed.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Expensive Product.

TenPoint Stealth NXT Crossbow Package: Detailed Specifications​

Build Quality

It is constructed and assembled with very tight tolerance. The CNC machined type II cams, riser, and limb pockets are created in such a manner that makes crossbow portable and easy to shoot. Its 3.5-pound trigger is comfortable and delivers a crisp, smooth trigger-pull for accuracy.

It uses the latest and exciting setup as the cable system comes with four cables instead of dual cables—furthermore, its turnbuckle design on the riser to offer the entire construction with better balance and performance.


The NXT is a brand new model with the latest design and looks by TenPoint. It measures 6 inches axle when cocked, which means you’ll be able to squeeze through the most confined places while stalking your prey. The best thing about it is that you won’t remain stuck in your tree stand and wait for the game to come to you when you’ve such a great companion by your side.

TenPoint crossbows introduce an XR-6 cam to this crossbow. The difference from previous models is that its string is moved to the front of the cam instead of the back cam. And the power stroke is enhanced without making the crossbow longer.


This crossbow shoots an insane 410 feet per second with a kinetic energy of 144 feet pound. Its 220 pounds draw weight is a discouraging aspect. But it is resolved by ACUdraw technology.

This crossbow offers fast speed with Dual Flex split limbs that are paired with XR6 maximum rotation cam. Moreover, its Tri-Lock pocket system provides pinpoint accuracy.

Riser and Cam System

The riser is lightweight and as same as the high-end bows. It is constructed using carbon material that makes it quiet and warm. In a blind or tree stand, they stay warm. This crossbow has the best pockets as well as the best machined front ends.

The CNC-machined front end with the TRI-LOCK pockets reduces any movement in the limb system. It features a CX5 connection system that is mounted directly to the front end of the crossbow. Moreover, its cable mechanism balances tension and torsion.

Its rail system is well-built, which is resistant to wear. There are two-string stops in the front that reduces hand shock and vibration. Many Hunters and archers love the narrow design of this crossbow.

Size and Weight

The sleek design with a lightweight 7.3 pounds is preferred to be lighter by some users. Most professional hunters can manage the weight of this crossbow as well. It is 33.6 inches axle width uncocked width that is extremely narrow.

It has 220 pounds draw weight that is one of the heavier weights. The 2-inch TAC-LITE aluminum barrel helps to reduce the vibration, noise, and weight. The compact size and weight make maneuvering the bow simple.


It features a 3.5-pound safety trigger housed in a trigger box built of aluminum. With pocket limb adjustment, its riser is secured for extra stability.

It comes with rubber safety wings that serve a dual purpose. It keeps the forehand fingers and hand safely beneath the flight deck and also reduces vibration and noise. The trigger provides a smooth pull that raises precision with the optimal creep for safety. Also, its dry fire inhibitor prevents crossbow from dry firing.


The Stealth NXT crossbow’s assembly is mounted to a Tac Lite aluminum barrel that reduces vibration, weight, and noise. It features a 21.5 inches black anodization barrel. The weaver style dovetail is nylon filament arrow retention fitted that enhances arrow alignment and grip that lessens vibration and noise further.

Its cheek piece is adjustable to three positions to make the suitable eye-level alignment. Moreover, the butt plate can be adjusted to two positions to match a hunter’s preferred length of pull. It measures 33.6 inches long when fully assembled.


In Standard Package it includes the following components:

  • Optics: TenPoint RangeMaster Pro Scope mounted on a machined aluminum 7/8-inch Fixed Dovetail Mount
  • Cocking Device: ACUdraw PRO, ACUdraw, or ACUdraw 50 SLED
  • Quiver: 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver; ambidextrous side-mount quiver bracket
  • Arrows: Three Evo-X CenterPunch premium carbon arrows with 100-grain practice points
  • Noise Dampening: Integrated Sound Dampeners


In the standard TenPoint package, it includes the RangeMaster Pro Scope. This 8.25mm aluminum scope features a variable speed and arrow drop compensation setting for crossbows to shoot between 275 and 425 FPS. It requires no adjustment for distance.

It comes with an etched glass reticle and fully multi-coated 1.5 to 5x optics that reduce the loss of light transmission. Furthermore, its non-illuminated black dots can be easily turned on for red or green rheostat.

Arrows and Quiver

It comes with EVO-X CenterPunch carbon arrows. These bolts are constructed from modulus carbon fiber at 33 MSI. They are inspected for straightness to within 0.001,” and each package is weight-grain matched to within 1 grain per arrow.

It also includes a lightweight 3-arrow instant detach quiver with a side-mount quiver bracket. Its three mounting positions allow you to adjust its orientation that suits your preference. The quiver also features a flexible rubber loop so that you can hand the quiver while in your treestand.

Cocking Device

You can cock this crossbow with the ACUdraw crank cocking device or rope cocking device. It is the most user-friendly crank device on the market. It reduces the draw weight to around five pounds and makes it possible for anyone to enjoy crossbow shooting and hunting.

Final Verdict​

The Stealth NXT is an excellent crossbow that combines accuracy, power, and width. This crossbow is a 6 inch wide when cocked that makes it narrowest.

It is integrated with ACUdraw in the stock and RangeMaster scope, creates a manageable, high-end crossbow, well-priced by TenPoint. By all means, if you can afford this crossbow, it will increase your results and help you hone your skills as an experienced hunter.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. How much does Stealth NXT crossbow weigh?

It weighs 7.3 pounds that is an average weight of a crossbow. A crossbow under 7 pounds is manageable for long hunting trips by most hunters. However, a 7.3lb crossbow is likely manageable by most sized hunters as well.

2. How Compact is this Stealth NXT crossbow?

It measures 33.6 inches long and 6 inches wide axle cocked makes it one of the compact crossbows.

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