SAS Manticore Hunting Crossbow Review [June 2023]

SAS Manticore Hunting Crossbow​

  • Easy to Carry.
  • Superior Accuracy.
  • Powerful Draw Weight.
  • Long-lasting Fiberglass Limbs.
  • Auto Safety Cocking Mechanism.

Technology is getting advanced day by day, and so are crossbows too. In ancient times, it was difficult to hunt wild animals easily. But, with technological advancement, crossbows come with more advanced functionality that helps to target your prey with accuracy.

Here, We come with another amazing tool that fulfills the needs of hunting. The SAS Manticore Hunting Crossbow is designed for beginners to easily access primary features to maintain superior accuracy and speed.

The hunters and archers use this weapon for hunting, poaching, campaigning, etc. One of the fantastic features of this device is that it’s ambidextrous, which means the operator can use this equipment with both hands (right or left).

Here, we start with a detailed description of this outstanding crossbow and learn more about it.

SAS Manticore Hunting Crossbow Review: First Impressions​

SAS Manticore Hunting Crossbow

SAS Hunting Crossbow Specifications
Velocity210 fps
Draw Weight150 lbs
Accuracy60 Yards
Weight8 lbs

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy to handle while shooting.
  • Rigid stuff is used to make it indestructible.
  • Effortless working made it an extraordinary device.
  • Supports rapidness of about 210 FPS.
  • Assurance of self-operating protection mode,
  • Economical to buy.

Reason To Avoid

  • Less speed as compared to other crossbows.
  • Not a suitable vision accessory.

Detailed Specifications​


This hunting crossbow is vertical in its outer appearance. Its exterior is in gun shape with the stock and has a length of 14.75 inches,14 inches in width; the stock is the end part of the crossbow that supports the shooter while operating it. 

SAS Manticore Hunting Crossbow Review

When pressed, the trigger at the lower part of the crossbow shoots the arrow out of the crossbow to hit the prey. And it can be easily close-packed with 10 inches wide cocked and 14 inches wide uncocked.

This crossbow is used for hunting and shooting purposes that assist the user in experiencing effortless and effective shooting activities. This device is lightweight and easy to carry with you. These features allow the user to hunt and shoot without any difficulty. 

With this hunting equipment, users can enjoy their hunting game and can hit animals such as deer, mice, bears, bucks etc. The hunter can shoot the prey in one shot without any noise disturbance, which even helps the beginner to target the prey easily and loves the hunting game. 


This crossbow is a powerful potential tool that assists the user while hitting the prey, and this makes it easy for the hunter to operate it, as it is a child’s play to function. It comes with a speed of 210fps and can hold up to 150 lbs draw weight.

It has the hitting correctness of about 60 Yards (+/- 1-inch). Its limbs are pretty broad and solid in their quality, which assists this crossbow’s superb functioning. So, this modern hunting tool helps the hunter in the practical field with various hunting activities. 

Noise Operation

The Manticore crossbow has parallel limbs that create a less trembling effect that produces no sound at all while it is being operated. Without being get disturbed, the hunter can easily target the prey, which is a satisfactory feature of the tool.


This equipment is designed by the Southland Archery Supply (SAS), which supervises the user’s convenience. It is a lightweight device that can be carried, and it doesn’t have any difficulty in functioning, not even producing any sound when it works. Thus, it is an efficient tool with cost-effective benefits for the user to target the prey.

SAS Crossbow is worthwhile to buy as it has impressive features at a very low cost. It provides good assistance to the hunter or shooter at a reasonable price so that the user can enjoy the hunting activities without any hassle.


This crossbow has an automatic safety system that provides a self -cocking process with a safety switch that starts working automatically when the crossbow is cocked or as you drag the string back enough. Thus, this equipment is user-friendly in all aspects.

Parts of SAS Manticore Crossbow

These are the following parts of the SAS Crossbow that are briefly discussed.

Cocking Stirrup: This is the front portion of the weapon. With the help of a foot, the user can cock the crossbow upward by pulling the string to tie it to the latch.

So that the arrow gets settled in the barrel and ready to shoot when the user presses the trigger.  

SAS Manticore parts

Barrel: The barrel is made of aluminum stuff and is a solid crossbow part. Users can place the arrow on the barrel and cock the crossbow to shoot. When the crossbow is cocked, the arrow gets affixed to the barrel and stretched by the string to hit.

Limbs: Limbs are the long and broader arms of the crossbow that are attached to the strings on both sides. The front sides of the limbs are connected to the riser, which gives support to the cocking process. Thus, it helps in stretching the string to set the arrow with the help of the latch present on the upper side of the barrel.

String: A string is a flexible cable that is attached to the limbs of the crossbow on both sides. When a crossbow is cocked, this string is stretched by the user and gets fixed to the latch so that an arrow can be settled to shoot. 

Foregrip: It is the lowermost part of the tool, the user holds the crossbow from the foregrip, and this part supports stability to the weapon while hitting. When a user tries to press the trigger to hit the arrow, it provides assistance to grip the tool firmly. 

Trigger: The trigger is another part of the crossbow that, when pressed, is supposed to release the arrow from the crossbow that shoots the target. The trigger is the major part of this tool, and the complete hunting process depends on it.

Stock: Stock is the end part of the crossbow that provides resistance when shot to hit the prey. The user supports the stock on his shoulder to stabilize the tool while hitting. It is made up of fiberglass material that gives rigidity to the tool, and it acts as an important part of the whole equipment.

Foregrip: This portion of the equipment is the lowermost part of the tool. The user holds the crossbow from this part, and it provides a grip on the weapon while hitting. Foregrip also gives rigid support to the crossbow barrel for effective functioning.

Latch: Used to catch the string when the crossbow is cocked; latch holds the string at its place until the trigger is pressed, which releases the arrow. The latch is present at the end part of the barrel. 

Final Verdict​

Finally, we can say that this tool is best for hunting and archery purposes. The SAS 150lbs Hunting Crossbow is one of the most stunning weapons used as compared to other shooting tools. Hence, it assists the user and has an effective range of shooting the prey. This tool is fantastic for hunting, poaching, shooting, hitting, and other related activities.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What are the safety measures for this weapon?

This Crossbow is user-friendly and has an automatic safety mechanism that controls the undesired working and makes it a security alert device.

2. What is the speed and accuracy of the device?

The speed of this Hunting Crossbow is 210 FPS this speed helps the user hit the prey easily. This crossbow has a good speed quality that other crossbows present in the same range. And is less costly to purchase as per the user’s convenience.

3. Which kind of material is used in this equipment?  

The Material used in this crossbow is aluminum and wood-colored fiberglass. Limbs are made of fiberglass, stock, and the foregrip are of wood, whereas the barrel is made of aluminum stuff, Which makes the tool convenient to use and supports efficiently hitting the target with production cost.

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