SA Sports Fever Crossbow Review [March 2023]

SA Sports Fever Crossbow

  • Lightweight and Durable.
  • Full Camo Design.
  • Best Entry-Level Crossbow
  • Value For Money.
  • Ambidextrous Auto Safety.
  • All In One Package.
  • Comes with padded shoulder string for extra comfort.
  • Best for hunting small to medium game.

This model has been discontinued. For the latest SA Sports Crossbows, click here and find the best for you.

Whether you are looking to start hunting for the first time or you’re new to the world of archery, it’s vital that the crossbow can shoot accurate and fast.

SA Sports is a US company that specializes in the manufacturing of top-quality crossbows and outdoor outfits. They produce innovative and high-quality hunting equipment that satisfies the requirement of expert shooters. It comes with different kinds of crossbows for beginners as well as for professionals.

This outdoor gear is an entry-level bow that provides a moderate price point in exchange for high-grade performance. You get everything you require to take down small or medium game right out of the box.

In this SA Sports Fever Crossbow package write-up, we covered up features, pros & cons, build quality, power, accuracy, and included accessories.

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Review: First Impressions​

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Review

SA Sports Crossbow Specifications
Speed240+ FPS
Draw Weight175 lbs
Limb Width26.5″
Kinetic Energy50 ft. lbs.
Weight4.8 lbs
Power Stroke10.25″
FinishFull Dipped Camo

Reasons To Buy

  • It offers great safety features.
  • These bows are suitable for both hunting and recreational target shooting.
  • The shoulder string provides great portability and comfort.
  • Affordable and budget-friendly crossbow.
  • Comes with a lightweight composite track/barrel.
  • Powerful enough to take down a buck.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The included bolts are not solid.

SA Sports Fever Crossbow: Detailed Specifications


This entry-level recurve crossbow shoots arrows at about 240 fps that results in about 50 FPKE. It can work quite well in smaller targets. However, it isn’t sufficient power to take down any large game. At close range, it might even take out a deer.

Its 4x32mm scope sights in well and offers a crisp qualitative optics with solid fog protection.


This entry-level package crossbow is available in a full camo dip color. And the other things on the bow straps, limb tips, quiver, and string are also dipped. Its limbs are camo, and there is a logo emblazoned on the front in orange.

User Comfort

This Fever crossbow is very easy to set up, and even beginners should have it ready in 15-20 minutes. Just follow the manual that comes in the package and to string it properly watch YouTube videos.

It is perfect for use by young or small frame archers. Moreover, you can carry it around all day without getting fatigued. So it is the best recurve crossbow for the hunters who enjoy unrushed sessions. It has an ambidextrous rear stock that is lightweight and compact.

The fiberglass limbs contribute perfectly to low weight. It also has a little swell on the forearm that helps to enhance the grip by making it comfortable to handle. However, its trigger pull is long and does not break when you expect it to.

Size and Weight

It measures 33 x 11 x 4 inches that makes it more compact. You won’t have any issues carrying or firing it due to size.

It comes with a dip camouflage design. With 4.8 pounds weight, it is one of the lightest crossbows in this range. You can go shooting for hours without feeling any discomfort. Furthermore, its shoulder sling makes taking it even easy plus padding provides more comfort.


Safety is necessary when dealing with crossbows, and weapons make no expectation. It comes with an anti-dry fire system that prevents accidental fires without having a bolt fitted on. Moreover, its automatic safety is also handy as it automatically engages.

Therefore the Fever crossbow is good for use even by novice archer as it is rather hard to fire off unexpected shots on this weapon.

Noise Suppression

Even though there is no suppression added in the kit, this isn’t a big issue since the bow is naturally quiet. Its low power doesn’t create much energy or vibration, so it isn’t such loud.

The only noise that arises from the bow is of the safety kicking in when the weapon is drawn.


If you want this crossbow to last long, you should perform small maintenance after every ten shots. The bows package is supplied with rail lube. Apply the lube to both bowstring and rail occasionally. However, you may notice slight degradation in the string after 20 to 25 shots. The best thing about recurve bows is that they are easy to re-string yourself. Therefore get a spare string and keep it with your bow.


It comes in a ready to hunt package that has just about everything you require to get started. It consists of:

  • 4x32mm multi-reticle scope
  • 4×16″ aluminum 2219 bolts
  • Detach quiver with 4 bolt capacity
  • Shoulder sling
  • Rope Cocker
  • Assembly Tools & Manual
  • Stringer Cable
  • Rail lubricant


This multiple reticle scope has markings to enable you to zero in the bow at various distances easily. You can start by zeroing with the center cross-hair at 15 yds and then walk back and shootdown range to determine the distances of the other reticle crosshairs. It would be beneficial for you when you’re out in the field. You just require to select the correct crosshair depending on the distance to target you have judged before you shoot.

This model gives a clear view and has an anti-fog coating that makes it suitable for use even during cold foggy weather. The only downside is that it does not have illumination or any low light capabilities. However, these 4×32 mm scopes are best for daytime hunting expeditions.

Its rail doesn’t allow for a steady fixing of the scope that means the scope remains shaky and makes it impossible to rely on the range for accuracy.

Quiver and Arrows

The included quiver is of good quality and easy to attach and detach. Also, its 16″ aluminum arrows work great for zeroing in the bow and target practice. For serious hunting, you’ll need something stiffer with a more potent tip. The 20 inches carbon bolts with 100-grain tips are best suited to it.

Cocking Device

This crossbow package consists of a rope cocking device that makes the task of cocking the bow lot easier than trying to pull back the bowstring by hand. Despite the 175 pounds draw weight, pulling back is a breeze regardless of your fitness level.

Auto Safety

It comes with ambidextrous auto safety features. When you cock a bow using cocking rope, the safety does auto engage as you had expected, so your chances of making a mistake, dry firing it, and voiding the warranty are limited.

Final Verdict​

This beginner crossbow delivers decent performance. It is perfect for beginners. The SA Sports Crossbow satisfies all the basic needs of a hunter at a reasonable price.

If you are a professional hunter, then this crossbow is not for you. However, keeping in mind everything its goods and bads, this is an affordable crossbow at this price range. You’ll require to make some investments after you purchase it.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Can I use this crossbow for hunting?

It has enough kinetic energy to take down a deer. And most experts recommend 40 FP Kinetic energy for an average size deer.

2. What is the maximum range of the crossbow?

The maximum range depends upon its velocity. Crossbows with speeds under 300 yards per second go for max range of 35 yds. Though you can shoot further than that but the arrow will lose precision after this distance.

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