SA Sports Empire Punisher 420 Crossbow Review [March 2023]

Empire Punisher 420 Crossbow​

  • Patented Narrow Design.
  • CNC Cams / String Stops.
  • Anti Dry Fire Trigger System.
  • Shoots up to 420 feet-per-second.
  • 3.5-pound KillerTech trigger for constant accuracy shot-after-shot.
  • Veil Camo Coverage.
  • Radical – 65% Let Off Cams.
  • Extremely quiet and compact.

SA Sports launches a brand new crossbow that is more powerful and offers excellent accuracy for hunting. This new Empire Punisher 420 is a leading product with cutting edge of today’s new crossbow technologies.

The Punisher 420 delivers an arrow at blistering speeds and offers the hunter ample power for hunting both big and small game alike. This new edition crossbow features an Ultra Narrow profile and reverse cams. Furthermore, it is a maneuverable and silent crossbow that excels in tight quarters or even in the thickest woods.

This crossbow brings a new era to archery and performance. In this SA Sports Empire Punisher 420 review, we covered up features, pros & cons, build quality, power, accuracy, and included accessories.

SA Sports Empire Punisher 420 Crossbow Review: First Impressions​

SA Sports Empire Punisher 420 Review

SA Sports Punisher 420 Crossbow Specifications
Speed420 FPS
Draw Weight156.5 ft-lbs
Width axel-to-axel (cocked / uncocked)7.75″ / 12″
Kinetic Energy156.5 ft-lbs
Length33.75 inches
Power Stroke15.5 inch
FinishVeil Camo

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy to maneuver even in confined places.
  • Comes pre-assembled and pre-sighted.
  • All vital equipment is included.
  • Good value for money.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Uses cutting edge technology.
  • Deliver powerful performance.
  • Comes with a illuminated 4×32 multi range scope.
  • Fully bolts adjustable fore grip.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Only compatible with Punisher arrows with unique nocks.

Detailed Specifications

Size and Weight

The Punisher 420 is a narrow, lightweight, and fast crossbow. It measures 33.75 inches without a foot stirrup in length. With a stirrup, it measures 36.75 inches in length. Furthermore, it is narrow at only 12 inches wide when cocked and 7.75 inches wide when uncocked.

Design and Comfort

SA Sports makes this crossbow narrow by using a narrow design and CNC machine inverted cam system. Also, it is easy to use as it has adjustable length and foregrip. This allows you to manage the crossbow comfortably.

It feels lightweight thanks to its light in weight construction. Most of its bulky parts are made of machined aluminum material, light and durable that withstands accidental falls and bumps.

The CNC machined cams on this crossbow makes it easy to draw the 185lbs draw weight. It also features lots of modern crossbow technologies that improve its performance and quality. For example, the adjustable Picatinny rail suitable for accessories like the scope is quite remarkable.

Furthermore, it is easier to handle as it is not as wide as other crossbows. It is fitted with pulleys fixed to the limbs that make it easy to draw the strings thanks to the cam system. This system enhances the power of the bow and makes arrows faster than expected.


The Punisher boasts an impressive 415 fps with about 158 ft-lbs powering each shot. Also, it allows target shooters to have fun with further distance as the crossbow provides remarkable accuracy as far as 100 yards away.


The Punisher 420 includes the standard antidry fire and auto engage safety that protects you and your device. Its dual protection system is sufficient to ensure you don’t get into a messy situation with your weapon in hand. Also, it has an adjustable grip that provides you a comfortable hold and perfect positioning while aiming for a shot.

Moreover, the adjustable Picatinny mount foregrip also goes a long way in ensuring safety. You can adjust the grip to the most comfortable setting. It ensures that you will have a comfortable hold on the bow and reduces the chance of slipping or the occurrence of a misfire due to poor positioning.

Noise and Vibration

Because of its design, the Punisher 420 is one of the silent crossbows. It doesn’t need any extra silencing kit, and this is one of the great advantages.

This crossbow ensures that easily startled prey will not get the opportunity to get away while you are using this bow.

However, this is a well-known fact that compound bows are compact. The limbs’ design on Empire Punisher, among other features, has ensured that vibration and noise production is kept to a minimum.


The Punisher 420 is ready to hunt package. It comes fully assembled and sighted-in. However, it is good to take your bow out for some target shooting at a shooting range to make sure it is actually zeroed incorrectly.

SA Sports Empire Punisher


This compact crossbow comes with a supreme fit and high-end accessories.

It is complete package and brings everything you might need to start. This package includes

  • Side Mount Quick Detach Quiver
  • Adjustable Fore Grip
  • Illuminated 4×32 multi range scope
  • U-Sled Rope Cocking Device, Shoulder string
  • 3x 20 inch Carbon Arrows
  • Hex Keys
  • Instruction Manual


The scope mounted on the Punisher 420 is illuminated 4×32 multi reticle from SA Sports. It is built from sturdy aluminum components and is waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof. The scope is of good quality and comes pre-sighted in.

It can hold zero for a long time, even if it is constantly subjected to difficult conditions. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the poor weather conditions as it maintains a crisp, clear image in thick fog.

It features both red and green rheostat controls for the proper level of brightness and color, depending on light conditions. There are multiple sight points to cover all the yardage needs.

Bolts and Quiver

SA Sports customize new arrows for the Empire Punisher. The Punisher 20″ carbon arrows come with custom-designed Punisher nocks. The total weight is 400 grains, including a 100-grain field tip. You can use these arrows only with this crossbow, or else the warranty will void. The package also includes a quick detach quiver. It offers your crossbow versatility.


This SA Sports crossbow package includes a U-Sled rope cocker. It reduces the draw weight by about 50% and reduces the risk of inaccurately cocking the bow. Also, this crossbow is compatible with Empire Crank Cocking device. It is an excellent alternative if you are having issues with cocking a crossbow with a rope.

The crank cocking device is lightweight and does not weigh down your crossbow. Moreover, it is compatible with right or left-hand users. It is convenient and reduces the effort required to cock a crossbow.


The Only thing missing in this package is a crossbow case. There is a sling included in the box for easy transportation and to hang the crossbow.

However, storing your crossbow properly for the off-season is important. SA Sports doesn’t offer any cases for their crossbows. You have to find yourself.

Final Verdict​

This newly launched crossbow by SA Sports is excellent, offering lots of power, speed, and accuracy to your hunting experience. It is easy to use and maneuver due to a narrow, slim profile. And the best in all is that it comes completely assembled, sighted in, and ready to shoot.

It is extremely compact & quiet and easily shoots out to 100 yards while maintains power. Furthermore, it includes all the required accessories that you need for deadly results. Its inverted cam design allows you to maneuver this crossbow even in the thickest woods.

It is a great performer that will definitely help you master the art and practice accuracy using target shots. It is suitable for takedown small to big size games.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Is the SA Sports Empire Punisher a good crossbow for hunting?

Yes, it is an excellent crossbow for hunting if you are looking for a reverse cam crossbow that is easy to handle. Also, it offers a blazing speed up to 420 fps that is enough for hunting whitetail, antelope, and other games.

2. What is the draw weight on the Empire Punisher?

It has a manageable 185 pounds of draw weight that you can easily cock using a rope cocker. The punisher crossbow comes with a U-Sled Rope Cocking device. It reduces the cocking effort.

3. How compact is this SA Sports Punisher 420?

It is a narrow and compact crossbow, measuring 7.75″ axle to axle when cocked, making it perfect for operating in hunting blind and treestand.

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