SA Sports Beast 400 Reverse Cam Crossbow Review [March 2023]

SA Sports Beast 400 Crossbow​

  • Crank Cocking Device.
  • CNC Controlled.
  • Patented Inverted Cam Technology.
  • Rail Lube Technology.
  • Illuminated Reticle.

Among many of the SA Sports crossbows, SA Sports Beast 400 Reverse Cam Crossbow is the one with advanced features and amazing shooting experiences. Moreover, it possesses many unusual technological features such as a CNC Control system, Rail Lube Technology, Inverted Cam Technology, and many more. 

Nowadays, shooting or hunting has become a sport for people. So, this hunting tool is the best used. The working of this crossbow is so comfortable that entry-level users can also perform hunting activities. 

Let’s !! start a detailed article about this crossbow that explains all the features and advanced technologies that this crossbow possesses. So, begin the journey towards the detailed information about this crossbow.

SA Sports Beast 400 Reverse Cam Crossbow: First Impressions​

SA Sports Beast 400 Reverse Cam Crossbow Review

SA Sports Beast 400 Specifications
ModelSA Sports Beast
BrandSA Sports
Dimensions31.14×9.38×5 inches
Speed400+ fps
Power Stroke17.12 inches
Hand OrientationAmbidextrous
ColorKryptek Highlander
Draw Weight185 lbs
Weight6.25 lbs

Reasons To Buy

  • Adjustable Rear Stock.
  • Anti Fire Trigger System.
  • Ambidextrous Functioning.
  • Moveable Mount Foregrip.
  • Quad Limb Crossbow.

Reason To Avoid

  • Not Budget Friendly.

Detailed Specifications​

Design And Construction

Beast 400 crossbow has a very compact design and can be easily carried with the user where he wants to carry them. The entry-level user feels more comfortable while hunting with this crossbow.

Moreover, it has 4×32 illuminated scope that can be used to focus the target so that it can be accurately or precisely performed by the user.


The performance of this crossbow is good enough that an entry-level user can easily use it with full ease and comfort. It consists of many such amazing features that can be used by the beginner also with full convenience. 

In addition to this, it also has an illuminated scope with 4×32 mm of range, and also it possesses red/blue bright light that helps the user to focus on the target in dim light conditions also. 

Apart from this, it has a CNC control mechanism that helps the user to control both velocity and the position of the crossbow while shooting. 

It also possesses a crank cocking technology that is used to do silent cocking or decocking of the crossbow silently without producing any sound. Thus, it helps the user to hit the focused target without being get disturbed by any kind of sound produced while hitting the target.

Furthermore, it has an anti-fire trigger system that can be used to prevent the hunting tool from getting fired while shooting as it causes friction and thus causes hardness in the string. So, this technology is more advantageous for shooting purposes. 

Another amazing feature is the quad limb, which balances the device while hitting or cocking, or decocking a crossbow. Also, it has an adjustable rear buttstock that also provides a comfortable shot. 

The construction and design of this crossbow are rigid and more comfortable to focus on and hit the target as per the user’s need. Thus, it is handy and can be more easily usable by the user to enjoy the hunting practices.

Illuminated Scope

The scope of this crossbow is 4x32mm of the pixel that is illuminated and has a bright light red/blue color that helps the user to focus on the target in low light conditions also. Thus, the scope of a sports beast 400 is well equipped and the user does not need to be worried about hitting the target.

CNC Control Mechanism

It is a mechanism that requires motor drives to control both the position and the velocity of that machine or device. It also helps to balance the hunting tool while cocking or decocking. 

Thus, this crossbow has this technology that helps the user to hit the target as per their requirement and need.

Rail Lube

The rail lube is also a part of the accessory that comes up in the package that helps the user to lubricate the string of the crossbow so that it reduces the friction and the hardness of the string that occurs due to seasonal environmental conditions. Thus, this rail string lube is a very useful accessory for the excellent working of the crossbow. 

Crank Cocking

A crank cocking device is used while cocking or decocking the crossbow for hunting. This technology reduces the cocking resistance by 93 %. Thus it is useful for the user while shooting for hunting purposes. 

The crank cocking system present in this crossbow helps the user to attach the stock of the crossbow to reduce the process of cocking resistance by 93 percent.

Anti-Fire Trigger System

This system prevents a partial or full dry fire of a crossbow. There is a trigger latch component moveable between a crossbow string retaining position and a crossbow string releasing position, a trigger assembly mounted in the said trigger. 

Thus it prevents the situation from getting harmed. Moreover, it protects the user while hitting the target by providing the safe performance of this crossbow.

Quad Limb Feature

Quad Limbs System consists of both solid and split limb configuration ratios. Some of the crossbows have a one-piece cable system with synthetic fiber strings. But this crossbow has quad-style strings that make it more strengthened while cocking and decocking the crossbow. Thus, it helps in enhancing the durability of this crossbow.

Moveable Mount Foregrip

This foregrip is moveable that provides shape, texture, and grip surface offering security and control over the shooting.Its adjustability provides more comfort and ease in hunting practices.

Adjustable Rear Stock

The adjustable back buttstock which is attached to the end of the barrel helps the user to modify the length of the string of the crossbow, assists the user to target the point and can hit effortlessly as per their requirement. It is more comfortable and preferably used than the fixed buttstocks in the crossbow.


Now, here is the detailed information about accessories that helps the user to understand more about this hunting tool. 

  • Quick Detach Quiver
  • 3 Carbon 20″ Bolts
  • Illuminated Scope
  • Rope Cocking Device
  • Shoulder Sling

Quick Detach Quiver

This quick detach quiver is a good-capacity container that is used to place long arrows that come in the package of the crossbow. This is attached to the main crossbow and can be removed or detached whenever needed.

3 Carbon 20″ Bolts

These arrows are made up of carbon steel. These bolts come with the package and are used to target the point with full accuracy and precision. Thus, they are sharp enough that they penetrate the target easily.  

Illuminated Scope

This crossbow has a brightened scope that is used to focus the target as per the user’s requirement. Thus, it is 4×32 mm of the range up to which the user can hit the focused target. Moreover, it has colored light of red and blue that is used to target the point in low light conditions.

Rope Cocking Device

This rope cocking device is used when the user has to cock or decock the device while shooting. Thus this rope cocker can reduce the length of the rope by 90 to 95 % to decrease the effort of the hitting crossbow the user which means the user can easily hit the target without being heavily attempted by the user.

Shoulder Sling

The shoulder string that comes as an accessory with the package is very useful as it makes the user comfortable while holding the crossbow and hitting the target with ease and comfortability. Also, it has quick detach availability that helps the user to easily use the crossbow for hitting or shooting purposes.

Final Verdict​

This crossbow is the best used that can be well equipped with the amazing features which are used to make it an advanced hunting tool. Its excellent characteristics make it more precise and accurate in its work to provide comfort to the user while practicing hunting. The overall functioning of the crossbow is so good that an entry-level user can also use it with proper ease and comfort.

Furthermore, it is well designed and is made up of rigid material that makes it more durable to use for a longer time and has all the other features of the crossbow that make it well-functioned hunting equipment. All over it is the best tool for hunting purposes. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the scope range of this crossbow?

It has a multi-range scope that detects the target up to any range and focuses on that target. It possesses 4×32 mm of multi-range that helps the user to target or to focus on the desired point. 

2. What is the balancing capacity of this crossbow?

It possesses a good balancing capacity. As it has CNC technology that helps balance the crossbow while cocking or decocking. Thus, it is the feature that provides all-over strength and balance to this hunting tool. 

3. What type of arrows are used with this crossbow?

With this crossbow 3 Carbon 20″ Bolts come up with the package. These are carbon steel arrows that are sharper than the others to penetrate the target more easily and comfortably.

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