Rocky Mountain RM-405 Hunting Crossbow Review [June 2023]

Rocky Mountain RM-405 Hunting

  • Quiet Crank Cocking.
  • Dry Fire Safety Mechanism.
  • Adjustable Grip.
  • Multi-Positional Reticle.
  • Installed String Strappers.
  • Inflated Performance.

Many such crossbows available in the market are technologically advanced but the specialty of the Rocky Mountain RM-405 Hunting Crossbow is that it has repeated accuracy which means it has durable compression limbs that help in repeated accurate shorts. 

Moreover, it also possesses many other detailed identifications that involve a power stroke of 14.50 and can easily draw a weight of up to 200 lbs.This crossbow has a quiet crank cock which does not produce any sound while cooking or decocking the device. This feature helps entry-level hunters to focus and shoot the target without any such difficulty.  

Thus, this review article summarizes the advanced technical features and the working as well as the performance of this crossbow. So, let’s start your hunting journey by reading this detailed article with us !!

Rocky Mountain RM-405 Hunting Crossbow Review: First Impressions​

Rocky Mountain RM-405 Hunting Crossbow

Rocky Mountain RM-405 Specifications​
BrandRocky Mountain
Hand OrientationLeft Hand
Speed405 fps
Width Axle-Axle(uncocked/cocked) 18.5”/14.5”
Power Stroke14.5”
Draw Weight200 lbs
Weight7.4 lbs

Reason To Buy

  • Magnificent Accuracy.
  • Rigid And Durable Design.
  • Firmed Strings And Cables.
  • Fogproof And Shockproof Scope. 
  • Lightweight For Hunting.

Reason To Avoid

  • Buttstock is Not Adjustable.

detailed Specifications

Design And Construction

The design of this crossbow is rigid and resistant in its construction. It also possesses many other amazing characteristics such as a reticle scope of 4×32 that has red/blue illumination thus it assists the user to have accurate focus and target the hitting point easily. 

Rocky Mountain has an adjustable foregrip. pistol grip but not moveable buttstock. All the above features help the user to handle the crossbow with full grip and have an excellent grasp of shooting practices. 

Moreover, its construction is so compact that it can be taken or even placed anywhere without being get disturbed for placing it. Thus, it is portable and can be taken easily by the user at any place.


The performance of this Mountain RM-405 is well designed to get focused targets and accurate functioning of this device. Thus, it has 4×32 optical scope with red/blue illuminations which helps the user to see in low light conditions also.

Moreover, it has another amazing feature that consists of various other attributes which are it has an amazing speed of 405 fps and 139 kinetic energy that provides more precise working of this crossbow. The quiet crank crocker is another stunning characteristic that does not make any sound while cocking and decocking as well as while shooting. 


The Mountain RM-405 has a 4×32 illuminated scope which has red/blue color lights that help the user to hit the target in low light conditions also. Moreover, it helps in the focusing point to shoot the target. The scope is fog-free, waterproof, or even shooting the target at a range of 20 yards to 50 yards of distance.


While cocking the crossbow the rope cocker helps to reduce the drawing weight up to 50%. This feature helps the user cock the device easily without applying extra effort to it. Cocker used in this hunting tool is the Quiet Crank Rope Cocker which does not make any sound while cocking or decocking equipment.

Adjustable Grip

The grip of this crossbow is moveable and can be used to regulate the movement of the device while hitting the target. It also has a pistol grip that can be used to support the crossbow while hitting the target 


This trigger system in this crossbow is ambidextrous which implies that the user can operate it with both hands at their convenience. In addition to this, it has an Anti-Dry-Fire mechanism that inhibits any mishap from occurring. 


The assembly of RM-405 is not so difficult or time-consuming. It is assembled within a few minutes as all its parts come with it as pre-assembled and the user does not have to spend too much time or speculation as well. 

Safety Measures

RM-405 has an amazing safety measure which is an Anti-Dry Fire Mechanism that can be used to protect the strings of the crossbow from getting fired while cocking or decocking. Thus, it can prevent the situation from getting worse or also counter the happening of any mishap. 

Now, here are some of the safety measures that one should take into consideration while performing the activity of hunting.

  • 1. Hunt or shoot the crossbow within your physical limitations.
  • 2. Never carry your loaded crossbow with you. 
  • 3. While climbing the tree one should have to take care of the crossbow that is to be carried with the hunter so that it should not be loaded. 
  • 4. Never shoot the target in the air where there is no background to support the fast setoff of the arrow.   
  • 5. Place the arrows in the quiver whenever they are not in use. 
  • 6. Always be fully prepared before you go hunting so that you should not face any difficulty at the time of hunting.  


This crossbow includes fundamental accessories that make one’s way to perform effectively.

  • 4×32 Illuminated Scope
  • 3 Crossbow Bolts
  • 3 Field Points
  • String Stoppers
  • 3 Bolt Quiver
  • Rope Cocker
  • Rail Lubricant

Now here is brief explanation of the accessories, that further helps you to understand more about the equipment.

4×32 Illuminated Scope

Rocky Mountain RM-405 has brightened scope with 4×32 of power that helps the user to focus on the target more easily. Also, it has a red/blue colored light that even assists the user to see in dim light conditions.

Thus, the scope of this crossbow is one of the amazing features with stunning accuracy and precision to shoot the target.

3 Crossbow Bolts

These are designed to hunt the target up to bone-crushing penetration. Also, these are the heaviest carbon composite cross bolts as it creates maximum kinetic energy for excellent penetration. So these crossbows are well equipped for hunting purposes. In this package, there are 3 crossbow bolts available.

3 Field Points

These are the tip points of the arrows that come up with the package. They are a universal fit for all kinds of arrows. For greater penetration and easy target focusing choose these field points to hit effectively. These can be removed from the arrows when not in use and can be preserved for future use. 

String Stoppers

String Stoppers can be used to add to the string to lower the vibration effect and the noise of the string while shooting the crossbow. They are also known as dampeners that come as accessories in the package of this crossbow.

3 Bolt Quiver

It has 3 bolt quivers as an additional accessory that is used to put the arrows in it whenever arrows are not used. As arrows are pointed enough that is dangerous to keep them open so arrows should be placed in a quiver when not used.

Rope Cocker

This crossbow has a rope cocker device that is used to cock or decock the crossbow as per the user’s comfort. Moreover, it also prevents creating noise or any kind of vibration while cocking or decocking the device.

Rail Lubricant

It is a kind of smooth wax that acts as a lubricant to smoothen the strings used in the crossbow for hunting. It provides greater strength and shelf life to the strings to make the efficient working of the crossbow.

Final Verdict

The RM-405 crossbow is the best used to perform hunting field activities. Thus it possesses many such amazing features that can provide efficiency to the functioning of the crossbow. 

Its illuminated scope can be used to focus the target as per the user’s pleasure in hunting. In addition to this, it has an Anti-Dry Fire mechanism that protects the device from being fired due to friction caused by the strings while cocking or decocking a crossbow.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Is this crossbow beneficial for beginners in the field of hunting?

Yes, the feature of this Mountain RM-405 that has primary features is that an entry-level person can also easily handle the working of it and can enjoy their hunting practices.

2. Is Mountain RM-405 worth its price?

Yes, it is worth its price to buy it because it has technically advanced features such as has illuminated scope with the power of 4×32 and also it possesses red/blue bright light to focus the target in dim light conditions. 

Moreover, it has an Anti-Dry Fire system that protects the string from getting damaged as well as from getting fire that may be caused due to friction.

3. How many arrows are there in this package?

This package includes 3 crossbow bolts that come within the set. If a user wants extra arrows he has to buy them on their own which causes an extra charge to the user other than this package.


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