Ravin R29X Crossbow Review [June 2023]

Ravin R29X Crossbow Package​

  • Ravin Illuminated Scope.
  • Anty-Dry Fire Mechanism.
  • Helicoil Limb Technology.
  • Trac-Trigger Firing System.
  • Versa-Draw Cocking System.
  • Automatic Safety Machanism.
  • Fastest and The Most Powerful Crossbow.​
  • Produces Flight Velocity of 450 FPS.​
  • Amazing Power For the Toughest Game, Including Whitetail, Elk, Black Bear and Moose.​

The Ravin R29X Crossbow is a top-of-the-line hunting weapon that has been designed to deliver exceptional accuracy, speed, and power. With its sleek and modern design, advanced features, and impressive performance, it has quickly become one of the most popular crossbows in the market.

It is a compact and lightweight weapon that is designed to be easy to carry and handle. It measures 29 inches in length and 6 inches in width when cocked, making it one of the most compact crossbows on the market. Its narrow frame and balanced design make it comfortable to hold and aim, even for extended periods of time.

The crossbow features a sleek and modern design that is both attractive and functional. It is constructed from high-quality materials that ensure its durability and longevity. The crossbow’s aluminum frame and riser provide strength and stability, while its ergonomic grip and forearm ensure a comfortable and secure grip.

In this Ravin R29X Crossbow, we covered up features, pros & cons, build quality, power, accuracy, and included accessories.

Ravin R29X Review: First Impressions​

Ravin R29X Review

R29X Crossbow Specifications
Speed450 FPS
Draw Weight12 lbs
Width Axle to Axle (cocked/uncocked)6″/10.5″
Kinetic Energy180 ft. lbs.
Weight6.75 lbs
Power Stroke12.5″
FinishPredator Dusk Camo

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy to crank.
  • A silent crossbow type.
  • Five-year limited warranty.
  • Cams are perfectly leveled.
  • Ideal for shooting from blinds and tight spaces.
  • Zero rail friction for improved speed and increased accuracy.
  • Advanced HeliCoil technology for increased accuracy and consistency

Ravin R29X Crossbow: Detailed Specifications​

Design and Build Quality

It is ultra-compact, both in length and width. This crossbow has a total length of 29 inches from the front of the crossbow to the buttstock and is extremely narrow both in the cocked and uncocked position. It features new fully integrated Silent Cocking System, hits a new pinnacle of speed at an incredible 450 FPS. It offers various impressive features:

  • Width Axle to Axle 6” Cocked
  • Width Axle to Axle 10.5” Un-cocked
  • Power-Stroke: 12.5”
  • Kinetic Energy: 180
  • Draw Weight: 12 lbs.
  • HeliCoil Technology
  • Silent Cocking System
  • Pre-Tuned

When cocked, the R29X is 6″ wide, and when it’s uncocked the bow is 10.5″ width. There are no other bows on the market that have the same level of performance in such a maneuverable package. It is available in Predator Dusk Camo, exclusive to Ravin’s Crossbows.


You can take down any game with this R29X Crossbow. It shoots bolts at 450 feet per second with the kinetic energy of 180 ft-lb. Their bolts weigh 300 grain without a field tip, therefore, 100-grain field tips, which get the total weight to 400.

This Ravin arrow is a bit heavier than a lot of other manufacturer’s offers, so these bolts are still able to get 450FPS. The heavier bolt will not only raise your penetration, but it’ll also help to stabilize the arrow in flight.

Helicoil Cams

Its Helicoil cam system has an excellent cam design that allows these bows to do what they do in such a small package. On each shot, these cams rotate a full 340 degrees. It makes for a consistent, repeatable, and accurate shooting platform. While cocking or shooting this R29x sniper package, Helicoil cams stay ideally level by winding the wires on both the top and bottom of the cam.

It is the first model in the Ravin lineup to do away with the annoying clicking sound heard when cocking the bow back. Although this clicking noise isn’t loud on the other two bows, in a tranquil setting like the deer stand, it could be audible.

Its design makes the entire process utterly silent while cocking and decocking the bow.


Unlike many other bows on the market, it incorporates a built-in trigger that slides down the rail to connect to the string before cocking.

The Ravin arrow snaps onto the string and then rests on two nylon rollers at the front of the crossbow. It eliminates all of the friction caused by the arrow contacting the rail.

Another feature of the R29X sniper is the Frictionless Flight Rail. On most crossbows, the arrow rests on the rail and, as a result, creates friction when fired.

It ensures that the trigger box is latched in the same point on the string every time, which is similar to having a regular anchor point with a compound or recurve bow.

Cocking mechanism

The new design makes this crossbow completely silent while cocking and decocking the bow.

Versa Draw Cocking System is one of the revolutionary design advantages offered by HeliCoil technology. This system works in conjunction with the Track-Trigger Firing System.

This ultra-compact cocking system is built into the sleek stock design. It features a minimal 10 pounds cocking force and ambidextrous. It can easily cock and un-cock the crossbow.

Its unique Helicoil system offers an easy to use, integrated mechanism delivering unmatched downrange accuracy with every shot.

Assembly and Ease of use

This Ravin crossbow comes assembled and tuned. This is ready to shoot crossbow, just sight-in and go.

One of the important features of any weapon is how easy the construction is to handle. Hunters with taller and larger frames or those looking extra power and speed might prefer the Ravin crossbow.

Its narrow, compact size makes it the best choice for the bowhunters who prefer to operate from treestands or blinds.


The included accessories are of excellent quality. There is no change from the inclusions in the R29 edition. The accessories are better than most available on the market. In the R29x sniper package, it comprises of:

  • Ravin Red/Green Illum scope
  • 6 – Ravin .003 Arrows & Field Tips (400 Grain Total)
  • 1 – Removable Draw Handle
  • 1 – Quiver/Mounting Bracket
  • 100 Yard Illuminated Scope
  • Built-In Cocking Mechanism
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety
  • Built-in Sling Mounts
  • owners manual


In the R29X Sniper package, it includes a 100 yard scope. It is an 8.75 inches scope that has a variable speed and arrow drop compensation setting.

This Ravin scope has nine aiming dots, which is calibrated for 20 to 100 yards with a wide field of view for a clear image. It comes with a rheostat controlled, illuminated colored dots in red or green that help you narrow in on your target. The best thing about this scope is that it is fog proof and waterproof that lets you shoot in any weather condition.

Bolts and Quiver

It consists of 6 Ravin .003 400 grain arrows with 100-grain field tips. These bolts are constructed with 100% pure carbon. It comes with 2″ high profile offset vanes and high impact aluminum nock bushings.

Its detach quiver comes with a unique mounting system that allows for vertical poistioning. It offers optimal balance and easy to install and remove. Moreover, it holds bolts with broadheads securely.

Final Verdict​

The Ravin R29X Crossbow is a top-of-the-line hunting weapon that combines cutting-edge technology, exceptional performance, and unmatched accuracy. With its lightning-fast speed of 450 feet per second, powerful kinetic energy of 180 ft. lbs., and compact and lightweight design.

The R29X is a game-changer for hunting enthusiasts who demand the best. Its advanced technologies, such as HeliCoil Technology, Frictionless Flight System, Trac-Trigger Firing System, and Versa-Draw Cocking System, contribute to its exceptional accuracy, consistency, and ease of use, making it a top choice for serious hunters.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the benefit of the Trac-Trigger system?

It provides a top-rated dry fire auto safety. Moreover, it boosts the safety profile of Ravin compared to its rival.

2. How accurate are Ravin crossbows?

Most of the latest Ravin crossbows delivers unmatched downrange accuracy. The Helicoil technology in these crossbows keeps the cams perfectly balanced for increased speed and precision.

It delivers rifle-like accuracy, handling, and devastating power.

3. Does it include field points in the Crossbow package?

Yes, it comes with 300-grain Ravin .003 bolts with 100-grain field points.

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