Ravin R10 Crossbow Package Review [February 2023]

Ravin R10 Package

  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Reverse-Draw Performance.
  • Uses Helicoil technology.
  • Features Trac-Trigger system.
  • Fully assembled and pre-tuned.
  • Removable crank cocking mechanism.

If running and hunting from tight quarters is your style, then the R10 is the crossbow for you.

Whether you prefer to hunt in blind, or forests with tightly packed trees, you won’t feel obstructed with R10. It fits all styles of hunting. Its narrower design helps you walking without getting stock everywhere.

This excellent crossbow uses a unique technology known as Helicoil. This technology built-in involves the use of a non-traditional rail that works with dual cam cables, which eliminates the need to take the wires through the rail slot.

R10 is a perfect crossbow that combines velocity and quietness, keystone elements for the successful hunting experience.

We covered up features, pros & cons, power, built quality, accuracy, and included accessories.

Ravin R10 Crossbow Package: First Impressions​


Ravin R10 Crossbow Specifications
Speed400 FPS
Draw Weight12 lbs
Width Axle to Axle (uncocked/cocked)10.5″ / 6.5″
Kinetic Energy142 ft-lb
Weight6.8 lbs
Power Stroke11″
FinishPredator Camo

Reasons To Buy

  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Give rifle like feel for comfortable aiming.
  • It has high K.E.
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety.
  • With 400 fps it can hunt all game.
  • Its extreme speed gives you the flexibility to make arrows super-efficient.
  • The Versa Draw cocker saves time and effort.
  • The package includes the high grade100-yard scope.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Expensive.
  • The removable cocking handle gets a bit awkward sometimes. 

Ravin Crossbow: Detailed Specifications​

Build and Design

This crossbow has a revolutionary design for new crossbow generations with the reverse draw limbs technology. This crossbow weighs 6.8 pounds and comes with a tremendous axle width of 6.5″ when cocked. At 400 feet per second, nothing beats this model regarding speed.

The compact size of the R10 makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to minimize the footprint of the weapon they are using. It has carbon fiber construction ensures that the bow remains lightweight as possible, while the durability of the crossbow increases.


It has an unequal velocity with an axle-to-axle as small as 6.5 inches when cocked. Its 400 feet per second speed generates a 142 ft-lbs of K.E with 400-grain bolts that allow you to hunt every large game.

Its velocity combined with 100 yards scope makes this R10 a very efficient hunting device.

Helicoil Technology

This new technology has an impact on downrange accuracy and width. It coils cable, away from both the top and bottom of the cams in helical grooves keep the cams perfectly balanced. These grooves are effective for keeping down-range accuracy by maintaining perfectly leveled cams. It allows the cams to rotate at 340 degrees when drawing and shooting.

Frictionless Flight System

It features a Frictionless mechanism that helps eliminates friction by allowing the string and arrow to free float about the rail. This advanced technology allows for consistent accuracy and increased string and cable life.

Trac Trigger Firing System

This inbuilt trigger mechanism system slides forward on the rail and clasps to the precise center of the bowstring every time the crossbow is drawn.


This expensive crossbow is made in such a way so that it is easy to handle even with gloved hands. The extended safety wings over the grip prevent your finger above the flight-deck. Its Trigger Track-Firing mechanism is composed in such a manner that retract the string in a repeatable manner.


Assembling the R10 is very easy. This crossbow already comes fully mounted and tuned that gives you plenty of time to head straight to shooting range or hunting.


This R10 crossbow package comes with preloaded accessories.

  • The 100 yard illuminated scope
  • Six 400 grain bolts
  • Six 100 grain practice field points
  • Versa-Draw Crank Cocking Aid
  • Built-in Sling Mounts


The package consists of 100 yards illuminated scope. This scope has great optics and no need to adjust it. Some features of this Ravin Scope are:

  • The scope has a variable speed, and arrow drops compensation setting between 300 and 425 fps.
  • The nine dots calibrated for 20 to 100 yards with a wide field of view deliver a clear image. To calibrate the scope properly, it gives magnification adjustments that allow you to change it from 1.5 to 5 times closer, making possible the 100 yards calibration.
  • It comes with elevation and windage adjustment knob to correct flight trajectory to sight-in the scope.
  • It has a rheostat controlled, illuminated colored dots in red or green that help you narrow in on your target.
  • It features a flip-up protective lens cap to keep lenses safe and protected. Also, the optical lenses are etched glass reticles that are fully multi-coated lenses. The lenses are 32mm that capture maximum light to provide crystal clear viewing.
  • It is fog proof, shockproof, weatherproof, and recoil proof.

Bolts and Quiver

It comes with six 20 inch arrows that are specially designed to maximize your Ravin crossbows performance. The light in weight carbon construction offers great air dynamics, further improved by polymer nocks and brass threaded inserts.

R10 comes with quick detach quiver/mounting bracket that allows you to bring arrows safely, and the quick detach makes your life easier in a tree stand hunting situation.


It features a pistol grip with finger groove and well-balanced texture. It leaves you a steady feel and safe for the fingers.

Versa Draw Cocking System

Its built-in Cocking mechanism works in conjunction with the Trigger system, creating an easy to cock crossbow with minimal 12 pounds cocking force.

The fully integrated in-built cocking system is ambidextrous and built into the stock.

Final Verdict​

The R10 is a new generation crossbow. It hits hard & will take down any big size game. This popular model from Ravin maneuvers well in tight spots with its 6.5 inches cocked width. It is the best pick for a hunter for target shooting or archery.

Its perfect balance and accuracy make it a desirable crossbow for many hunters out there. However, it is not a good fit for beginners as it carries a hefty price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Is R10 Crossbow Suitable for Hunting?

This Ravin crossbow is powerful enough for any type of hunting purposes. It is lightweight, well-balanced, fast, and very powerful to make a suitable hunting companion.

2. How is R20 Different from R10?

The Ravin R20 is larger crossbow with an arrow speed of 430 fps. It is more powerful yet heavier to hold by just over 1 pound. The KE of R20 is 164 ft-lbs whereas R10 has 142 ft-lbs. Read the full review of R20 Crossbow.

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