PSE Fang HD Crossbow Review [December 2022]

PSE Archery Crossbow

  • Narrow, slim profile – easy to handle.
  • Reverse cam system.
  • Perfect for men, young shooters and women.
  • Variable zoom illuminated reticle scope.
  • Anti-dry fire & auto safety trigger.
  • Ready to shoot crossbow package.
  • Adjustable stock

If you want to take down your game to the next level, then Fang HD has all the power and precision to get the job done. It shoots at an impressive 405 FPS with a draw weight 205 lbs.

PSE Archery is one of the leading manufacturers and has been developing and researching archery technology for the past 35 years. It provides incredibly affordable products with high quality and brand reputation. The hallmark of PSE (Precision Shooting Equipment) Archery equipment has always been their knack for offering highly featured and exceptionally capable crossbows at budget-friendly prices.

The Fang HD is a newly launched in their lineup. Despite being the new bow on the series, our review quickly revealed that this crossbow continues the PSE legacy.

As compared to other models from PSE, this one is more compact. Therefore, it is easy to maneuver it in confined places like woods, tree stands, or hunting blinds. Moreover, PSE Fang HD comes with an impressive set of extra features that you will surely love.

PSE Fang HD Crossbow: First Impressions​

PSE Fang HD Crossbow Review

Fang Crossbow Specifications
Speed405 fps
Draw Weight205 lbs
Width Axle-to-Axle (Uncocked / Cocked)18″/ 14″
Kinetic Energy134 ft.lbs
Weight7.3 lbs
Power Stroke14.5″
FinishTrueTimber Viper

Reasons To Buy

  • Adjustable buttstock and ergonomic design for unbeatable accuracy.
  • Equipped with anti-dry fire & auto safety triggers.
  • Delivers an amazing speed of up to 405 fps.
  • Reverse cam technology increases power and speed.
  • An illuminated reticle optics.
  • Easy to maneuver in tight places as it is short and compact.
  • The scope allows you to see the target even in low light conditions.
  • Available at a budget-friendly price.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Its draw weight is fairly high.

Detailed Specifications​

Design and Build Quality

This Fang is a good quality built-in pure PSE style. It has a full length of 35.5″ and a width of 18 inches axle to axle. Once cocked, the crossbow measures 14 inches. It has composite stock and limbs. Apart from this, it is durable and built to last in harsh hunting conditions. The stock is tractable for a good fit. The pistol grip fits hunting gloves and feels comfortable to hold.

Its design makes it suitable for men, women, and younger shooters. Also, reverse type cam increases speed and power. The TrueTimber Viper Camouflage look allows you to blend into your environment, so you are less likely to be spotted by your prey.


This PSE archery fang can shoot arrows at a speed of up to 405 feet per second with 134 foot-pounds of kinetic energy right off the rail. In terms of accuracy, the Fang HD is unbelievable. The shot will be on target due to the superb speed and manageability. You will definitely enjoy excellent reliability and accuracy for shots taken within a 60-yard range. Also, you can achieve bull’s eyes even at longer ranges.

Furthermore, the included scope will help you see better in low light situations and make it easy to shoot your arrows accurately.


In terms of performance, this hunting crossbow still creates plenty of force to take down larger games like elks and whitetail without a problem, even when you consider decreased velocities. It is just an excellent bow for a middle height and average posture person. However, all body frames can operate this bow; that is easy and doesn’t need extra strength to draw arrows.


You can shoot in a more stable posture that ensures a better aim and less fatigue. And the cheek rest on the stock is also a great feature as it further stabilizes your shot. Furthermore, there is a forward grip designed to serve as a thumb guard as well.

You can adjust the grip easily as it mounts to an integrated Picatinny rail. These features ensure that you can spend hours focusing and shooting accurately.


It comes with auto engage safety and an ADF protection system. This will engage automatically every time you cock the crossbow. Also, you can decock the bow easily without shooting a bolt. This safety feature is useful for both beginners and expert hunters as it adds an extra layer of safety. 

Noise and Vibration

Like other PSE crossbows, this bow also consists of two Green Limb Dampeners. They do a very good job of keeping noise and vibration down. Furthermore, the foot stirrup is covered in a layer of rubber that reduces vibrations even more.


This crossbow has 205 pounds draw weight, which is a bit hard to cock, especially for beginners or young hunters. But no worries, it  cocking rope in the crossbow package. The cocking rope draw system is safe.

When cocking the crossbow, make sure that the safety is in a fire position. Apart from cocking it can easily be de-cocked without firing an arrow. So this makes it extremely safe to be used by both pros or beginners.

Trigger and Grip

It has a bullpup configuration where the pistol grip and trigger are placed. The trigger is smooth with an Anti-dry feature to ensure safety. Due to its bullpup layout, much weight is supported by the shoulder, and you don’t feel the crossbow’s burden.

Another great feature is its forward grip, which is designed to serve as a thumb guard as well. It is adjustable for comfort and accurate hunting.

Ease Of Use

This crossbow comes with a versatile buttstock that is simple to play with for individual shooting customization. Its power and speed combine excellently with its slim design to make it easier even for smaller or younger hunters to shoot and aim precisely.


The Fang HD requires some assembly. Its limbs, quiver, and illuminated reticle scope don’t come pre-installed to the stock. The crossbow package includes a user manual that explains how to install the crossbow properly.

However, the instructions may prove a bit confusing for beginners, not difficult, but time confusing. You can buy a crossbow case separately to carry the crossbow on hunting trips. And you can use the stirrups to hang the crossbow in an appropriate place.


There is not just the crossbow in the package but also all other things you need for your shooting experience. It includes:

PSE Fang Crossbow
  • HDV 425 1.5-5X32 variable zoom illuminated reticle scope
  • 5 Bolt Quiver
  • (3) 22″ Thunderboltz Crossbow Bolts (328 Grains)
  • (3) 100gr. Bullet points
  • Adjustable Buttstock
  • Foot Stirrup
  • Limb Dampeners and String Silencers
  • Dual String Stops
  • Owners Manuals


When it comes to accuracy, the quality of the scope and the optics matter a lot. Grading the optics from a beginner’s point of view, we can say that they are fine. It comes with HDV 425 1.5-5×32 crossbow scope.

With nine dots, calibrated at 10-yard increments from 20 to 100 yards, give you supreme speeds. It is simple to use – just set the speed dial to the required settings with a green or red dot illuminated dot instead of a black dot.

It uses a second focal plane lens with multiple coatings for waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof qualities. The high definition lense for clarity and maximum brightness.

However, the thin crosshairs on the scope are too thin for some hunters and might not allow hunting in poor light situations. If you plan to go for long hunting trips, you can upgrade the scopes for your requirements.


The high strength carbon composite construction of these arrows offers you an excellent balance of velocity, power, and durability. They come with 2.6″ AAE Stealth Vanes to give you the pinpoint precision that serious hunters demand.

The mass weight of the bolt is 321 grains, and the half-moon nock is installed. With +/-.003 inches straightness tolerance and 22′ length, the carbon bolts with bullet points offer good penetration.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. How fast does a Fang HD shoot?

The Fang HD shoots bolt up to 405 feet per second, producing up to 134-foot pounds of kinetic energy.

2. How Precision Shooting Equipment Fang differs from Fang HD compound bow?

PSE Fang shoots an arrow at a velocity of 350 fps and offers great stability, accuracy, and reliable performance. On the other side, It is the latest edition to the Fang series with some advanced features. This compact profile bow is easy to use and comes with a high-quality scope. Also delivers great performance in a compact size.

3. Where are PSE Archery Crossbows made?

All of PSE crossbows are made in America at their Tucson, AZ production facility.

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