Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 Crossbow Review [December 2022]

Killer Instinct Furious 9.5 Crossbow​

  • Big firepower from a crossbow.
  • Adjustable stock, Hogue pistol grip.
  • Precision machined aluminum rail.
  • 4×32 mm illuminated scope.
  • CNC-enhanced aluminum flight rail
  • Ergonomic design – sure power and feel.
  • Easy to handle.

Are you ready to control the woods? In this article, we’ll review the 2019 KI Furious Pro 9.5 Crossbow. It is a monster that is bold in both design and performance. The outstanding balance of power, control, and accuracy makes it a perfect hunting gear. 

Killer Instinct Crossbow is a nearly new company in the crossbow market, but this Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 Crossbow is all set to impress you with its killer speed. It delivers reliable accuracy and is designed for hunting all big games while helping you enhance your hunting skills. 

So let’s see how the KI Furious Pro 9.5 actually works!

Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 Review : First Impressions​

Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 Review

Killer Instinct Furious 9.5 Specifications
Speed400 fps
Draw Weight185 lbs
Width (Uncocked / Cocked)14.125″ / 9.05″
Kinetic Energy139 ft-lbs.
Length32.5″ – 35″
Weight7 lbs
Power Stroke15.125″

Reasons To Buy

  • Offers improved precision with unmatched skill.
  • Easy to use in tight areas.
  • Brutal power and consistent downrange accuracy.
  • Capable of firing arrows at the speed of 400 FPS.
  • Ergonomically enhanced profile design. 
  • Comfortable grip and non-slip cheek rest.
  • Silent operation.
  • Pro package – everything you need.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Foot stirrup doesn’t seem to be wide well.
  • Dead Silent Crank Cocker not included. 

Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 Review: Detailed Specifications

Build Quality – Design 

If you’re looking for a crossbow that allows you to blend with-in the environment, then you can score on the KI Furious Pro 9.0. Its sturdy, safe, and high-quality body deliver much more. This crossbow is designed for hunting many big games. The combination of controlling power and precision control lets you hunt for seasons. 

Its rugged camouflage frame makes it incredibly light that ensures maximum freedom to move. Also, it provides the essential steadiness to hit your target with accuracy. Thanks to its unique material and waterproof covering that last wear and tear and won’t let you down, even if you want to use it in intense weather conditions. This sturdy design crossbow offers an easy handle, better feel, comfortable control, and tolerance. 

Size and Weight 

While picking up a crossbow, everyone looks for comfort. This cross weighs only 7 pounds that makes it a lightweight crossbow. It measures width axle to axle 14.125″ when uncocked and 9.5″ when cocked. 

This Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 is an excellent crossbow that anyone can handle, thanks to its lightweight and narrow design. With this crossbow, you can easily hunt in a blind or treestand. However, its handy foot stirrup installation serves as both stand and foot stirrup. So you can easily place it upright anywhere you want. 

Performance – Speed /Arrow

With a power stroke of 15.125″ and a draw weight of 185lbs, the Killer Instinct Pro provides a perfect balance. Its 400 fps shooting speed lets you shoot from no matter the distance of your place.

The package includes 3 Hypr Bolts with Field tips and 3 replaceable 420J2 stainless steel edge broadheads. This crossbow itself is a very straight bow in terms of hunting. Overall, it is the right choice of weapon for small game to most extensive animal shooting. 

Silent Operation 

Hunting or target shooting requires peace for not missing the target. Some of the crossbows make noise or vibration while delivering and give the target alert. The added Boxjax split limb dampeners do a fabulous job of removing slight wave from this crossbow. Plus, it scores high in being quiet and won’t let you frighten away your prey.

Pro Tip: You can also use the most potent shock and vibration dampeners by Killer Instinct. 

Shooting and Trigger Accuracy 

The Killer Instinct Pro 9.5 comes with a a very clean 3-pound trigger, Hogue grip and adjustable UltraStealth Cheek Weld. This beast feels really good and can compete with top-of-the-range designs like Ravin and TenPoint but at a lower cost. 

However, it also included an installed Anti-Dry fire tool that is engaged until you load a bolt into the pro series trigger case. The refined ergonomics of the Hogue Grip installation also feels nice. It locks your hands into a grip and offers comfortable anti-skid cheek support. Overall finding a crossbow under $500 with all the pro features is hard, but no worries with KI Furious 9.5 crossbow. 


As you know, crossbows are stuffed with lots of features and tools that demand one quality – ‘the safety.’ When it comes to this weapon, we’re happy to tell you that it features the most advanced technologies in the range and an improved pro series trigger to prevent accidents. Now without any worries, you can take it to the woods and practice for your next game, as this crossbow is safe as any other related weapon. 


Just like the name, this crossbow is easily maneuverable in the range, giving you better control, feel, and tolerance. As We have already mentioned, Killer is a more recent company to the business of crossbows, so it comes with a few of its accessories. 

So the package includes – 

  • LUMIX 4 x 32 IR-E Scope
  • Slayer crossbow case
  • 3 Hypr Arrows with Field tips
  • 4×32 mm illuminated scope
  • Rope Cocker
  • String Suppressors
  • 5-Bolt Quiver
  • HME fixed-blade steel tip 100-grain hunting broadheads (9-pack)
  • Stick of Rail Lube

Killer Scope

Killer offers a pro grade LUMIX 4 x 32 mm illuminated glass reticle scope, which is high in quality and does a great job holding zero. The LUMIX premium glass scope features multi-reticle aim times with rheostat illumination in red or blue for low light settings. Also, it has a total of 5 brightness settings. The fit and the finish are also excellent, and the coating on the lenses does a great job of managing the optics clear from fogging up, so you won’t miss a single chance while shooting. 

Killer Cocking Device 

Killer includes a rope cocking aid designed to cut the felt weight of draw by 50% and provide an even cock for improved sharpness. The killer rope cocker is intended to suit the number of crossbows in the market. All in all, as it includes a rope cocker, then it takes quite a little force as compared to a crank cocker. If you don’t have a problem cocking a crossbow with a rope cocker, this crossbow is the right choice for you, especially in this budget. 

Other Accessories 

In addition to the above accessories listed, Killer also offers a KI string suppressor kit. The suppressors have to be mounted on the top of the risers for achieving an excellent job of relieving string slap when firing. Killer also offers a side mount tactical quiver section that allows you to have your bolts in a more handy position. 

Final Verdict​

With a total speed of 400 fps, the Furious Pro 9.5 is one of the powerful crossbows in its price range. The lightweight body and handy features make it easy to carry around, even in tight places. The weapon delivers extraordinary sharpness, even shooting from a short distance. Going hunting with this crossbow makes any type of game (wild turkeys, deer, rabbits, or squirrels) smooth.

This beast is designed to dominate the woods by its outstanding blend of power, comfort, and control. Also, the pattern of this bow hides you well in the field. The lightweight body with crystal clear scope lets you feel very comfortable during the hunt. Overall, this bow is all you need for accessible and thriving hunting seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. How to assemble and disassemble this Furious 9.5 bow? 

Basically, this particular bow is very easy to use and end up as one of the most lethal weapons. Always read the guidance manual before using the crossbow that comes with-in the box. 

  • First, to assemble the bow, join the wire slide with a wire protector card. Slide it and string it into the barrel till the riser is set flat against the end of the barrel. 
  • Now insert the included riser bolt through the hole and the foot-stirrup. Securely connect the front and riser to the barrel using a Hex key. 
  • Lock the front end bolt in place by wiring a set screw into the center hole that you will find on the riser’s bottom. 
  • Once you bound the front end to the barrel, remove the cable card by extracting at the perforated sides. 
  • After this, install the scope on the top of the Picatinny rail. Loose the bases on the scope rims and set each base into a groove. You can adjust the position according to your need. 
  • Once the scope is placed and the level is set, stretch all the bolts.
  • Last, attach the quiver brace behind the forearm grip on the rail. 

2. Is a 100-grain broadhead perfect for hunting? 

As per the research, early in the ’90s, 100-grainers were popular. But, now, for more bowhunters, 100-grain broadheads are still preferred in almost every way. If you are going for small games, then 100-grain is best for you, but we suggest you go with heads weighing 125 grains or somewhat more for superior games. 

3. How often should I replace my string or cable?

We suggest you replace the string after 12 months or 5k shots. Moreover, a bowstring lasts for 3 years, but it depends on the draw weight and how often you expel it and maintain the condition. 

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