killer Instinct Boss 405 Crossbow Review [June 2023]

Killer Instinct boss 405​

  • Microlite Aluminum Barrel
  • Premium Speed 
  • X-Lok Foregrip
  • Killer Tech Trigger
  • 6 Position Buttstock
  • Illuminated Scope

Killer Instinct Brand introduces a lot of models of crossbows such as killer instinct 2 and killer instinct gold but Killer Instinct Boss 405 Crossbow is one of the best among them. It comes up with high tech features and other remarkable properties that enhance the experience of target shooting.

Furthermore, it involves a 405 fps speed-bearing capacity with 6 positions adjustable buttstock, and a power stroke of 134 foot-pounds that levels up the shooting adventure. 

In the class of technical crossbows, this works outstandingly with wonderful features such as Illuminated Scope, X-Lock Foregrip system, Killer Tech Trigger mechanism that support the user’s convenience and provide them affordable shooting or mounting pathway. 

Killer Instinct Boss 405 Crossbow: First Impressions​

killer Instinct boss 405

Instinct boss 405 Specifications​
Model NameBoss 405
Brand NameKiller Instinct
ScopeLumix IR-W (4X32 Illuminated)
Speed405 fps
Kinetic Energy134-FT-LB
Width14.75″ Cocked/18.75″ Uncocked
Item Weight6.7-LB
Draw Weight220-LB

Reason To Buy

  • Adjustable Stock
  • Dead stop Safety
  • Compact Structure
  • Hyper Light Arrows
  • Stunning speed
  • Rope Cocker System

Reason To Avoid

  • No Anti-Dry Fire Mechanism
  • Not Used Under 18 years

detailed Specifications


Killer Instinct Boss 405 Crossbow arises up with adjustable buttstock into 6 different positions. The incredible speed of 405 fps makes this tool one of the wonderful equipment in the list of crossbows.

It has a power stroke capacity of 134 ft-lb of kinetic energy, which can help the sporting game Archery with more precision and accuracy. Additionally, it’s relevant energy to perform as per to satisfy user’s demand.

BOSS 405 featured with micro-lite aluminum barrel that reduces excess weight capacity while shooting. Moreover, it has Killer Tech Trigger technology that supports persistent accuracy in producing one-to-one shots. Its 220lb draw weight helps to boosts up the shooting practices. 

Furthermore, it is designed with the Dead Silent Kit system that aids the crossbow, in not producing any sound while being shot. X-Lock Foregrip is another characteristic in the boss 405 crossbow that forms a hardy grip while shooting or hitting and it prevents to have any damage or injury to the user. 


This equipment has high technology and emerges with various components that can be used with the crossbow in order to enhance the efficiency of the tool. It also comes up with the 405 fps speed which helps the user to hit the target with pace and accuracy. It also has a weight drawing capacity of 220lbs that aids to have a heavy weight capacity during hitting. 

In Addition, it has a built-in-dead limb and string suppressors that assists the Anti-Noise mechanism and supports the noise free cocking and de-cocking pattern. It also has an X-Lock system used to provide a customized fit to the user’s grip while shooting. All these amazing features help the user to have wonderful experience of hitting or shooting.

Another amazing feature of this crossbow is that it has 4×32 illuminated lumix IR-W that has red and blue illumination and different brightness levels that supports the adjustment of the focus point to hit the target even in low light conditions. 


Killer Instinct has 405 fps speed that helps to shoot the target with full momentum. It also has 220 weight drawing capacity that aids the equipment to perform more effectively. These features further determines that the tool is more durable and strong enough in its functioning. It bears a power stroke that is Kinetic Energy of upto 13.25” which supports the high speed and elevated accuracy of the equipment. 

Besides this, it has Hypr Lite Arrows that are used with this crossbow and are build with an objective of magnifying the speed and improving the accuracy of the shots. All these remarkable characteristics of the equipment made it autonomous weapon among the categories of the crossbows.


This killer 405 crossbow includes fundamental accessories that make one’s way to perform effectively.

  • 1.LUMIX 4 x 32 IR-W Scope
  • 2. Rope Cocker
  • 3. String Suppressors
  • 4. 3-Bolt Quiver 
  • 5. 3-HYPR Lite Bolts 
  • 6. Killer Tech Trigger
  • 7. X-Lock Foregrip 

Now here is brief explanation of the accessories, that further helps you to understand more about the equipment.

Killer Instinct Boss crossbow

LUMIX 4 x 32 IR-W Scope

It is one of the premium scopes that comes with the killer instinct crossbow. The Lumix™ 4×32 IR-E scope has features such as multi-reticle to have tremendous illumination (brightness) in red or blue to work in low light conditions.

It functions more precisely in the dim light settings to help the user to spot the target. It has extraordinary clarity with multi-coated lenses that enhance the focusing capacity of the user. 

Rope Cocker

Rope cocker mechanism present in the Killer Instinct has safety measure to cock or decock the equipment so that the user did not experience any damage or injury while using the tool. It includes a length of rope with 2 handles on both ends and two hooks with rollers for pulling the string upward to set the crossbow to shoot.  

 Spring Suppressors

It has an Anti-Noise feature that helps to shoot silently. Moreover, it is a lightweight accessory that is easy to use and can be effortlessly adjusted to the equipment for its excellent functioning.

3-Bolt Quiver

It is a side-by-accessory which helps to put the 3 bolts inside it that are available with the crossbow. It assists the user in safe, precised shooting adventure and offering a convenient hitting experience.

3-HYPR Lite Bolts

It is designed to meet the technical requirement of the equipment to fasten the acceleration of the tool. With the usage of these bolts, the functional efficiency of the weapon is enhanced. Also, it improves the accuracy of the weapon to perform precisely.

Killer Tech Trigger

It has the advantage of the Zero Creep and Frictionless trigger mechanism that supports smooth cocking and decocking of the equipment. Moreover, it provides excellent accuracy and precision to the user to hit the target in almost every condition. 

X-Lock Foregrip 

It has an X-Lock Foregrip System that provides a custom fit to the user so that the tool’s functioning can be more powerful and also made it foremost hitting weapon in the crossbow category. 

Final Verdict

Here’s your searching for an outstanding crossbow ends. Killer instinct Boss 405 Crossbow rises up with highly technical features. It is helpful in the shooting practices and supports the convenience of the user.

As, it has unbelievable speed, superb focusing capacity with 4×32 illuminated scope that works in low light conditions. Thus, it is affordable weapon that mostly fulfills the shooting related desires of the individual. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

1.Which type of Bolts are used with Instinct 405 Crossbow?

HypetLite Bolts are specially designed to use with this crossbow as it increases the weapon’s efficiency both in a matter of accuracy and speed. With this particular feature of the tool is adequate to maintain the tool’s superiority.

2.What is the longevity of strings in Boss 405?

It depends upon the individual’s usage how much he uses the equipment and the way in which he is using it. Moreover, upto what extent the lubrication of the strings is done to smoothen the functioning mechanism of the tool.

3.What is the Illumination level of the scope in Instinct Boss 405 Crossbow?

Lumi 4×32 IR -E is a multi-focus device used in this crossbow. It also has illumination (brightness) in red or blue that works in low light conditions to improve the focusing capacity of the equipment.  

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