2 Best Jaguar Crossbows In [March 2023]

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

Budget Pick
Fast Crossbow
Best Jaguar Crossbows
Jaguar CR-013
Jaguar 150 Lb
Jaguar CR-013
210 FPS
245 FPS
Budget Pick
Best Jaguar Crossbows
Jaguar 150 Lb
210 FPS
Fast Crossbow
Jaguar CR-013
Jaguar CR-013
245 FPS

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These Crossbows are heavy duty weapon used for hunting. It can be the right choice for your best hunting adventures. If you’re in search of high quality recurve crossbow with a good power stroke, then it’s none other than Jaguar. These crossbows are available in the market in large numbers, but which suited you depends on your hunting preferences. Based on our market research, we have discovered two best bows for hunting.

Below are the brief description and specifications of the Best Jaguar Crossbows. In this Bow review, we covered up features, pros and cons.

Comparison Chart for Top 2 Jaguar Crossbows

CrossbowSpeed (FPS)Draw Weight (lbs)
Jaguar 150 lb210150 View on Amazon
Jaguar CR-013245175View on Amazon

Which are the 2 Best Jaguar Crossbows In 2023?​

1. Jaguar 150 lb Crossbow Fiberglass​

Best Jaguar Crossbows

Jaguar Specifications
Velocity210 FPS
Draw Weight150 lbs
Weight8 lbs

Jaguar 150 lbs a fiberglass crossbow is an excellent option for hunters. It is lighter, compact, and easy to cock with 150 pounds of weight. With slightly lighter draw weight it allows you to take down big games easily. The crossbow package includes adjustable sights, foot stirrup, and two high poundage bolts. Its top-notch materials and aluminum alloy handles make it a good buy. It has aluminum-barrel construction and provides an auto safety cocking mechanism. The crossbow has a sliding Fire/ Safe bar on the right-hand side, near the top of the frame.

This 32″ crossbow can easily injure a deer with bolts but isn’t good enough to kill a deer. You can use 14″ bolts with the jaguar crossbow. With broadheads and razor tip on a heavy arrow, you can hunt deer. It will go directly through the chest of the deer for a kill.

The Good

  • The crossbow is light, compact, safe, and reliable.
  • It is suitable for large game hunting.
  • Its arrows can travel up to 210 FPS of the initial speed.
  • It is a heavy duty hunting crossbow.
  • It assures good accuracy up to 60 yards.

The Bad

  • It can only injure a large animal, thus not recommended for large game. But with broadheads and razor tips it can be possible.

2. Jaguar CR-013 Series Crossbow Kit ( 175-Pound)​

Jaguar CR-013

Jaguar CR-013 Specifications
Velocity245 FPS
Draw Weight175 lbs
Power Stroke16″

Jaguar CR-013 is the top-rated recurve crossbow ideal for beginners and hunters. The powerful jaguar crossbow shoots at a speed of up to 245 feet per second. It is designed, keeping in mind the safety, accuracy, and durability. It is available in black rifle style design and has 175lbs of draw-weight. The tough crossbow ensures better accuracy that lasts for longer.

The crossbow has Slotted cast-magnesium barrel for better bolt-flight tracking. Its weaver style rail includes a single dot 30mm red dot scope with seven levels bright adjustment. The package accessories include six-bolt detachable quiver and 16-inch aluminum crossbow bolts with 150-gr points. It also provides safety glasses and a shoulder sling. It includes everything you need for crossbow hunting.

Its style and construction feature a slotted cast magnesium barrel and bolt flight tracking. It measures in 27x35x7 inches, a great ration of power and sizing.

With a solid 175 lbs of draw weight cocking might be lil awkward, especially when your fitness level is not that much better. The package doesn’t come with the cocking mechanism, and you need to buy it separately. It’s auto engaging safety when cocking ensures easy cocking to ready to go in no time.

The Good

  • It ensures accuracy, safety, and durability.
  • The bow gives with 7-level brightness adjustment.
  • It includes 30 mm red dot.
  • It is a recurve crossbow and has less moving parts than a compound bow.
  • It comes with multiple safety features and excellent for hunting and target practice.
  • It is compact and easy to carry around.
  • It has a rifle-style that gives better comfort.
  • It also offers auto engage safety features.

The Bad

  • It doesn’t come with a rope cocker or any other type of cocking device.
  • It is difficult to cock the crossbow by hand.
  • You may have a hard time keeping the string center.

How To Choose The Crossbow?​

When buying a crossbow there are a lot of things that one must consider. Below is the buying guide that will explain all the accessories needed for a good crossbow.


Generally, the crossbows are determined or ranked based on their pull-weight. It can be measured anywhere from 80 to 200 lbs. For hunting deer or small to medium-sized games, 150 lbs pull-weight is recommended. The 150 lbs weight or more will shoot the deer if you use a broadside shot. The majority of shoots can cock 150pounds crossbow with their hands utilizing a foot stirrup. For lbs weight more than 150lbs, you can use rope cocking or crank cocking aid. Rope cocker reduces the pull weigh to half. On the other hand, crank cocking aids are slower to use and need 10 to 15lbs of pressure to cock a jaguar crossbow.

Arrows and Points

It comes with an arrow speed ranges between 245 to 400 fps. People often think that faster the arrow speed, the more chance they’ll be able to take down big games. Choosing the proper arrow length in combination with effective game-killer point is as essential with a crossbow as it is with a bow. The carbon, composite, and aluminum-arrows are available with many mechanical and fixed points.

The arrows made of aluminum perform with 125-grain fixed points whereas carbon shafts are effective 100 grain or lower. Choose the arrows that are compatible with your crossbows.

Draw Weight

The average draw weight of crossbow is 175lbs while the other comes with 260lbs of draw-weight. The heaviest pull weight is difficult to cock even with the help of a cocking device. To reduce the cocking difficulty, stick to the draw weight that you are comfortable using. It will give far much better shooting experience.

Safety Features

The heavy crossbow demands a high level of safety as its heaviness may lead to the risk of injury or even death. To prevent accidents, the crossbow comes with automatic and ambidextrous safety. You will also get the safety glasses with it to use in shooting or hunting. The auto engages the safety, and anti-dry fire mechanism prevents any mishap and accidents. The anti-dry fire prevents firing without an arrow. It comes with seven different bright settings.


Cocking the crossbow with 175lbs of draw-weight can be somewhat difficult. It could be a nightmare when your fitness level is not high. To cock a crossbow with ease, you need a cocking-mechanism. The cocking device doesn’t come with it, so you have to buy it separately. Before buying, make sure it is compatible with your crossbow. Also, make sure you keep the strings at centered for accuracy.


Its strings are short enough to fit in your pocket. The strings can easily maintain up to 175 lbs of pull-weight. The strings work better with the cocking-aid as 150 to 175lbs are quite heavy enough to cock without rope cocking.


The crossbow usually comes with an iron, optical, or red dot sight. Optical sights are not necessary for a weapon limited to a 40-yard range. But, they are useful for accurate compensation of the crossbow. Always makes sure the accessories that you use or purchase are compatible with your crossbow.

Final Verdict​

This Crossbow is perfectly suitable both for beginners and experts. It comes with innovations and is reliable for the new generation.
Almost 80 to 90% buyer finds it perfect for their hunting and shooting. It offers better speed and power. Jaguar 175 lb crossbow comes with all the necessary details and features you need to know.

Jaguar 50 lb Crossbow Fiberglass has a lightweight construction, and aluminum-alloy handles. It is also a superb option for novice and expert hunters. Both the crossbows are lightweight and easy to carry.

The one drawback of the crossbows is that it doesn’t include rope cocking-mechanism and you need to purchase it at an additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions​

How Many FPS is a Good Crossbow?

A good crossbow has a speed of 300 FPS and offers enough kinetic energy at a hunting distance up to 50 yards. For whitetail deer hunters, 250 fps speed is the safest option. For elk hunter, one must go with 300 fps speed or more.

How Big Crossbow Do I Need to Hunt Deer?

The average ranges crossbow that can kill a whitetail crossbows is suitable. It ranges between 150 to 175 pounds of draw-weight. A higher pound is faster and increases the ranges and odds of killing the deer.

Is a Crossbow Good for Deer Hunting?

Yes. Crossbows are considered to be best for hunting a deer. You need to consider the accessories, draw-weight and speed to kill the deer. A 40-50 yard is the maximum range for the deer-hunting.

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