Excalibur Micro Mag 340 Crossbow Review [June 2023]

Excalibur Micro Mag 340

  • Aluminum Frame.
  • Anti-Dry Fire Feature.
  • Rope Cocking Device.
  • R.E.D.S Suppressors.
  • Premium Trigger System.

Excalibur is one of the best recurve crossbow manufacturers in the market and has been making crossbows since 1983. While most other companies have shown more interest in compound crossbows manufacturing, Excalibur continues to manufacture reliable, accurate and powerful recurve crossbows, which are no less than compound bows.

The company releases great crossbows every year. The Excalibur Micro Mag 340 Crossbow (previously known as Axe 340) is one of them. It is a reliable crossbow and is designed to deliver powerful as well as accurate performance. The Mag 340 comes with a scope, rope cocking device, R.E.D.S suppressors, 1-inch scope rings, three arrows and a quiver. Surprisingly this incredible package comes at a very affordable price. 

In the below article, we have given a detailed review on the Mag 340, which includes its pros & cons, design and build, performance and accessories included in the package. You can read the entire article to know more.

Excalibur Micro Mag 340 Crossbow: First Impressions​

excalibur micro mag 340 crossbow

Micro Mag 340 Specifications
Speed340 lbs
Width (Cocked/Uncocked)22″25″
Weight5.5 lbs
Draw Weight270″
Power Stroke13″

Reasons To Buy

  • Affordable.
  • Compact Design.
  • Reliable Consruction.
  • Pro-Shot ACP Trigger.
  • High-Strength Aluminum.
  • Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope.

Reasons To Avoid

  • little Heavy.
  • Premium Price Range.
  • String Dumpers Break Apart Very Easily.

Detailed Specifications

Design and Built

The Mag 340 comes with a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to hold in any posture. It measures 31.71 inches, with 25 inches uncocked and 22 inches cocked. It is manufactured on an aluminum material frame which provides unmatchable durability to the bow and makes it lightweight at just 5.5 pounds. Due to this, it can last for years if maintained properly. 

Furthermore, it is built on an aluminum frame with Gen ll recurve limbs. These recurve limbs are comparatively shorter but can shoot the arrows at a speed of 340 feet per second. Recurve crossbows are known to be noisy. But Excalibur has solved the problem by providing a complete silencing kit.

This kit consists of R.E.D.S suppressors, which reduce the vibrations and shock during the shot, a sound deadening system that reduces the shot’s sound and air brakes. The crossbow becomes very convenient, accurate and silent with all these features.


The assembly and maintenance of recurve crossbows are pretty straightforward. Assembling the Mag 340 will hardly take about 15-20 minutes. The 4-arrow quiver can be mounted to the stock in several different ways. Each method is well explained in the user manual that comes with the package. Lastly, the scope can also be mounted very easily. To sight in the scope, you will spend about 3 minutes only.

Anti-Dry Fire Technology

Crossbows can also be dangerous for the hunters in case of fiery fire. The crossbow industry has become more and more aware of the safety of its customers. The Mag 340 features a trigger that has a “Guardian System” that prevent the occurance of any bare fire mishap exclusively by Excalibur.

The trigger releases at about 3.5 pounds. This feature is one of the best available in today’s market. The system is uncomplicated and works very well. The bow also includes a forehand grip, which makes it very comfortable to hold, and safety wings keep your fingers away from the strings. So with all these safety features, you can use the crossbow with peace in mind that you are using safe hunting too.


The Mag 340 offers unmatchable performance at such an affordable price, or it’s more like a low-end price. It is packed with some incredible features and delivers impressive performance. It shoots arrows at a speed of 340 feet per second. 

Moreover, it is built on an aluminum based frame, providing more durability and stability to the crossbow. Most companies opt for molded polymer rail, which can be less accurate. Usually, at this price point, nothing is promised. Consistency and accuracy are often avoided in budget crossbows. But that is not the case with the Mag 340. You will not get disappointed with any function or feature of this crossbow.

Accessories: The Excalibur 340 Crossbow comes with several accessories that enhance its performance and functionality. Here are some of the key accessories that are included:

  1. Rope Cocking Device.
  2. R.E.D.S Suppressors.
  3. 4-Arrow Quiver.
  4. Three Quill Arrows.
  5. Scope.

Rope Cocking Device

The Mag 340 weighs around 270 pounds, and cocking a crossbow having this much weight with bare hands is simply out of options. To deal with this, the Excalibur included a rope cocking device within the package to cock the bow easily. This device reduces the bow’s draw weight by 50%, meaning you have to apply 135 pounds of force while cocking, which is entirely doable, and anyone can do this. Moreover, the rope cocker is made up of high-quality materials, which provides more comfort and durability. 

R.E.D.S suppressors

The R.E.D.S (Recoil Energy Dissipation System) Suppressors help shock, vibrations and noise during the shot. These suppressors come in a pair, are lightweight and super to install or remove. They become instrumental when you are taking a shot because the sound of a shot can frighten your prey. 

Arrows and Quiver

To make your hunting experience more effective, it is essential that the arrows are of good build and can perform very well. The package includes three quill arrows and a 4-arrow quiver exclusively from the Excalibur. The length of an arrow is 16.5 inches, and its weight is about 350 grains, including 100-grain field points. The quiver has a capacity of 4 arrows and can be mounted on the stock effortlessly in different ways. 


A scope can give you a more precise view of the field that you cannot see with your naked eyes. Also, it can help in aiming if it is illuminated. With Mag 340, a dead zone scope is included. It is lightweight and non-illuminated yet beneficial. This scope is not the best in the market, but if you are a beginner, it is perfect for you and easy to see. You can upgrade the scope in the future.

Final Verdict​

The Excalibur Mag 340 is undoubtedly a fantastic crossbow with some pretty useful and reliable features. This budget crossbow provides premium features that work perfectly fine. Despite being a recurve crossbow, it does not produce any sound while shooting. The company has included a proper sound-deadening kit. 

Plus, it also comes with an anti dry fire feature which adds up as a safety feature. The build quality is also strong due to the aluminum based frame. The package includes all the necessary accessories such as arrows, quiver and a scope. Overall, the Mag 340 is the best budget crossbow you can get with a premium feel.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1) What does the package include?

The package includes the Mag 340 crossbow, a 4-arrow quiver, three quill arrows, 1-inch scope rings and a rope cocking device.

2) How difficult is it to cock?

It will not be as easy as compound crossbows to cock. But with the rope cocking device, the draw weight gets reduced by 50%, and you have to apply only 135 pounds of force which is doable without much effort.

3) Which scope is included in the package? How useful is it?

The scope included in the package is Tact 100 by Excalibur. It is a non-illuminated scope which is best for beginners. You can surely update it in the future according to your needs.

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