Excalibur Assassin 420 TD Crossbow Package [March 2023]

Excalibur 420 TD Crossbow​ Package

  • 100 Illuminated Scope, 30 mm rings.
  • Pro-Shot 3lb Trigger Pull.
  • Dead-Quiet Charger Cranking Cocking. 
  • Anti-Dry Fry Mechanism.
  • Quick-Loc Assemblage Technology.
  • True-Fit Stock System.

As, there is great a interest in poaching emerges. Many of the hunting industries come into limelight in order to produce more and more advanced technological crossbows.These industries introduce every year a new version of crossbows with extraordinary features on the part of expanding their market share.   

Mainly, a crossbow configures a stock and the bow that can fit together to form an appropriate hunting tool to function. Moreover, there is a variety of crossbows available in the market that performs effectively as per the user’s convenience.

Among them, Excalibur Assassin 420 TD Crossbow Package is full ready to shoot outstanding crossbow that is used in the field of hunting and poaching. It also has many wonderful features that are Adjustable Stock, Stunning speed, Ambidextrous, PRO-SHOT Trigger Mechanism. All these incredible characteristics of the crossbow made it a well known hunting tool to the people associated with hunting and poaching spheres.

Excalibur Assassin 420 TD Crossbow Package Review: First Impressions​

Excalibur Assassin 420 TD Crossbow package

Excalibur Assassin 420 TD Specifications
Speed420 fps 
Powerstroke137 ft pound 
Weight8.6 lbs / 10.2 lbs (-accessories/+accessories)
Overall Length33-36″
Width23.3″/ 30″ (cocked/uncocked)
Draw Weight290 lbs
String TypeMatrix
FinishesRealTree edge

Reasons To Buy

  • Incredible Focusing
  • Multi Reticle Scope
  • Awesome Speed
  • Draw Huge Weight
  • Effortless Cocking
  • Safe Decocking
  • Anti-Fire Mechanism
  • Ambidextrous Weapon

Reason To Avoid

  • Expensive Gadget

Detailed Specifications​


Excalibur Assassin has a tremendous speed of 420fps that shoots upto 100 yards, and it can bear a Power stroke of 137 ft pounds that assists in hitting the target with full speed and accuracy. Moreover, it consists of QuickLock technology that supports effortless assemblage and disassemblage of the crossbow. It also has a Whisper-Quiet Charger Crank Mechanism that aids a dead-silent functioning of the weapon. 

Furthermore, it has a Tru-Fit Stock System that guides an adjustable stock and it also allows adjustment in both length comb for a perfect fit. Additionally, it possesses the PRO-SHOT ACP (Adjustable Custom Precision) trigger system that provides consistent accuracy for excellent performance. Thus, this crossbow is a superb weapon in their advanced technological category that functions effectively as per the user’s requirement. 

Adjustable Stock

Excalibur has Tru-Fit technology as one of its progressive features that supports an adjustable stock and modification of the length of the equipment to make it a personalized fit tool for the user’s assistance. It has a light pulling weight capacity combined with its crisp so that it may become more accurate in its function. 

Moreover, this technology immediately adjusts from 12-15″ in length and the cheek piece also adjusts to 2″ horizontally. This provides the shooter with improved accuracy, relief and strength while shooting.


Excalibur Assassin 420 rises with a simple push-button that has Quick-Loc Technology, which supports the user in easily assembling and disassembling the weapon. Thus, it helps the shooter to cock or decock the crossbow with complete safety and security. This safety mechanism present in the Excalibur makes it a terrific tool for hunting activities.

In Addition, it has a Charger Crank System that aids in silent cocking-decking of the tool, making it a valuable piece of equipment in the shooting field. With the presence of this feature, it does not produce any sound while hitting. Thus, a silent shooting of the tool made it remarkable in the hitting areas.

Furthermore, it has PRO-SHOT Trigger technology that favors frictionless 2-stage grade triggers, which supports precise, clean and a light pull weight capacity for an accurate and effortless shooting experience.

Moreover, this equipment has another fantastic feature that involves Tru-Fit technology, which supports the equipment in light pull weight capacity and can provide assistance for adjustable stock. Users can also modify the length of the crossbow while hitting with the help of this technology.

Excalibur 420 has a terrible speed of 429 lbs that can shoot upto 100 yards. Thus, it has become one of the amazing tools for shooting purposes. It also bears a power stroke of upto 137 ft pounds of kinetic energy that strikes the target with adequate speed and accuracy. 

And can hold weight upto 290 lb comfortably. It is also equipped with the tact – 100 scope that is illuminated and can help the tool work effectively even in low light conditions. It includes 30 mm rings that are useful in focusing the point in dim light areas. Thus, users can easily detect their target. 

Besides, it also involves an Anti -Dry Fire mechanism that supports the safety system of the tool. It assists the cautious cocking and decocking process that inhibits set on fire operations and ensures the safe functioning of the equipment. 

Silent Operation

Excalibur has a breakthrough technology, the Charger Crank System is one of the prominent features present in this crossbow. It allows a dead-silent combined crank cocking device to cock the 420 TD only by 12 pounds of force with no noise at all. 

Safety Feature

Quick Loc technology present in the Excalibur crossbow made it easy to reassemble in seconds with the help of a push-button. This implies that the tool has excellent accuracy every time and has terrific focusing capacity. Thus, the stunning power stroke extent provides strength and precision to the equipment.  

Excalibur Assassin 420 TD Crossbow package


Here are some of the accessories that come up with the Excalibur package; it comprises:

  • Tact-100 Scope
  •  Pro-Flight Premium Arrows
  • 4 Arrow Quiver

Tact-100 Illuminated Scope

It is a 100-yard scope with a multi reticle and an excellent focusing point. Moreover, it has red/ green illumination that aids in dim light functioning. Thus, users can easily uncover their target as well as spot. It consists of multi-coated lenses that can be used in all weather and act in water-resistant, Fog-defiant, and shockproof conditions. 

Furthermore, it has a 30 mm tube for excellent light transmission. It also possesses 30 mm rings that improve the focusing point while hitting the target in dull light situations.

Pro-Flight Premium Arrows

They provides illuminated nine positions 20-100 yard reticle scope. It is compatible with any crossbow with speed adjustment from 205 to 430 fps. This scope has a 1-5 x 24 zoom range with a 30 mm optical magnification system. It can provide you remarkable performance and better clarity. Also, it is accurate enough to nock down the target.

 4 Arrow Quiver

The 1-Piece Quiver has both 4-arrow and 6-arrow perfectly used with this crossbow. A locking lever system locks the Quiver in place and allows effortless, one-handed removal and connection. It has a 6061-T6 machined aluminium construction exclusive clamping pattern that secures both fixed and mechanical broadheads. Thus, it is highly definite, quiet and adapted almost in every hunting diameter. 

Final Verdict​

Excalibur Assassin 420 TD is one of the outclass articles used in hunting or shooting practices. It has incredible speed and precision and can hold a power stroke capacity of about 137 ft pounds that helps to hit the target upto 100 yards with outstanding efficiency and correctness. Thus, Excalibur is considered the prime hunting tool in the category of crossbows. So, it is preferred, recommended, and even used by many hunters or individuals who practice hunting or shooting activities.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Which type of arrows Are with this crossbow?

Excalibur crossbow has 4  PRO FLIGHT 16.5″ premium arrows made of high-quality carbon fiber 0.001″ straightness and +/- grain weight tolerance. These arrows also have 2″ blazer vane with 3-degree offset that provides accuracy to the tool which is used in shooting practices.

2. What is the price of the Excalibur assassin 420 crossbow?

It is for $ 1,880 that includes tact scope with 30 mm rings, Pro-Trigger, Dead-Quiet Charger Cranking System with 4 PRO FLIGHT 16.5″ premium arrows that can be placed in 4 arrow quiver which comes up with this crossbow.

3. how many yards did the Excalibur crossbow hit the target?

It can hit the target upto 100 yards with accuracy. This crossbow has an accuracy level of 100 yards that can hit the target with complete precision and a speed of 420 fps. Thus, it helps the users to shoot their target even from a quiet distance. 

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