CenterPoint Specialist XL 370 Crossbow Review [March 2023]

CenterPoint Specialist XL 370 Crossbow​

  • Adjustable rear stock and foregrip.
  • Perfect crossbow for beginners.
  • Offers accurate and fast shots at 370 FPS.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Strong and sturdy built.
  • Comes with noise suppressing string stoppers.

XL 370 is the fastest and accurate weaponry with zero vibrations, solid build, and better accuracy. It makes hunting fun learning and experience.

XL 370 camo is a CNC machined aluminum crossbow that ensures remarkable performance with high accuracy. It is the perfect hunting gear for novice and professional hunters. It brings precision, speed accuracy, and durability. This skilled level weaponry is best suitable for any age.

Below are the brief description and specifications of the CenterPoint Specialist XL 370 Crossbow. In this write-up, we covered up key features, pros & cons, power, built quality, speed, accuracy, and included accessories.

If you are a beginner and looking for the best entry-level crossbow Package, then you can also read our reviews on CenterPoint Sniper 370, which is the previous model of it.

CenterPoint Specialist XL 370 Review: First Impressions​

CenterPoint Specialist XL

CenterPoint XL 370 Crossbow Specifications
Speed370 fps
Draw Weight185 lbs
Width axle-to-axle (cocked / uncocked)18″ / 21.5″
Kinetic Energy110 ft.lbs
Length35″ – 39.25″
Weight7.9 lbs.
Power Stroke13.5″

Reasons To Buy

  • Equipped with CNC machined cam system.
  • Comes with an adjustable buttstock and a large foot-stirrup.
  • Sturdy build-up quality.
  • Better weapon for accurate and fast shots.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Light and compact.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The tactical stock is fragile and insubstantial.
  • The bow trigger has a lot of creeps.
  • Crossbow reloading takes a significant amount of time.
  • The crossbow front is heavy.

CenterPoint Specialist XL 370 Crossbow: Detailed Specifications


CenterPoint XL 370 is a CNC machined cam system which has a durable and robust construction. The stylish and fast crossbow will never disappoint you with its quality.

The bow shoots the arrow at 370 fps and fulfills the hunter’s crossbow high-speed requirements. At 7.9 lbs weight, it ensures better speed and accuracy.

Its polymer bolts give a steady grip, and quiver quickly mounts on the crossbow that gives a comfortable hold. The bow is built of aluminum machined, and the entire assembly fits comfortably. Any beginner can shoot with ease as the scope has excellent aim points makes it easy for a beginner.


CenterPoint XL 370 has a camo design. It is durable, lightweight, and is perfectly suitable for big games. Its overall design makes it easy to handle and hit the target. Its camouflage design enables you to hide in the field while hunting.

Speed & Accuracy

When it comes to speed, it is the fastest crossbow which barely misses any shot. It shots an arrow at a velocity of 370 fps. The bow ensures massive accuracy and shoots the target at 40 to 50 yards. It comes with a 4×32 mm illuminated scope with 5 brightness settings that optimizes your accuracy. It allows you to target from a distance without missing any shot.

Noise Suppressors

XL 370 bow includes noise suppressing string stops within the package. It matches all the standards and makes it perfect hunting weaponry. The noise suppressors help to reduce the noise and limit the vibration while nocking the shot.

Kinetic Energy

XL 370 delivers 110 ft.- lbs. of energy with 375-grain bolts at a high speed 370 FPS. The axle to axle length is 18″ wide when cocked and 21.5″ uncocked. With 13.5″ stroke and 185 lbs quad limbs, it provides massive strokes with precision.

In case to get a better power stroke, one can try the more substantial bolts. At 422 grain arrows, one can get 115lbs KE.


Specialist XL 370 model ensures multilevel and auto safety mechanism and keeps you safe. The auto-safety trigger and anti-dry fire prevent accidental misfires when the bow is not fully cocked.


The package includes:

  • AR-Style buttstock
  • Buttpad and Foregrip
  • 4×32 mm scope
  • 3×20” 370 gr. carbon arrows
  • Rope Cocking Device
  • Quiver bracket & Sling

Adjustable Buttstock

Buttstock is the rear parts of the stock and gives rest against your shoulders. It makes your shots easy and easily adjust the stock to your preferred position.

Foregrip & Rear Stock

The bow comes with the adjustable rear stock, huge cocking, and foregrip. The foregrip reduces the strain on your wrist and ensures you manage the crossbow effectively. It makes the handling easy and allows you to shoot the target with ease.


The bow comes with a scope with five brightness setting for better accuracy and shots. The 4×32 can provide you remarkable performance and better clarity. These are accurate enough to nock down the target.

Cocking Device

The rope cocker comes with XL 370 that helps the strings to cock easily. It pulls the draw weight 185 lbs by 50% and equally pulls strings to get better shots.
However, the sling, shoulder string, quiver, and cocking rope helps you get a better balance on the crossbow.

Foot Stirrup

The stirrup allows you to cock an arrow with ease. This crossbow has a large foot stirrup, and it can easily fit your large-sized hunting boots. It can be located in the front of the crossbow.

Final Verdict​

370 Camo is the intense, light, durable, and high quality crossbow. It shoots with accuracy to nock the target. This bow has a solid construction, easy to assemble and is an excellent choice for hunters.

There are no significant changes as compared to its previous sniper 370 models. But this model has better specifications, accuracy, and strong build. This model comes with string-stops that limit the vibration and noise. It ensures accurate shots with the noiseless operation of the crossbow.

The Barnett Recruit Recurve is a pretty decent crossbow for both beginners and experienced hunters. It is a complete package, with features typically found in much more expensive crossbows.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the Difference Between Specialist XL 370 and Sniper 370?

XL 370 is an upgrade of the Sniper 370. It has machine aluminum railed rather than composite. It has adjustable cheek rest, better grip, quiver, cheek weld, and long stirrup. It has better speed and accuracy as compared to sniper 370.

2. How Many Bolts and Broadheads come with Xl 370 Camo?

The crossbow comes with three bolts but no broadheads.

3. What are the Limbs Dimensions Both Cocked and Uncocked?

The limbs of the crossbow are 21-1/2 inches uncocked, and 18 inches cocked

4. Are there Vibration Dampeners on the Bows?

It comes with string stops that make it a quiet bow. It ensures the noiseless operation and suitable choice for beginners.

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