Bear X Intense CD Crossbow Review [June 2023]

Bear X Intense CD Crossbow

  • Anti-Dry Fire Mechanism.
  • Illuminated Scope.
  • 12.7″ Power Stroke.
  • Excellent Hitting Power Capacity.
  • Safe Trigger Operation.

Bear X is the prominent crossbow brand introducing its great entry-level variant, the Intense CD. This Bear X Intense CD Crossbow is ready to hunt tool with a speed of 400 fps, a highly illuminated scope, and many other stunning features for the beginner.

If you are considering initiating your hunting experience, start your journey with this crossbow to have an excellent hunting adventure. As a beginner, you should go with this hunting crossbow and pursue your hunting dreams.

This article elaborates on the crossbow and its related features, so let’s begin the detailed drive about this crossbow to know its amazing work and other outstanding characteristics.

Bear X Intense CD Crossbow Review: First Impressions​

Bear X Intense CD Crossbow Review

Bear X Intense CD Specifications​
Model Name Intense CD Crossbow Package
BrandBear X
Dimensions33.5 x 20.5x 9 inches
Hand OrientationAmbidextrous
Sports TypeHunting, Tactical & Military
SizeOne Size
Weight12.35 Pounds

Reason To Buy

  • Used For Sports Hunting.
  • Ambidextrous.
  • Silent Cocking De-Cocking.
  • Draw Weight Up to 185lbs.
  • Possesses Speed of 400 fps.

Reason To Avoid

  • Do Not Have ACUslide Feature.
  • Does Not Have an Anti-Noise Mechanism. 

detailed Specifications

Design And Construction

The Barnett Hypertac is specially designed for skilled and non-skilled individuals. It has excellent characteristics and high performance making it the most trusted name in crossbows. In addition, it is the ultra-compact riser assembly with the tactical style adjustable buttstock creates a superior experience. It’s an ultra-compact riser with incredible durability and cutting-edge technological accessories for the user’s convinece.


The performance of this crossbow is so stunning that it can assist the user in friendly nature. The beginner can also easily operate this crossbow to start their crossbow journey. Thus, the performance of this hunting device is appreciated. Mainly, it consists of various overwhelming parts that work to do so. Also, it has an anti-fire mechanism that helps the user avoid firing or mishaps. It also possesses a hard stock that can support the user’s shooting style and provides a firm design to this crossbow.

At the lower end of the crossbow, it has a stirrup that supports the user to put their feet into it and cock or decock the device precisely.

 Other than that, it has two side limbs, one on the right side and the other on the left side.

Thus, it has ropes attached to it that can be used to cock or decock the device, and the strings used are of superior quality in that they can support the user’s hunting activity for a long time without damage.


The optics of this machine is highly appreciable in that it has premium scope, 4×32 illuminated scope. It makes the scope of this crossbow an amazing accessory to have in this package. 

It has a standard brightened scope, a 3-dot reticle on the Bear X intense cd, and an entry-level crossbow. Moreover, it is waterproof and crystal clear. 

Assembling and Disassembling

The assembly and disassembly of this device are so easy and comfortable that an entry-level person can also easily operate it. I had good-quality rope. The assembly and disassembly of this device are so easy and comfortable that an entry-level person can also easily operate it.

It also has a good quality rope that can aid the cocking and decock with appropriate strategy. Moreover, this package has wax which lubricates the strings whenever applied by the user to have safe and protected cocking and decocking.

Anti-Noise Mechanism

Bear X has an anti-noise mechanism that reduces sound or noise while operating the crossbow. Thus, it is the best crossbow that users can have a good experience of hunting for the first time or several times. 

Moreover, it can shoot or hit the target after cocking the device, which can be done in silence. Thus, it helps the user to focus on the target and hit it. 


The Speed of this crossbow is 400 MPs, which is good enough to hit the desired target from a certain distance. The speed magnitude of this crossbow is appreciable, and it possesses 12.7″ inches to hit the target that can easily focus on the prey to shoot.


The storage of this crossbow does not have any difficulty in placing it. Moreover, it is more lightweight and comfortable to use. 

It also possesses a portable design that can be moved with the user anywhere without hassle. Per its construction and build, storing it in the surroundings or anywhere else is not difficult.


These are some of the safety measures that are to be adopted by the user while working with this crossbow.

  1. Always place the loaded arrow crossbow in a safe direction.
  2. Keep your fingers away from the trigger while adjusting the arrows in the crossbow.
  3. Before relieving the arrow from the crossbow, check the path to make sure that no other object comes in the way.
  4. Never shoot over elevation.
  5. Do not shoot an arrow straight up in the air. 
  6. Focus on your target and then release an arrow from the crossbow.
  7. Always consider safety measures while using the crossbow for hunting or shooting.  


The amazing crossbow includes accessories that are listed below:

  1. 3 Bear X True X Arrows.
  2. Illuminated Scope.
  3. 4 Arrow Quiver.
  4. Cocking Rope.
  5. Rail String Wax.

Final Verdict

The intense CD crossbow is a hunting kind that can be used mostly by hunters who target their prey in forests. It has many technologically advanced features to help the user focus and hit their desired target. It has a specific speed of 400 mps, considered an excellent speed to hit the target before it could run. 

Moreover, the precision and accuracy of the crossbow are also appreciable that it could hit the target upto 50 yards of distance. So, it is the best crossbow for the beginner to start their hunting drive; this crossbow possesses all the features that a beginner crossbow should have.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Does it have an ACUslide mechanism for cocking and decocking this crossbow?

No, it does not have such a mechanism. So, the user has to operate it with full safety measures. So that it does not bring about the dry firing of the crossbow while shooting.

2. What type of Quiver is there in the package of Bear X?

It has a 4-arrow Quiver that is made up of aluminum. It has a four-arrow quiver which is lightweight, rigid, and adjustable for the attachment. It has a capacity of 4 arrows to hold. 

3. Is this Intense CD an adequate hunting device for beginners?

Yes, of course, this crossbow is best for hunting for the beginner as it has all the entry-level features in it. It is designed for beginners that make the user understand the working of this hunting device. So, we can say that it is appropriate for entry-level learner to start their hunting journey with this crossbow and have a good experience with it.

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