Bear X Constrictor Crossbow Review [February 2023]

Bear X Constrictor Package​

  • Ambidextrous top mount quiver.
  • Produces flight velocity of 410 FPS.​
  • Amazing power for the toughest game, including whitetail, and elk.​
  • Pinpoint Accuracy.​
  • Adjustable parts
  • Anti-dry fire mechanism.

Bear introduces innovative design with narrow dimensions and blazing speed that deliver lethal results. This Constrictor was released in the 2020 hunting season. It is perfect for crossbow hunters in tight quarters. Bear Archery introduces innovative design with narrow dimensions and amazing speed that deliver lethal results. Despite its affordable price, this crossbow is capable of firing arrows at 410 feet per second. 

It is an excellent choice for hunters looking for a compact crossbow that can perform tight hunting spots. Best of all, it comes with adjustable stock that allows for easy setup the way hunters want.   

Its amazing performance and sturdy construction make it stand out in the crowd. Below are the brief description and specifications of the Bear X Constrictor Crossbow write-up. This write-up covered up features, pros, and cons, its build, shooting speed, and included accessories.

Bear X Constrictor Crossbow Review: First Impressions​

Bear X Constrictor Crossbow Review

Bear Constrictor Specifications
Speed410 FPS
Draw Weight190 lbs
Width Axle to Axle (cocked/uncocked)10″/14″
Kinetic Energy
Weight7.8 lbs
Power Stroke12.7″

Reasons To Buy

  • Compact, lethal performance.
  • Anti-dry fire system for safety.
  • Ready-to-hunt crossbow package.
  • Custom quiver placement.
  • Narrow dimensions.
  • Silent design thanks to pre-installed string dampeners.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy to assemble and user friendly.
  • Best value for money. 

Reason To Avoid

  • Bit heavier than others.
  • Cocking can be quite difficult.

Bear X Constrictor: Detailed Specifications​


This crossbow measures 32 inches in length and weighs 7.8 pounds. It has been thoughtfully designed and comes with a narrow and compact body that helps to use it even in tight and small spaces or blinds—measuring 10 inches wide cocked and 14″ wide uncocked — that makes it really compact.

Therefore its compact design makes it the perfect crossbow for hunting and camping trips. It is easy and comfortable for both right and left-hand hunters for comfortable operation. Best of all, it has a slim profile for greater maneuverability in a tree stand or a blind. At under eight pounds and ten inches wide when cocked, it is easy to handle. 

Adjustable Stock

This crossbow has a comfortable grip and comes with an adjustable cheek pad and stock. The adjustable stock allows you to adjust it to your own preference and can be used by multiple people. These are a nice addition to the Constrictor bow and easy to match anybody’s preference. 


This Constrictor is a powerful crossbow that rips the arrow downrange. It is a compact weapon that shoots at high speeds. Further, it is capable of shooting arrows over 410 feet per second and has more than enough ability for hunting deer, moose, and elk. With this crossbow, you will get 3 BearX TrueX bolts as well. These arrows give you extreme accuracy, high speeds and are specially designed for Bear crossbows. 

After cocking, it is pleasant to shoot and trigger breaks quite flawlessly. Its trigger has 3 inches of pull adjustment, so it is ideal for any hand size should be good to go with it. However, the 190 lbs of force give a bit of recoil when shooting. 

When it comes to sighting in the scope, it comes as pre-sighted. You don’t have to make any adjustments. Overall, it is compact, accurate, and produces speeds of over 410 fps.


It has a broad foot stirrup that looks annoying at first look but perfect when you have to cock crossbow while wearing a big hunting shoe. The crossbow has a long power stroke and 190lbs of draw weight. Thus, you will need to put a bit of extra muscle into the pull rope. However, it is easy for experienced hunters to handle. With its broad foot stirrup, you can get a better grip on the crossbow during cocking. With cocking rope, it is easy to cock this crossbow.

Silent Operation

Other important features of this crossbow are pre-installed string dampeners and rubber anti-vibration pads on the foot stirrup. It helps to quiet down the shooting of crossbows during hunting. These are a nice addition to the stirrup for excellent noise control. 

Safety Feature

When operating a crossbow or other hunting weapons, safety is important. Bear took this aspect seriously and designed this crossbow accordingly. It comes with an anti-drying fire mechanism that prevents accidental discharge and dry firing. Apart from this, it boasts a guard rail that is flexible and will protect the hunter’s thumb and finger. 

This protective rail has become a standard feature for modern crossbows, and Constrictor CDX is large enough to prevent fingers and thumb from getting into the path. 

Setup Process

Assembling the X Constrictor is easy and takes less time. It takes just three bolts and a few minutes to assemble the crossbow completely. Just install the limbs and stirrup and then install the other accessories. It only takes 5-10 minutes to set up the crossbow fully. 

As the crossbows come as a ready-to-shoot package, the scope comes pre-sighted. Even the crossbow design is simple, and there shouldn’t be an issue when putting them together. With an oversized trigger guard, it allows easy operation even with gloves on.


The included accessories are of good build quality. In the Constrictor package, it comprises of:

  • 3 TrueX bolts
  • Illuminated scope
  • Top mount 5 arrow quiver, sling
  • Cocking rope and Rail lube / string wax
Bear X Constrictor

Arrows and Quiver

This ready to hunt crossbow package includes 3 BearX TrueX arrows that feature TrueX Nock technology. Further, they come fully equipped with 100-grain field points, inserts, and TrueX nocks for accurate and consistent arrow flight. Every arrow is sorted and inspected for straightness within +/- .005′ fletched with 4-inch vanes. These arrows measure 20 inches long and weigh 370 grains.  Apart from this, it comes with a top mount 5 arrow quiver for custom quiver placement. It also allows the positioning of the quiver on either side of the crossbow.


They provides illuminated nine positions 20-100 yard reticle scope. It is compatible with any crossbow with speed adjustment from 205 to 430 fps. This scope has a 1-5 x 24 zoom range with a 30 mm optical magnification system. It can provide you remarkable performance and better clarity. Also, it is accurate enough to nock down the target.

Final Verdict​

This Bear Constrictor CDX crossbow is exceptionally great for confined spaces and tree stands. Its 10″ and 14″ wide diameter, when cocked and uncocked, allow for greater room for mobility. All in all, it is the perfect option for crossbow hunters looking for a quiet, fast crossbow with good mobility. It is well built and durable enough. Another great thing is its movable stock that helps for easy setting up the way you want.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Is The Stock of Constrictor Crossbow Interchangeable with AR Stocks?

Yes, a mil-spec stock will fit on this crossbow. However, you will lose one position because the tube is slightly different from an AR buffer tube.

2. Does this crossbow need to be assembled?

The Bear X crossbow comes pre-assembled. You only have to mount the scope and install the quiver. 

3. What cases will this crossbow fit in?

Bear Archery doesn’t manufacture any crossbow cases, but you can try out different crossbow cases. The Titan Cooperhead crossbow case fits perfectly and has one internal pocket and five external pockets to store arrows and other accessories.

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