Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review [June 2023]

Barnett Jackal Crossbow​

  • Best suited for beginners and intermediate users.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Comes with ADF MIM Trigger Mechanism.
  • Quad limbs come with high energy wheels.
  • Good FPS and penetration to hunt most games.

Military stock style comes with an innovative and tight military design that is lightweight and sturdy. The ultimate weaponry for all age groups at a low cost of less than $300.

This Barnett compound crossbow is an acceptable bow for the more experienced shooter as well as beginners. The high power and accuracy define this crossbow as it shoots flat, straight, and consistently. The bow has a split limb design, a synthetic material stock, exceptional safety features, and everything you look for in an entry-level crossbow.

The bow meets ever-changing requirements of the hunters with more emphasis on accuracy and ease of operation. It produces an arrow speed of 315 feet per second, quad limbs with high wheels, and better quality synthetic string and cable.

In this Barnett Jackal Crossbow , we covered features, pros & cons, power, build quality, and included accessories.

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review: First Impressions​

Barnett Package

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Specifications
Speed315 FPS
Draw Weight150 lbs
Width Axle-To-Axle20″ Uncocked
Power Stroke12 inches
Weight7.7 lbs
Warranty5-year limited time

Reasons To Buy

  • Durable, lightweight, easy to carry.
  • ensures better power, speed, and accuracy.
  • Available an affordable price under S300.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Handy to hunt big game.
  • Suitable for newbies, beginners, and intermediate users.
  • Synthetic Cable and String System.

Reasons To Avoid

  • No Best Broadheads and Rope Cocking Device.
  • Stock is not Adjustable.

Barnett Jackal Crossbow: Detailed Specifications​


The Jackal Crossbow build quality determines its powerful performance, balance, and sturdiness. Its material construction is lightweight, limbs are durable and provide plenty of support. It allows the bow to aim easily and draw an arrow. The shoulder rest is slightly wider.

The sturdy quad style limbs provide stability in shots. The energy limbs at the end of it offer smooth operation. It accelerates faster due to lowered air resistance. The attached cable system produces fast arrow speed. Its lightweight design and better features make it an excellent choice for adults and children. Its strong build prevents arm fatigue that may cause your hand to shake and through your aim off.


For a beginner, it might take 20 minutes, but overall, it takes 10 minutes that is pretty fast with this best compound bows. Attach the package accessories that come with it. Attach the quiver, cables and strings, and cable slides with the help of photos and step by step guide.

After that, push the riser into the stock until it clicked. Now install the foot-stirrup and insert it in the opening at the crossbow front.

After that attach the red-dot and placed it into the mount and tighten the mounting side plates. You can install all the accessories easily with the help of the manual guide.


The Jackal Compound Crossbow trigger has an average weight of 3.5 lbs. It has a clean breaking trigger that breaks cleanly. It helps to stay accurate and consistent on your shots. Its action is dependable and solid. In this price range, it provides higher quality.

Power & Accuracy

Barnett Jackal Crossbow is a powerful weapon and does the best shooting with 3.5 lbs trigger-pull. The target is easy to sight with it and can take 10 to 12 strokes. The beginners can easily target practice 1″-2″ arrow groups from 30 to 50 yards away. It ensures better accuracy, excellent weight distribution, and easy to aim.

Anti Dry Fire & Auto Safety

It comes with Anti-dry Fire and Auto Safety. It comes with a spring-loaded safety bar that keeps the 20 inch carbon bolts from accidental firing. It prevents accidental shots.

The automatic safety feature prevents the draw while cocking and until it is set to fire mode. It makes the shooting in the field safer. It keeps your fingers out of harm’s way and ensures that they are nowhere near the path of the string.

Stock & Limbs

The limbs are of composite material, and foregrip is quite comfortable to hold. It withstand the high pressure and are more durable than other materials. The foregrip and flared finger guard pass through in the stock. Foregrips are comfortable and can keep the fingers away from the flight rail. The split design of a quad limb allows the limb to accelerate faster due to reduced air resistant.


The Jackal compound bow has good accuracy for short to mid-range accurate shots. It is suitable for target shooting as well, but for long term shooting, it may lose arrow precision. The bow shoots at 315 feet per second speed and is considered best for hunting shots at a minimum distance.


The performance of the crossbow makes it an excellent choice for hunters and target shooters. The cable system, energy wheels, and quad-limbs allow the bow to produce arrow speed at 315 fps. The 150 pounds of draw weight, 12 inches power stroke, and 7.7 bow ensures shots provide with accuracy. It has a devastating 95-foot point of kinetic energy behind every shot.

It is a reliable xbow for beginner hunters to drop their target with accuracy. The Picatinny rail helps to mount the arrow and ensures accuracy in aim.
The overall performance of this entry-level crossbow is worth praise as it gives well-balanced shots and prevents any jerky moments while aiming.


It comes with essential accessories in the package and ensures the proper functioning of the crossbow.
The Barnett Crossbow Package includes:

  • Jackal Compound Crossbow
  • Red Dot
  • 3x 20- inch bolts/arrows with field points
  • Detachable Quiver for your Arrows
  • Hex keys crossbow bolts


The compound crossbow comes with an entry level single red dot scope. It is beneficial in shooting closed groups at 20 yards out of the box. It’s your further choice to tighten the things down and get your crossbow grouping where you need it. Red dots are the best as compared to normal scopes. It allows you to sight with long eyes and tracks faster.

Cocking Device

The package lacks the cocking aid. You can get it at an additional cost of $20. A rope cocking aid helps to pull the string easily. It creates more consistency and makes the xbow more accurate.

Quiver and Bolts

The quiver bolts attach to this bow has a 3-bolt quiver, that you attach with the bow. The package consists of 3 20” Easton carbon bolts complete with screw-in field points. It is beneficial for aspiring hunters and newbies.

Red Dot Sight

The Barnett Crossbow has a pretty accurate precision and uses a red-dot sight. It gains you with accuracy and keeps your eyes wide open at the time of the shooting. If you are new to hunting or just start hunting trips and want to aim longer targets, no worries, with skills and year of experience, you can shoot arrows bit longer.


The trigger mechanism on Barnett has an average of 3.5 pounds and breaks cleanly. The clean, the trigger, the more it will show accuracy and consistent on your shots.

Final Verdict​

Barnett Jackal is a sturdy, accurate, and durable weapon, and it has everything you require. Its sturdiness and lightweight make it an excellent crossbow for beginners. Advanced archers highly recommend this hunter crossbow for wild American game in North America. It offers a five year limited warranty card against manufacturing defects. In this review summary, we will also explain what other accessories the package includes.

In the owner’s manual, you will find safety guidelines, assembly guidelines, troubleshooting, general information, care and maintenance instructions, and warranty information. However, the complete package gives you 20-inch arrows, and premium red dot sight for accurate aim, bolts and screws that can be easily removed or placed. It also includes a convenient set of hex key bolts and screws. This bow easily handles the small game and large games and is a perfect choice for children and adults.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. How to Assemble The Jackal?

The crossbow that comes with the Barnett package has detailed assembly instructions. It takes less than 20 minutes to assemble the crossbow.
Here are the necessary details of assembly as follow:

  1.  Attach your quiver mount to the stock.
  2. Now add cocking stirrup to the riser.
  3.  Secure the stock to the riser.
  4. Mount the 3-red dot scope.

2. Is Barnett Jackal is a Better Hunting Crossbow?

Barnett Jackal crossbow is cheap and suitable for hunting. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to use in the woods or outdoors. It has better accuracy and enough Kinetic Energy to take the largest game in North America.

3. How Often You Have To Replace Crossbow Strings?

The String and Cabela’s require a replacement. The long time frame of a crossbow depends on how often you use your xbow. You can replace the strings every 2 to 3 years.

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