Barnett Hypertac 420 Crossbow Review [June 2023]

Barnett Hypertac​ Crossbow

  • Superb Speed
  • Superior Accuracy
  • Light Weighted
  • Trouble Free Assemblage
  • Excellent Safety Mechanism
  • Visionary Accessory

As technology develops in today’s modern era, there is also an advancement in crossbows that were earlier used in a very simple way to shoot the prey. As technology continues to evolve, new crossbows come up in the market to assist the shooters or hunters.

There are many high-tech crossbows available today. Despite its high tech quality, the Barnett Hypertac 420 Crossbow equipment with many modern features such as an anti-dry fire mechanism, advanced focusing, visionary accessories, an anti-noise operation system, and a self-adjusting cocking system that will make your shooting experience more comfortable.

Technological crossbows are the modern hunting and shooting tools to target and helps to modernize the wild activities. These advanced tools gives pleasure to the hunters or shooters in performing their tasks with an ease and entertainment.

Barnett Hypertac 420 Crossbow: First Impressions​

Barnett Hypertac 420 Crossbow Review

Barnett Hypertac Specifications​
Speed420 fps
Trigger System3-pound
Safety SystemAnti-Dry-Fire Mechanism, Trigger Tech Release Technology
Kinetic Energy142 ft lbs
Penetration Level22%
Length35.9 inches
Width (Cocked/Uncocked)18.75″/9.18″
Weight7.9 pounds

Reason To Buy

  • Easy to Handle 
  • Amazing  Durability
  • Wonderful Focusing 
  • Safety Mechanism
  • Automatic Cocking system
  • Excellent Precision

Reason To Avoid

  • High In Price
  • Not That Easy To Use.

detailed Specifications


The design of this crossbow is so easy to understand, and use this tool without any hassle. It has various amazing features that are useful for the individual to operate the tool as per their requirement and has less effort on its functioning. Also, it has an anti-dry fire mechanism that helps the user to avoid dry firing while cocking or decocking a crossbow. 

This Crossbow is equipped with a 1.5-5x32mm HaloScope that assist features such as speed selector to meet the shooting speed between 300-425 fps. Furthermore, it provides a focal point at exact 10-yard intervals ranging from 20 to 70 yards.

Barnett hypertac 420 Crossbow

This 420 crossbow is designed with a 3-pound Trigger Tech system. It consists of frictionless release technology and a Metal Injection Molded (MIM) trigger Technology. This system enables a high increase in the velocity and precision of the tool.

This Barnett has pre-located string dampeners and superior quality of Side-Mount Quiver. To make its cocking smooth and easy, it comes up with a rope cocker that lowers the weight of 225 pounds into half.


This crossbow is enclosed with close-packed riser feature and adjustable buttstock. The presence of a HaloScope in this Barnet’s crossbow makes it an extraordinary tool in the shooting field. It measures 1.5-5x32mm, which helps to provide a speed selector feature and bears a penetration level of 22%. It functions remarkably compared to other technological crossbows and leads to a speed of up to 420 fps. It provides assistance to target a point at exact 10-yard intervals from 20 yards upto 70 yards. In addition to this, it can work effectively in low light conditions.

It is made with the 3-pound Trigger Tech System that holds Frictionless Release Technology and MIM system. Moreover, it surges the volume of accuracy. Moreover, it is united with the Killer Tech trigger that forms a free-floating roller between the sear and the trigger.

Advanced Safety Mechanism

This crossbow has an Anti-Fire Mechanism designed to prevent the arrow from getting dry while cocking the crossbow, thus putting a stop to any damage. The Soft Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer holds the arrow in its place so that it does not fall off the flight deck. At the same time, it has safety reminders that prevent your finger or hands from getting in the string’s path.

Barnett has pre-located string dampeners and superior quality of Side-Mount Quiver. To make Hptertec 420 ‘s cocking smooth and easy, it comes up with a rope cocker that lowers the 225-pound weight in half.


This Barnett hypertac crossbow has a 15.5 power stroke and can shoot bolts up to 420 fps. Also, it has an impressive Kinetic Energy of 142 ft-lbs that helps the equipment to perform more effectively.

It provides productive accuracy and precision in order to shoot. Also, HaloScope helps to target a point at exact 10-yard intervals from 20 yards up to 70 yards. In addition to this, it can work successfully in low light conditions also.


The Barnett 420 is simple to assemble and disassemble. It needed a single bolt to assemble the riser. The whole process is easy to use, due to adjustable buttstock. The assemblage of HaloScope is also not that difficult. But it takes a little time to assemble and disassemble this technical equipment.


This Barnett Hyper tech 420 comes up as a shooting package that includes necessary accessories to have a wonderful experiences.

  1. Halo 1. 5 – 5 x 32 mm Illuminated
  2. Three 22” Hyper Flite Arrows
  3. Premium Side-Mount Quiver
  4. Rope Cocking Device
  5. Lube Wax

Now here are brief explanation of the accessories, that further helps you to understand more about the equipment.

Halo 1. 5 – 5 x 32 mm

This Barnett 420 has a 1.5-5x32mm HaloScope which provides excellent focusing point capacity that enhances the shooting practices. Moreover, it works in low light conditions where it is difficult to target. Also, it has a speed adjusting technique or speed selector feature that helps to perform with good velocity. Thus, it is one of the essential accessories of the Hypertac 420 that makes it a fantastic technological tool to aid shooters or hunters. 

Hyper flite 22″ Arrows

It uses Hyperflite 22″ arrows that increase the accuracy level of this crossbow with 21% F.O.C. (free of charge) that helps to balance the arrow during shooting, thus reducing wind drift and providing a 22% penetration range which strengthens the adventure of wild activities.

Premium Side-Mount Quiver

These premium Quivers present with the Barnett 420  provide support for placing the arrows. This allows a quiver to be mounted on the either side of the stock that provides support to the crossbow while working.

Rope Cocking Device

This device used in Barnett 420 includes a length of rope with two knobs on the ends and two small hooks with rollers for drawing the strings that help in cocking the crossbow effortlessly. 

Lube Wax

Lube Wax is a kind of lubricant available in the package that helps provide smoothness to the springs or ropes used in the crossbow and the other parts that need lubrication for better working of the equipment.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a technological and advanced level crossbow with necessary accessories. Barnett Hypertac 420 Crossbow comes in the modern crossbow category with features that have high technology and other progressive characteristics. It has high speed, great accuracy, appreciable kinetic energy, advanced safety features, an advanced trigger system, and an adjustable buttstock structure that enhances the shooting and hunting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Does Barnett 420 have any warranty?

Yes, Barnett 420 has a 1-year manufacturer warranty that users enjoy. If there is any damage in the exterior part of the crossbow, it will be done in a warranty.

2. What kind of arrows are used with this Barnett Hypertac 429 crossbow?

Only Hyperflite 22″ arrows are used with this crossbow as they can increase the efficiency and accuracy of the crossbow with the right choice of arrows. 

3. How’s the performance of Hypertac 420?

It has a power-packed performance that includes various highly technological features to perform. HaloScope has a Speed selector and illuminator feature that empowers the functioning of this crossbow with high speed and accuracy characteristics.

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