Barnett HyperGhost 405 Crossbow Review [June 2023]

Barnett HyperGhost 405 Crossbow​

  • TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology.
  • Powerful crossbow designed with hard-hitting small diameter arrows.
  • Powerful fps with 138 ft. lbs of energy.
  • Well-balanced – easy to handle, hold and shoot.
  • Single-bolt assembly.
  • 3 x 22-inch Hyper Flye Arrows.

If you know anything about crossbows and their top producers, you will know about Barnett Crossbows. They are one of the best crossbows brands. They produce some of the excellent crossbows that shoot fast and accurately, all at affordable prices. 

Introducing the all-new Barnett Hyper series, the HyperGhost. The ‘ghost’ in its name highlights the real and fast performance. It comes equipped with rope dampeners that let you release bolt after bolt without any noise. 

However, its attractive Moss Oak design keeps you hidden in the woods. It also assures that you will be able to take down whitetail and other games without a problem. This high-quality crossbow is well-balanced and very easy to hold and handle. 

With that, in this article, we’ve covered the all-new features of Barnett HyperGhost 405 Crossbow that lets you hands-on to achieve any small to big games. 

Barnett HyperGhost 405 Crossbow Review: First Impressions​

Barnett HyperGhost 405 review

HyperGhost 405 Specifications
Speed405 fps
Draw Weight185 lbs
Width axle-to-axle (uncocked/cocked)20.37″ / 17.6″
Kinetic Energy138 ft.lbs
Weight7.7 lbs
Length36 1/4″
Power Stroke16.33″
FinishMossy Oak Treestand Monochromatic

Reasons To Buy

  • Silent Operation.
  • Ideal for Small to Big Games.
  • Lightning-fast Speed.
  • Anti-dry Firing Mechanisms Ensure Safety.
  • Reduce Cocking Tension By Up to 93%. 
  • Easy to Carry and Use.
  • Easy to Mount an Arrow
  • Excellent Stability While Shooting.
  • Already Assembled.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Arrows are Pretty Expensive. 
  • A Bit Difficult to Pull for a Novice. 

Barnett HyperGhost 405 Crossbow: Detailed Specifications​

Build Quality – Design 

Say hello to the Barnett Hyper Ghost Series, the fastest and hardest beating crossbow. It features a new, improved stock and Barnett’s limited step-through riser for a balanced secure grip. The crossbow unit included three HyperFlite bolts that are meant for use with Hyper series crossbows. However, this crossbow comes with a stabilizer bar. This stabilizer bar makes sure that the bow is better handled.

The complex material used for making this crossbow ensures it is light and durable to your game. Other than this, its CNC turned aluminum flight path keeps the weight least while providing you the ease of use. 

The monochromatic Mossy Oak design with skull finish helps you keep a low profile so that nobody can spot you. This camo pattern lets you easily blend in with your surroundings. Plus, it comes with 3 Picatinny rails that let you add extra equipment like extra side quiver, optics, and foregrip etcetera. There is also a compartment on top of the buttstock that enables you to store your hand crank in there, or you can keep your hunting license too. 

Size and Weight 

The full length of this HyperGhost measures 36.25 inches with an axel to axel width of 20.375 inches (uncocked) and 17.6 inches (cocked). However, the crossbow weighs 7.7 lbs that make it easy to carry while hunting. 

This model is not much different from the 425 series. What makes it separate is its functional aspects. With Retractable Underarm Counter Balance Support (RUCS), this device feels good in the hand and offers a great shoulder safe grip. 

Speed and Arrow Performance 

With a power stroke of 16.33 inches and a draw weight of 185lbs, the HyperGhost is the beast in this field. Its unique trigger installation is excellent proof of the craftsmanship of the brand. In this way, when the trigger is released, the arrow causes no friction and improves the speed. Its 3 x 22″ HyperFlite arrows included in the package delivers high-quality hunting. Its 405 (FPS) Velocity has 138 (ft-lbs) kickoff power that is enough to kill any big game like a pro. 

Safety Features 

This crossbow is stuffed with full safety features. It comes with TriggerTech Frictionless Technology. The trigger system contains nock sensors, an ambidextrous lock switch, along an anti-dry fire finger. This ADF mechanism saves you from sudden arrow shots. You can also use the advantage of RUCS hooks that gives you extra security. 

On the other side, the metal injection molded trigger system creates a free-floating wave between the trigger and the sear. It offers a smooth, lighter, and safe play. 

Noise & Vibration 

Hunting requires peace. Some of the crossbows make noise and vibration during a shot and miss the target as it gets alert and runs away. You know what I mean. 

This Barnett crossbow comes with excellent string dampeners. These dampeners make sure of a silent operation and allow the arrow to release without creating enough noise and vibration. By this, your victim won’t get alerted by your preference, and you get the best shot ever. 


If you’re ready to hunt with this HyerGhost, then once must look at its included accessories package – 

  • Three 22″ HyperFlite Arrows.
  • Halo 1.5 x 5 x 32 mm Illuminated Scope.
  • Rope Cocking Sled.
  • Side-Mount Quiver.
  • Lubrication Wax.
  • String Dampeners.

As you know, Barnett 405 includes various hunting accessories to keep you safe and provide full ease while hunting. Here is we will discuss a few of them to get familiar – 

Halo Scope 

Barnett crossbow optics offer the excellent extra edge halo scope to make the shot perfect. This hunting gear comes with a premium 1.5 x 5 x 32 mm illuminated Halo scope. It has an illuminated(green or red) eyepiece. However, you can easily adjust the space between the internal dots to any speed, thanks to its per second speed control. Also, you can turn its scope up to 60 yards. 


Cocking in a crossbow means engaging with ease. It consists of a string arrangement. This hunting gear comes with a rope cocking sled and a spot for a crank. You can cock it with the cocking rope sled included in the case, but you have to buy the crank cocking device separately if you need it. 

Final Verdict​

It is another excellent crossbow by Barnett. It is durable, fast, and affordable. However, this hunting gear is already making heads spin—it is the handiest addition from Barnett’s previous series. The all-new upgraded features like a step-through riser, 3 x HyperFlite arrows make this gear a perfect hunting mate. 

It has all the several things that any hunter wishes for to enjoy the activity the most. The HyperGhost comes equipped with all the great technologies like – TriggerTech and String dampeners, making you a pro hunter. With the 7.7 lbs weight, some of you find it easy to handle. You will also get arrows with it, so you can start shooting right away, unboxing it.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. How to assemble HyperGhost 405 crossbow? 

Apparently, this model comes pre-assembled. You only have to stretch the bolt and install the quiver bracket first. It also comes packed with all essential accessories. To assemble it, first, install the quiver bracket, then step through the rise. Because of its single bolt pattern, you can easily build and disassemble this gear. It is very fast and active, and the sighting-in scope takes just 5 minutes to set. 

2. Does HyperGhost 405 make noise? 

Yes, this crossbow comes with a pre-installed string dampener. This dampener ensures that when you release an arrow, it won’t create any noise or vibration so that your target won’t get alerted by your presence. 

3. How to maintain the life of the crossbow for long?

Be kind to your crossbow, and it will be good to you. Here are some tips you should follow to maintain the life of the gear so it could perform best – 

  • Keep constant survey on all the equipment before shooting.
  • Keep the cables, strings, and arrow/flight wax on. 
  • Use lube wax after all 5 to 10 shots or when white hair begins to appear.
  • Check bolts and locks to make sure nothing comes off and don’t overtighten as they can damage the crossbow. 
  • Leaving the crossbow cocked can damage the parts and may reduce the speed. 
  • Store it in a safe place, dry place, and away from children.
  • Replace the string and wires when necessary or even after 2 to 3 years. 
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