Diamond Deploy SB Compound Bow Review [June 2023]

Diamond Archery SB Compound Bow​

  • Speed rating 330 FPS.
  • Adjustable Draw Length (26 to 30 inches).
  • Composite limb construction.
  • Easy to tune and shoot.
  • One of the best compound bows for hunting.
  • Aerospace inspired carbon riser.
  • Binary cam system.

What are you looking for in a compound bow? Do you want higher speed, ergonomic design, a light bow, or perhaps a sleek innovative shooting weapon?

Diamond Deploy SB is an advanced bow ever that sets a new standard of performance in the field. This compact, lightweight, and a durable weapon is ideal for hunting whitetail.

This lightest bow is perfect for hiking into remote hunting areas, and its compact design is extremely functional when hunting from tree stands and hunting blinds. It features aerospace-inspired carbon riser, designed for minimal weight and maximum impact.

Easily adjustable and great draw cycle are some of the best advantages of this bow has to offer. The Bowtech Binary Cam system, powers this bow at speeds up to 330 FPS while providing exceptional tunability. It provides a simple and hassle-free adjustment of draw length and let-off.

In this Diamond Deploy SB Compound Bow Review, we covered up features, pros & cons, build quality, power, accuracy, and included accessories.

Diamond Deploy SB Compound Bow Review: First Impressions​

Diamond Deploy SB Review

Diamond Deploy SB Compound Bow Specifications
Draw Weight50, 60 or 70 lbs
Draw Length26″-30.5″
IBO Speed330 FPS
Bow Weight3.2 lbs
Brace Height6.75″
Width Axle-to-Axle31.5″

Reasons To Buy

  • Light, smooth, and high-quality bow.
  • Best compound bow for chasing games of all sizes.
  • Quiet and virtually vibration-free.
  • Excellent draw cycle.
  • Sturdy carbon construction.
  • Available in Mossy Oak Break Up Country design.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Short ATA may tricky for new shooters.

Diamond Deploy SB Compound Bow: Detailed Specifications​

Build Quality

It has two construction components that stand out and make this rig shine. The riser is built of sturdy, high-grade carbon rather than the standard aluminum.

The riser gives this compound bow a feather lightweight without sacrificing durability and strength. Another great feature is that it doesn’t get hot or cold. Its carbon grip lets you shoot in the heat of summer or the winter’s cold. Those days are gone when your bow is colder than the venison in your freezer as bows come with carbon riser.

The limbs are made from composite fiberglass. It has a rugged, one-piece design with high-grade limbs that are solid enough to withstand high pressure exerted to produce high speeds and efficient kinetic energy. It is built to last, and you can rest assured you will be hunting with it for many years.

Binary Cam System

The binary cam system is created by BowTech and usually adorns their flagship bows. These twin cams is known to help achieve higher speed and smoother draw cycle than regular draw cycle. However, this bow stays aggressive enough to delivers the quick 330 feet per second bolt speed.

Finding a balance between power and speed isn’t easy, but these cams try to provide a nice balance. Moreover, cams also help with tuning and maintenance in addition to the performance of the bow.

The twin-cam bow tends to fall out of tune, an issue that greatly hurts accuracy. But this bow will give archers less problem with timing and tuning the compound bow.

Size and Weight

Diamond Archery designed this bow with a backcountry hunter in mind. Its 31.3 inches axle to axle length is which is perfect for confined quarters of a tree stand or hunting blind. With weight 3.2 lbs, it wouldn’t tire you out on those long elk hunts in the wilderness areas.

Riser and Grip

Diamond constructed a riser on this Deploy bow that offers excellent benefits to archers. As carbon is lighter than aluminum; thus, it doesn’t sacrifice strength.

Using carbon provides this bow its 3.2 featherlight weight. It lets you hunt for a long time without tiredness. This bow has a slim grip that is integrated right into the riser itself. It allows for the bow to be addressed the same for each shot that is a vital factor to increase accuracy.

Its compact, slim design also makes the Deploy SB comfortable for a wide variety of archers.

Noise and Vibration

This Deploy SB is made with an adjustable carbon string stop, integrated limb dampeners, and a smooth cable guide. These great features enable quiet shooting straight out of the box.

Diamond’s Ready Aim Kill (R.A.K) kit consists of sight Octane 5″ stabilizer for better balance and silent shooting. This kit takes a Deploy SB to a whole new performance level.


It comes in two color options that is Mossy Oak Break-Up Country and Breakup Country. Furthermore, the riser cutout design is about par for the course. It has an ergonomic design and easy to assemble.

Draw Length and Draw Weight

The Diamond Deploy comes with adjustable draw length – 50, 60, or 70 pounds. It indicates the maximum draw weight of the bow, and each bow has a 10lb weight range.

If you know the general draw weight, you prefer you can easily tune the bow within the range by turns of the limb bolts. To adjust the draw length, you can change the position of the cam modules by loosening a few hex screws.

It also has a back wall stop that also requires to be adjusted to assure the bow is shooting at maximum potential.


This Deploy SB package includes the following components:

  • 4 pin apex sight
  • Hostage XL Arrow Rest
  • Wrist Sling
  • Octane Deadlock Lite Quiver
  • Carbon Peep Sight
  • 5″ Octane Ultra Light Stabilizer
  • BCY String Loop

4 Pin Apex Sight

This sight has an adjustable design with several brightness settings. The 4-pin covert is provided with a roving bracket that makes it ultimate multi-pin hunting sight.

It features ultra-easy one-hand adjustment and gravity line rotational adjustment. It comes with 60 pre-marked yardage tapes for easy setup. Also, it is perfect for any light condition with adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis illuminated level.


It is durable and lightweight. This Ultra-lite stabilizer is efficient to help eliminate vibrations and noise. Moreover, its small size makes it perfect for hunting, but a longer one might be ideal for target shooting.


It is a lightweight, one-piece quiver with vertical adjustment capabilities. It is suitable for most fixed blade and mechanical broadheads.

Final Verdict​

This Diamond bow gives you great value for money. While this bow is limited in color choices, it isn’t limited in performance and power. The latest limbs and cams give you plenty of speed and accuracy.

It is maneuverable and features a rugged, durable design. This bow is specially designed for hunting. So, if you are looking for a compact, lightweight shooting bow under $700, then this is the perfect option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Does this Deploy SB has a round grip?

It has a flat back grip with a corner slightly rounded off.

2. What is the difference between PSE Brute Force and Deploy SB?

Brute Force is a similar bow but isn’t has carbon riser on it. It boasts an arrow speed of 332 feet per second. It is a nice blend of speed and comfort.

The Brute features a flex cable system, which increases the precision as its cable system flexes to cause zero lateral torque on the cams when the bow is drawn.

3. Can you adjust it 60lb if it comes with a 70 lb pull, without a bow press?

Yes, you can adjust it using an Allen wrench and turn the poundage down to 60 pounds.

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