Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Review [March 2023]

Cajun Bowfishing Sucker

  • Compact and handy design.
  • All the accessories included.
  • Affordable.
  • Two inter-changeable drawing modules.
  • Adjustable height.

Fishing has always been considered an interesting and relaxing activity. Usually fishing rods are used for Fishing. But these days bow Fishing is becoming more popular among the people. Bow-fishing is basically based on the archery method. This includes a bow and an arrow to shoot a fish and retrieve the fish, and it consists of a long thread line just like a fishing rod. Fishing bows are suitable for better aiming and shooting. You do not need to wait hours for fish to come to your bait. Now you need to spot and fish with the fishing bow.

There are many Fishing Bows currently available in the market. A fisher must choose his bow carefully to get a safe and excellent fishing experience. The Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Bow Review, that tells us that it is one the most accurate and reliable Fishing Bow out there. It is designed to deliver a smooth, safe and comfortable fishing experience. Moreover, it is lightweight, smartly balanced and comes with two modules that are, a constant draw module and a draw-specific module. You can easily interchange these two modules. Also, it has safety features that prevent the strings’ derailment and any injuries to the fisherman. The package includes 2 fibre-glass arrows and anti-blister pads for comfortable fishing hours.

Overall, it is a complete ready-to-fish (RTF) package. You can go through the entire article to learn about the detailed specification of the bow.

Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Bow Review: ​First Impressions​

Cajun Bowfishing Sucker

Cajun Bowfishing Specifications
Weight3.20 lbs
Draw Weight15-50 lbs
Let-off Draw60%
Length ( Axle-to-Axle)32.25 inches
Draw Length17-31 inches
Height7 inches
Brace Height24 inches

Reasons To Buy

  • Compact design and lightweight.
  • Interchangeable draw modules.
  • Separate sets of cams for both drawing modules.
  • Comes with comfortable finger cushioning.
  • Deep cam grooves to prevent the derailing of the strings.
  • Budget-friendly.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not come preassembled in the package.
  • Build quality is not excellent.

​Cajun Bowfishing: Detailed Specifications

Dimensions and weight

Cajun bowfishing bow has a very comfortable and handy design with multiple adjustment settings. The bow measures 32.25 inches from Axle to Axle and offers 17 inches to 31 inches draw length range. The draw-specific let-off is 60%. The height is 7 inches and can be adjusted up to 25 inches. 

The bow’s weight is 3.20 lbs, and can bear weight range upto 15-50 inches, making it one of the most easy-to-use fishing bows in the market today.


Cajun Bow-fishing Sucker Punch Bow is designed to deliver comfortable and excellent fishing experience to the fishers. With its adjustale height it becomes more convenient for you to hold it according to your convenience.

Draw modules

A user likes it when he can adjust his tools according to his comfort. This fishing bow provides the user with two modules that can be drawn. The fisher can use any of these two modules according to his wish. The two modules that are present with the fishing bow can be adjustable, draw length and draw weight of the tool upto 60%. The adjustable draw length allows you to adjust the bow’s draw length, which can be very helpful for the fisher of different heights and body shapes. And the draw-specific let-off reduces the holding weight of the bow up to 60%, which can help in more comfortable and efficient Fishing. You can choose any one of these two modules. 


  • Winch pro wheel.
  • Bow-fishing Biscuit Arrow Rest.
  • Finger Pads.
  • Fibre-glass Piranha Arrows.

Cajun winch pro wheel

To handle the big fish of different sizes and weights, a fishing bow must be strong so that the bow does not break off while retrieving the wish. This fishing bow comes with a winch pro wheel which has the ability to brake and reel which helps in bringing the big fish from the depths of the ocean or sea. The winch pro wheel has an adjustable ceramic string guide for smoother string feed. Also, it has a fighting brake that helps the fisher in winching the fish up on the boat deck.

The winch pro wheel can be handled using one hand only, which makes it more helpful. The line used in it is white in color that can be seen from up to 25 yards. The aluminum material makes it more durable, and an anti-reverse feature prevents the line from tangling.

Biscuit Arrow Rest

Loading the bow can be challenging for many people. Therefore the package is included with a support. It is a V-Shaped notch located at the top that helps in more effortless loading of the bows. It is an aluminium-based biscuit that is designed to be used by both hands. In addition to that, this device reduces slide obstructions that occur during shooting. The laser engraved reference marks help in better aiming and shooting.

Fiber-glass arrows

The package includes two white fiber-glass arrows. These have 5/16 inches diameter and 1190 grains weight. These arrows include a safety slide and white fiber-glass shaft making them more accurate and deadly.

Finger pads

Fishing is an activity that requires the fisher to hold the bow for a long time. Also, while retrieving the fish, fishing demands hard struggle. In this process a hard pressure must be applied on the bow. This can cause painful blisters on the fingers. To prevent the fisher from these blisters, the package includes finger filing item that are very comfortable. Using these pads a fisher can comfortably use the bow for hours. This makes Fishing more comfortable and efficient for

Final Verdict​

This fishing bow is an excellent tool because of its lightweight and durable body. The accessories included in the package make it more useful. The interchangeable two modules make it completely beginner friendly. Cushioning around the finger allows you to hold the bow for hours comfortably. Winch pro wheels can help in weaning the fish of any size and weight  on the boat deck. Furthermore, it comes up with the biscuit support arrow that provides easy loading of the arrows and better aiming too. 

It is apparent that the Sucker Punch fishing pro is designed to deliver fantastic performance with high accuracy. And it is suitable for beginners too. Also, it is comfortable to hold and use. Therefore we can say that this bow is an absolute value for money. If you are a bowfishing person and planning to buy a fishing bow, then The Cajun Bow-fishing Sucker Punch Bow might be a great pick for you.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Where can I buy Cajun Bow-fishing Sucker Punch Bow Package online at the best price ?

Desertcart is one of the most popular websites that delivers products worldwide. You can place orders on this website from many countries, including the USA.

2. Does desert cart have 100% authentic Cajun Bow-fishing Sucker Punch Bow Package Ready To Fish RTF online?

Desertcart buys Cajun Bow-fishing Sucker Punch Bow Package directly from the authorized sellers and verifies the authenticity of all the products.

3. Upto what speed can Cajun Bow-fishing Sucker Punch Bow shoot arrows ?

The company does not provide any documentation on this question. It is because the arrows used with this bow are heavy, and this weight can vary from arrow to arrow.

4. Upto what speed can Cajun Bow-fishing Sucker Punch Bow shoot arrows ?

The company does not provide any documentation on this question. It is because the arrows used with this bow are heavy, and this weight can vary from arrow to arrow. 

5. Does the package come with two separate sets of cams for constant draw and let-off draw each ?

Yes it comes with two different sets of cams for both drawing modules.

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