Best Bowfishing Bow – [January 2021]

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

1. AMSBowfishing Hooligan Bowfishing Kit

AMSBowfishing Hooligan

2. Barnett Vortex H2O Archery Bow

Barnett Vortex H2O

Are you one of those hunters who find catch a fish using hooks and baits to be a boring pastime?

Or are you a fan of archery? Then, Bowfishing is your thing. Proper bows, reels, and arrows are what’ll make your experience fun and indulging.

If you’re interested and beginner to try this fun, then finding the right bow is a challenging task. 

Although it is a bow and arrow that you might have used for hunting deer, it differs from those ones as it has to travel through water. Therefore, there are various features you’ve to consider to select an excellent bow for bowfishing.

Here we listed Top 10 Bowfishing Bows based on in-depth research and top reviews.

Comparison Chart for Top 10 Bowfishing Bow In 2021​

Bowfishing BowDraw Weight (lbs)
AMS Bowfishing Hooligan 24-50
Barnett Vortex H2O 31-45
Cajun Fish 45
AMSBowfishing Water Moc 45
Muzzy Bowfishing Vice 30-60
PSE Archery The Kingfisher 40-50
Cajun Sucker 50
AMS Bowfishing Juice 15-50
Gen-X Cuda 25-40
RPM Bowfishing Nitro 55-75

Which are the 10 Best Bowfishing Bow In 2021?​

1. AMSBowfishing Hooligan Bowfishing Kit​

AMSBowfishing Hooligan

Technical Specifications
Draw Weight24-50 lbs
Draw Length32″
Brace Height7.5″
Mass Weight3.4 lb
Axle Width34″

This Hooligan kit is a complete kit that ships with an arrow, a pre-installed reel with line and a retrieving crank. Therefore you can reel in your catch just as you’d reel it on a traditional fishing road. It is easy to retrieve than a traditional bow rig as you won’t have to pull the line in by hand. It is the best Bowfishing bow. 

It has a Rapid Adjustment Posts cam system that allows maximum efficiency and power at 40# and 50#. Furthermore, it is adjustable from 25 to 50 pounds and consists of a simple adjustment tool. With this tool, you can make your adjustments without a bow press.

The Good

  • It features a RAP (Rapid Adjustment Posts) Cam System.
  • It is available in right and left-handed configuration.
  • It is easy, crank and reel retrieval.
  • It offers a wide range of draw weights.
  • It doesn’t require bow press for adjustments.
  • It comes as a complete Bowfishing package.

2. Barnett Vortex H2O Youth Archery Bow​

Barnett Vortex H2O

Technical Specifications
Draw Weight31-45 lbs
Draw Length26″-28″

Barnett is a leader in the industry of crossbow manufacture. This Vortex bow is perfect for seasoned bowhunters and even for beginners. Though it is crafted for people under age 18, it is deadly to people & animals.

It has great adjustable features that’ll enable you to target any prey you want. The draw weight can be adjusted from 31lbs to 45lbss, which is quite a good range. However, it doesn’t work well for someone who is extremely tall and has long arms.

It offers much forgiveness and convenience with its better design than the other Vortex model. This compact, small bow is great for bowfishing. A large bow doesn’t work well in the boat, canoe, or a dense brush bank.

Moreover, it includes various accessories such as three-pin fiberoptic, arrow rest, three arrows, and quivers. It is quite adjustable and versatile to fit support to any level of archer or fisher. Also, it helps them catch any species of the smaller fishes.

The Good

  • It comes with a solid build with a Reaper H2O finish.
  • It is a very spotty, durable, and lively appearance.
  • It is very smooth to handle.
  • It offers excellent performance, accuracy, and speed.
  • It has adjustable draw weight and length.
  • It comes with a Fiberoptic sight and with pins that are visible in low light.
  • It comes with a packaging carry-case.

The Bad

  • It is suitable for only the right-hand user only.
  • Reels or arrows are not included.

3. Cajun Fish Stick Take-Down Bow Set​

Cajun Bowfishing Bow

Technical Specifications
Draw Weight45 lbs
Brace Height7.25″
Axle Length28″

If you’re searching for a bow that’ll offer you the best precision when you use your own accuracy perfectly, this might be the bow you are looking for.

It is suitable for both seasoned and amateur bow fishers. From normal fishing to swamp fishing, the high-grade aluminum riser, and synthesized limbs beats its purpose.

The lightweight gear eases movement while it 45 pounds weight and 56 inches draw length makes shoot easy, smooth, and accurate.

The rig offers guarantee power to get the arrow underwater and travel further while maintaining a smooth pull and an accurate shot. It has a strong built-in roller system that helps with a consistent draw cycle. It is built in a way that reduces the wear and tears on bowfishing reel power tubes.

The Good

  • It has a durable Reels.
  • It offers excellent speed and accuracy.
  • It has a Roller system, which makes it effortless to draw up and control.
  • The cajun bow can last for a long time.
  • It has a threaded hole for mounting sight and getting long-distance shots.

The Bad

  • It is available only for right-handed people.
  • It is a bit expensive than other Bow.

4. AMS Water Moc Recurve Bow​

AMS Water Moc

Technical Specifications
Draw Length28″
Draw Weight45 lbs
Brace Height7¾”
Weight2½ lbs

This recurve bowfishing bow kit can handle any kind of target you have and also enhances your accuracy with its efficient features. It has a 28 inches draw length, and 45 pounds draw weight. Furthermore, it has a compact design with just a weight of 2.5 lbs. You’ll feel completely comfortable while hunting a fish using this bow.

It is specially built for your water expeditions for protection and anti-wear properties. Also, it features a sleek water-resistant seal over fully laminated limbs. Apart from that, in the package, it includes high grade 105 feet of 350# braided spectra lining.

This best Bowfishing bow comes with tidal wave arrow rest that gives you stability when you shoot. The 7.75 inches brace height makes fishing easier for you. Also, you can get the speed to target any fish with its 45lbs draw weight.

The Good

  • It comes in a complete take-down to the water kit.
  • It has a sleek, green design that is waterproof.
  • It features magnesium riser and synthesized limbs for great performance.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is capable of creating a traditional fishing-feel.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry.

The Bad

  • Available only for right-hand people.
  • It doesn’t include any bowstring.

5. Muzzy Bowfishing Vice Bowfishing Kit​

Muzzy Bowfishing Vice

Technical Specifications
Draw Length24.5″ – 31″
Draw Weight30 – 60lbs
Brace Height7.5″
Weight3.8 lbs
HandRH or LH

This Muzzy Vice kit is a premium package with its trademark quality, which is built to reel in the big fish. The reel is attached to the bow, which is 30-inches long axle. It has an adjustable draw weight of 30 to 60 pounds.

It shoots an arrow at speeds up to 320 fps. Moreover, it features a professional push-button reel, pre-spooled with 150 feet of 150 pounds tournament line.

It features a smooth, easy to use activation system with an easy, smooth line feed for impressive accuracy and easy retrieval. Furthermore, an included fish hook arrow rest proffers the shooter confidence even in the toughest bowfishing situation.

It comes with specially designed Carp tip to deliver excellent penetration on soft-fleshed fish. This Vice Kit includes Muzzy’s ultra-comfortable and finger-saving green glove-free rubber finger guards that make for accurate shooting even with wet hands.

The Good

  • It features finger guards on the string.
  • It offers a professional set up.
  • It is highly adjustable.
  • It is all-in-one kit to get you out on the water shooting fish.

The Bad

  • It is only a right-hand model.

6. PSE Archery The Kingfisher 56″ Recurve Bow​

PSE Archery The Kingfisher

Technical Specifications
Bow Length56″
Draw Weight40 – 50lbs
Weight5 lbs

Precise shooting equipment is the largest manufacturer of archery equipment in the US. This PSE Kingfisher is right hand only 50 lbs draw weight complete bowfishing bow package.

It has an ideal 56″ length for excellent manoeuvring while on the water. The complete durable design is built to last. Also, its limbs are covered in a DK’D camo pattern. It helps keep you hidden in the wilderness.

In the package, it comprises of following accessories
Arrow with Safety Stop and Safety Slide.
Drum Reel with 66 feet of the 60-pound test line
Tide Chaser Rest.
Finger Savers.

The Good

  • It can also be used for archery or bow Hunting.
  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • It is an affordable and multi-using fishing bow.
  • It features attractive all season camo design.

The Bad

  • The strings of the bow may be a little loud and noisy when stretched.

7. Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Bow Package​

Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Bow

Technical Specifications
Peak Draw Weight50 lbs
Draw Length17″ – 30″
Brace Height7.25″
Let Off60%

This Sucker Punch Package is a complete kit, with a compound bow, a reel, an arrow and a crank. It features interchangeable draw modules – a draw specific module and a constant draw module. You can switch between them and use constant cam module for snap shooting when you don’t want any time for aiming.

It is made for right-handed individuals, with a draw weight that is factory set to a maximum of 50 pounds. It is more than enough for sticking the majority of fish and comfortable to hold when it is drawn. It is the best Bowfishing bow for a great adventure.

It is easy to retrieve, with a crank which pulls the line onto a winch when retrieving it. This bow features deep cam grooves to prevent the derailed strings. It comes with everything you will need for fishing.

The Good

  • It is easy, crank and reel retrieval.
  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • It is a solid build with good quality material and design.
  • It offers excellent adjustability and versatility starting from switching cam modes to weight and brace height.

The Bad

  • Its grips could be better.
  • It is prone to tangling.

8. AMS Bowfishing Juice Bow (Left)​

AMSBowfishing Juice

Technical Specifications
Peak Draw Weight15 – 50 lbs
Draw Length17.5″ – 30″

This compound bow will allow you to target any fish and even the big ones. It is well-suited for bowfishing, especially when combined with a 30-inch or shorter length. This bow comes with a reel that is manually operated. Therefore, if you want to catch larger fishes, you’ll have to spend more energy on it.

It also includes anodized aluminum line pullers, that are specially shaped aluminum rods for wrapping around the line as you pull the fish in. Compound bows are great for beginners as it arrives completely as a ready to use kit.

Furthermore, it is quite easy to use and weighs so less that anyone will be to handle it, without trouble. It has a retriever TNT with the 350# Spectra line of 35 yards. You’ll feel quite lively when you use this bow due to its orange, active appearance.

The Good

  • Its left-handed configuration is available.
  • It features a wide range of draw weights.
  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • The reel retriever is attached under the notch point of an arrow.

The Bad

  • The strings are not so durable.

9. Gen-X Cuda Bowfishing Kit​

Gen-X Cuda

Technical Specifications
Draw Weight25-40 lbs
Draw Length21″ – 30″
Brace Height7.625″
Weight3.4 lbs

This Gen-X Cuda Kit is again designed for both pros and newcomers. Its draw weight can be adjusted to accommodate archers of all skills and strengths from 25 lbs to 40 lbs pull. With this bow, you can target any fish from any distance.

It has an amazing let-off for a super smooth draw cycle. Moreover, it comes with a fibreglass arrow with safety slide, arrow rest, and a premium, heavier grade Zebco 808 fisher pre-spooled reel with a 200 pounds line. Its 7.⅝ “brace height also offers adequate forgiveness to help a novice.

It has a 35.5 inches axle length to improve your stability and precision. It also comes with an arrow rest and hand safety tool that’ll keep your fingers out of the way of harm.

The Good

  • It is ideal for beginners.
  • It features a premium Zebco fishing reel.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is quite versatile due to the adjustable draw length and weight.
  • It is made of durable and high-quality materials.
  • It offers a very smooth and easy draw mechanism.

The Bad

  • The bowstring isn’t included in the package.

10. RPM Bowfishing Nitro Mag XL Kit RH​

RPM Nitro Mag XL

Technical Specifications
Draw Length28.5 – 31″
Draw Weight55 – 75 lbs
Weight4 lbs

RPM Bowfishing offers some stylish and powerful bows that provide to those looking to up their game. It is built with premium materials. Furthermore, it is light and well balanced that makes it a serious piece of kit for serious bow fishers.

With 55 to 75lbs draw weight, it’ll help you in hunting in any type of, even the bigger than average-sized fishes. This stylish black bow will definitely help you to improve your performance with each of its features.

This compound bow features an alloy riser construction, aluminum timing wheels, aluminum full capture limb, draw stops and aluminum saddles. It comes with a draw range of 28.5 to 31″. This best bowfishing bow allows you to be adventurous and explore the various fishing range.

In the package it includes:

  • Nitro rest,
  • Vise reel seat
  • M1-X trigger reel pr-spooled with 150’ of Money Wire
  • Locker single arrow quiver
  • BurnOut power rod
  • Black Mamba fiberglass arrow with Turbo point

The Good

  • It is extremely lightweight to use.
  • It is accurate and very fast in performance.
  • Its compact, slim design makes it comfortable and convenient to use.
  • It has an adjustable draw weight that expands the range of the hunters.

The Bad

  • It is an expensive bow.

Types of Bow​

The model of bow you want depends on your hunting style. Not all kind bow and arrow is suitable for fish hunting.

Recurve Style

The recurve style bow is the most popular for fish hunting and field target shooting. It comes with a long curved object that had been skilfully made to aid shooting. It is light in weight and easy to use.

If you are buying a recurve bow, then ensure that it has a stabilizer hole for smooth operation.

Compound Bow

Bow fishing with a compound bow is very lightweight. One of the biggest advantages of shooting a compound bow is that they have an adjustable draw weight. You can set it to whatever is comfortable, so there is no struggle drawing the bow.

It is similar to fishing with a recurve bow. These compound bows are great for advanced hunters, who want up to the par velocity in their hunt.

Crossbow Bowfishing

Crossbow Bowfishing is a good way to get a young shoot or even the disabled shooters into the fishing expedition. It is suitable for beginners, but it takes practice and patience.

However, it isn’t the fastest way to catch a fish to the boat. The crossbow with 100 to 170 pounds of draw weight is easy to draw.

Parts of the Bow​

A Fishing Bow doesn’t entirely look like a hunting bow. Despite serving the same goal, the bow must travel through various medium that hunting ones. It requires a few changes in build. Therefore here is the complete look into the structure and function of each part.

Bowfishing Arrows

The bow fishing arrows need to go through water and then attack and attach its prey. Therefore it requires to be stronger than the usual hunting arrows.

They are built from solid aluminium, fibreglass arrow, or carbon fibre. They don’t have fletches as they don’t need air stabilization.


Generally, the line is attached to the bolt. It is built from braided nylon, Dacron, or Spectra. Their weights may vary from 80 to 600 pounds, depending on how big the target is.


There are three basic reels for bow fishing that you can select from.

  • Wrap drum reel : The wrap reel is the cheapest option and needs you to retrieve the line manually. However, it is the slowest one, so there are fewer chances of successfully hitting a quick swimming target if you use this reel.
  • Spincast reel : It is similar to the reel of a traditional fishing rod. It looks like the hand crank reels of normal fishing poles. This type of reel has a faster mechanism than hand-wind reels.
  • Retriever reel : It is the best and most expensive type of reel. Most bow fishers prefer this one. It is the retriever or bottle type reel, where the line is put in a bottle and then attached to the arrow.

It makes the arrow shoot faster and avoids knots and tangles that may happen if you keep the line around a spool. It is best used for catching alligators.

How To Choose The Best Bowfishing Bow?​

If you want the bow to perfectly meet your needs and make your fishing session more fun. Here are a few factors you must consider while buying :

Type of Fish You’ll Be Hunting

When people talk about fishing with a bow, they usually mean fishes like bighead carp, grass carp, common carp, paddlefish, and alligator gar, etc. from freshwater. Also, they fish for rays and sharks from saltwater. Both of these types of fishes needs bows with different strength or capabilities.

A bow with less strength can’t handle a fish that is stronger, faster, or too big for the bow. By determining the type of fishes, you’ll catch first will help you narrow down your choices of features for the bows.


When selecting a bow, try to look for something that you can carry for long periods. If you cannot carry the bow, you won’t be able to shoot with accuracy that catching the fish will require.

A lightweight bow is better as it won’t strain your arm as much. Therefore, make sure to check that the weight of the bow is something that you carry easily. Otherwise, you’ll end up with the empty bucket and tired hands.


You must decide the length of the bow you’ll be using. If you use a bow that is too short or too long, then you’ll feel uncomfortable. The bow length also determines the strength needed and power provided to some extent.

Fast Draw

It is an important factor of bowfishing, and you require a bow that’ll help you make accurate shots in the shortest time. A top-grade bow should allow for fast and easy drawing and snap-shots, or when you let go of the bow without having to do a full draw.

The draw weight should be adjustable from around 20-40 pounds. However, the more is the draw weight, the larger the fishes you can target.

Brace Height

The shorter brace height helps to create more bolt speed, and the longer brace height decreases speed. It also influences bow forgiveness. Most manufacturers provide the bows with a standard or general brace height.


A bow is worthless if it isn’t durable. The bow and reel should be stronger enough to endure your catch’s pull. Moreover, the line shouldn’t snap as this would mean that you have lost both your catch and your bolt. Therefore whichever features are built in a way to stay functional for a long time.


There are several accessories you can expect to come with the bow. For instance, a good pair of gloves may help you to protect your hands when you are reeling in your fish. Or sunglasses will help you to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that reflect in the water. Therefore consider these accessories and decide if you have a particular choice to have any of them.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. How many pounds does a bow need for bowhunting?

Extra weight will cause you much fatigue while bowfishing. To prevent this thing from happening, choose gears that fall within 30 to 40 pounds because of carp and gar, and you won’t make you carry heavy hunting weight.

2. What does let off means in a compound bow?

A compound bow will provide you with the option to use a “let off” or no “let off” features. When a bow has a let-off, that means they can adjustable to the slowest shooting speed. On the Other side, The bow with no let-off means a bow with a higher speed.

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