Best Recurve Bows – [January 2021]

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

1. Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow

Bear AFT2086150

2. Southwest Archery Spyder Bow

Southwest Archery Spyder

In today’s world of hunting, there would still be a large group of hunters who like to use a recurve bow. These modern hunting recurve bows are very popular among archers.

The major brands of compound bows also produce modern recurve bows of high-quality. It is an excellent tool for the hunters to pursue the chosen game species.

When it comes to choosing a recurve bow, there is a wide range of models to choose from and factors to consider. Depending on whether you are a hunter, 3D target shooter, field archer, flight, or even mounted archer, your needs will be different.

Here we listed 10 Best Recurve Bows based on in-depth research and top reviews.

Comparison Chart for Top 10 Recurve Bows In 2021​

BowDraw LengthDraw Weight (lbs)
Bear Grizzly 28″50
Southwest Archery Spyder 29″20-60
Gonex 40
KESHES 31530-70
Bear Archery Cruzer 29″15-50
Samick Sage 29″25-60
SAS Explorer 2822-34
Southwest Archery Tigershark 26-28″25-60
SAS Spirit Bow 22-28″22-34

Which are the 10 Best Recurve Bows In 2021?​

1. Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve Bow​

Bear Grizzly

Technical Specifications
Brace Height7.5 – 8.5″
Bow Weight31 lbs
Draw Weight28″
Bow Length58″

It is the best bow for the money. The bow is quite popular for its simplicity and appealing look. It comes with durable weather and scratch-resistant, satin glossy finish that can make you pleased every time.

It weighs 3 pounds that makes it suitable told for long hours without putting a strain on your arms. This bow uses the Dacron Flemish string that makes it sturdy.

It comes with Bear hair arrow rest and leather side plate that gives a new smart look. You don’t need to assemble the bow, as it comes ready to shoot right outside the box. Moreover, it doesn’t make any noise and vibration.

The Good

  • It is an excellent bow for beginners and intermediate archers.
  • This hunting bow provides better accuracy and durability.
  • It offers great arrow speed.
  • It is resistant to all weather conditions.
  • It is the best recurve bow for hunting, target practice, and competitions.

The Bad

  • It requires higher maintenance as it is a 1-piece bow.

2. Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow​

Southwest Archery Spyder

Technical Specifications
Draw Weight20 – 60lbs
Brace Height7.5 – 8.25″
AMO Length62″
Bow Weight2.3 lbs

This Spyder 62″ recurve bow is an advanced version of Sage that provides better quality and an extensive-range of draw weights than Sage. It comes with a round edge riser that is constructed with four naturally sourced wood. The wood has thermal properties so you can grip it comfortably in winter also.

The limbs on this Spyder bow are 2-piece laminated hard maple with matte black fiberglass. It offers draw-weights from 20-pound to 60-pound that are easy to change. So it is the perfect bow for the beginners.

With the excellent draw, it delivers an almost vibration-free shot. You can add string silencers to make it very quiet.

The Good

  • It has a high quality finish.
  • It is available in both hand orientation.
  • It can be used for bow fishing.
  • Its limbs are interchangeable with Sage/Journey and Spyder XL.
  • It is the perfect recurve takedown bow.

The Bad

  • It requires tools for a takedown.

3. Gonex Takedown Recurve Bow​


Technical Specifications
Draw Weight40 – 45 lbs
Draw Length30″
Limb Length53″
String Length53″
Riser Length17″
Suitable ForRight Handed

This Gonex Recurve Bow is available in three different draw-weights – 40 lbs, 45 lbs, and 50 lbs. The limbs of the bow are made with multiple layers of fiberglass maple material. It is the best recurve bow that has a smooth texture and flexible design.

It performs well with an aluminum metal riser that comes with rubber grip. Furthermore, the bow is lighter and easier to adjust than a compound bow.

This Takedown bow allows you to update your draw weight. Also, you can remove the limbs from the riser for easy storage.

It comes with 12 strand Dacron-string that is durable and flexible that allows you to assemble and disassemble your bow without harming.

The Good

  • Its build quality is great.
  • It comes with a bow stringer.
  • It is suitable for professional hunters and archers.
  • It is easy to assemble.

The Bad

  • It isn’t suitable for left-hand archers.

4. Dostyle Archery Takedown Bow​


Technical Specifications
Draw Weight40 lbs
Riser Height14.57″
Bow Length52″

This Dostyle Recurve Bow is available only in 40 lbs draw weight design. It comes with a durable wooden riser that has rounded edges and a finished wood handle.

Its fur arrow rest is made of seal-skin that is water-resistant. This bow has sturdy fiberglass limbs that are easy to assemble. It allows you to have your best experience while aiming at your target.

The package includes riser, bow limbs, a pin bow sight, arm guard, a finger guard, bowstring, 5 Arrows, and 6 Target Faces.

The Good

  • It comes with a durable wood riser and fiberglass design.
  • It is available in three different packages.
  • This recurve bow is easy to set up.

The Bad

  • It is fit for only Right-hand users.

5. KESHES Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow and Arrow​


Technical Specifications
Draw Weight15 – 50 lbs
Draw Length29″
AMO Length62″
Bow Weight3 lbs

The Riser of the bow is built with various types of quality wood lamination. It helps to improve strength and stability. Also, it has a multi-layer riser with impressive rounded-edges that assures maximum comfort.

It comes with a knob that aids you to attach without using any tools. If you are a newbie, professional archer wants a recurve bow for target practice, hunting game, recreation, or bow fishing. This bow will serve your every purpose.

It has an ergonomic design with a comfortable grip so that you’ll be able to pull hard on the draw-back and get the max force behind the tug. It leads you to shoot with precision and faster arrow speed.

This high-end bow comes with an installed brass bushing that allows all your future up-gradations. You can fit shelf pad, quiver, sight, string silencer, and other hunting gears.

The Good

  • It is fit for all ages and genders.
  • It is simple to assemble, store, and carry.
  • It comes with accessories.
  • It comes with both left hand and right hand orientation.
  • It is versatile and easy to upgrade.

The Bad

  • It has a full wooden design that needs maintenance.

6. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow​

Samick Sage

Technical Specifications
Draw Weight25 – 60 lbs
Draw Length29″
AMO Length62″
Brace Height7.5 – 8.25″
Bow Weight3.4 lbs

Samick sage Takedown is the best bow for both hunting and recreational archers who target to shoot. The maple and Dymond wood riser with a double tone gloss finish makes it durable. It’s cut past center shelf allows for the lower angle between the string and the bow.

The limbs are available in draw weights from 25 pounds and 60 pounds. This draw-pull is easy to change that makes Samick Sage recurve bow perfect for the novice who wants to start on low draw-pull and progress up the scale as they become expert.

Setting the bow with an upgraded string will result in a high-speed shot. Moreover, the length of this recurve bow compared to other bows 59″-61″ range gives it benefit when it comes to precision.

The Samick Sage comes with pre-installed fitments for plunger, arrow-rest, sight, quiver, stabilizer. You can also fit a bow fishing reel, but you’ve to buy this separately. None of these are included in the package.

The Good

  • It provides a wide-range of draw weights.
  • It has reinforced limb-tips for high-performance bow string upgrades.
  • It boasts a riser cut past the center with a crown arrow shelf.
  • It is silent and accurate.
    It is great for bow hunting and target shooting.

The Bad

  • The bow stringer isn’t included in the package.

7. Southland Archery Supply SAS Explorer Takedown Bow​

SAS Explorer Takedown Bow

Technical Specifications
Draw Weight22 – 34 lbs
Brace Height4.5 – 8.25″
Bow Length66″
Bow Weight2.4 lbs
Draw Length28 inches
HandsRight handed only

The Explorer bow is built from maple laminations and strong fiberglass. It is available in five different color options to enjoy your shooting with style.

The riser has high strength aluminum finishing that ensures durability. Furthermore, the plastic grip assures comfort to hold the riser hot or cold season. Its interchangeable wings among the sizes help you to upgrade from lower poundage to higher without changing the bow.

It offers high accuracy and allows you to shoot targets without deviation and disturbance. Moreover, its riser has a threaded hole for setting up accessories like sight and quiver.

The Good

  • It is easy to install and store.
  • It needs a tools-free takedown.
  • This archery bow has a durable aluminum riser.
  • It is lightweight and has a sleek design.

The Bad

  • There is no left hand option.
  • It requires assembly.
  • It has a weak grip.

8. TOPARCHERY Traditional Recurve Bow​


Technical Specifications
Draw Weight30 – 50 lbs
Brace Height6.25 – 7″
AMO Length53″
Weight1.92 lbs
Draw Length28 inches
HandsLeft & Right Hand

This recurve bow comes with 53 inches bow length and 30-50 pounds weight with a 5lbs difference that makes it the best longbow for beginners.

If you want a modern design, this bow isn’t for you. It doesn’t have an arrow rest or ergonomic grip as it is a traditional longbow. While if you want a basic powerful bow at a reasonable price range, this one is for you.

It has a faux leather grip with flexible fiberglass limbs. This quiet and accurate takedown longbow is best for hunting.

The Good

  • It is lightweight and fast.
  • It is the best longbow for deer hunting.
  • It has a compact size and a comfy grip.
  • It is certified for hunting up to large-size games.
  • It is ideal for beginners as well as skilled archers.
  • It is an ambidextrous bow.

The Bad

  • The riser tends to separate from the limbs after long use.

9. Southland Archery Supply SAS Spirit Bow​

SAS Spirit Bow

Technical Specifications
Draw Weight22 – 34 lbs
Draw Length22 – 28″
Bow Length66″
Weight2.9 lbs
HandednessLeft or Right handed

The SAS Spirit is designed for teenagers or beginner archers. This bow supports either a right-handed or left-handed person. Therefore before buying, you should consider your hand orientation.

Its black color limbs are made of maple laminations and fiberglass. The best thing is that it is lightweight and easy to attach and detach.

It has an ergonomically design handle that ensures a smooth grip. Also, the well-designed arrow shelf assures accurate shooting. However, the 22-34 lbs draw-weight isn’t able to give much power for hunting large-size game. It is potent enough for target shooting.

The Good

  • It is the perfect bow for family fun or backyard shooting.
  • It is a budget-friendly recurve bow.
  • It comes with 3-years limited SAS warranty.
  • This archery bow is effortless to assemble.

The Bad

  • The quality of bowstring isn’t up to the mark.

10. Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown Recurve Bow​

Southwest Archery Tigershark

Technical Specifications
Draw Weight25 – 60 lbs
Draw Length26 – 28″
Bow Length62″
Draw Weight25 – 60 lbs
RiserDymond wood & Tigerwood

This Tigershark bow is a perfect combination of creativity, swiftness, and quality. It is the best takedown recurve bow. The manufacturer put the best effort to make this bow is a piece of art. They use four types of wood – Dymond wood, Tigerwood, White Oak, and Padouk to construct. It makes it durable and long-lasting.

Also, it is ergonomically designed that makes gripping comfortable for both right and left handed shooters. The subtle red-line on the arrow rest and round edges give it a polish feel.

The bow is suitable for all genders and ages. It is perfect for hunting big-size games, bow fishing, target practice, or archery competition.

It comes with poundage from 25lbs to 60lbs, which offers plenty of versatility to this bow. It is the right choice among novices and expert archers of all age-groups.

In the package, it includes one pair of matching limbs, 14 strand Dacron string, stick-on adhesive bolt rest & arrow shelf rug rest on the Tigershark Pro, and manual with photos.

The Good

  • It has interchangeable limbs.
  • It is an excellent bow at an affordable price.
  • This hunting bow offers better performance and versatility.
  • The black bushings enable the user to install sight, stabilizer, or quiver easily.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.

The Bad

  • It needs Allen wrench to tighten and open the bolts of limbs.
  • To make the bow quiet, need to add a silencer.

How To Choose The Best Recurve Bow?​

A bow with curved limbs store a great amount of energy and thus able to utilize that energy more efficiently than straight limb bows. Select the best recurve bow that suits your budget or that you like. For target practice, you won’t need an extra powerful bow since the arrow will have to go through the cardboard or foam of the bullseye.

For hunting, the arrow should be able to penetrate the animal’s skin. Therefore a recurve bow with a draw weight around 40 lbs or above will be great for hunting purposes.

There are 3 measurements that you need to know, once you calculate that you can find the one that fits you.

Draw Length

It is the measurement of how far the hunter can pull back the string before the fire. Selecting the right draw length is as important as buying the right size shoes. Before making any decision, evaluate, and test to find the comfortable draw length.

There are two methods two find the draw length.

  • The first one is to put you back against a wall and spread your arms. Then measure the distance from the tip of your right hand to the left-hand tip. Now divide this number by 2.5, and you’ve got your draw-length.
  • And the second way is you can go to an archery store and have a professional measure you.

Bow Length

After finding the draw length, you’ll be able to figure out what bow length that you’ll need. Below is the chart that helps you to find suitable bow-length for you.

Draw lengthBow length
24-26″64 to 66″
26-28″66 to 68″
28-30″68 to 70″
30-32″70 to 72″

Draw Weight

It is the measurement of the force stored by a bow. This weight measures in foot-pounds when it is at full draw. A bow with a lower draw weight is easier to draw. The higher the number harder to pull the string and shoot. Consider your age, gender, and weight when picking up your draw weight.

For young ones, a bow with 10-14 pounds draw-weight is a good starting point. Usually, it is recommended that children weighing less than 100lbs pick up 10-15 pounds.

For adult women, 20 to 35 pounds of draw weight is good to start.

Males with an average height should be able to handle pull-weights from 40 to 55 pounds. A draw-weight from 40 to 60 pounds is best suited for larger men.

To shoot a game, you’ll require a least of 40 pounds, which ensures efficient shooting at a safe distance.

Build Material

A recurve bow with wood riser is cheaper than metal ones. The riser comes pre-drilled for a variety of accessories such as bolt rest, sight, stabilizer. Some wooden-riser doesn’t come pre-drilled, but you can DIY drill. However, this may void the warranty of your recurve bow.


Some recurve bow comes in right-hand variations, whereas some bows available in both handednesses that’ll restrict draw weights on one hand or the other.


How your bow looks is going to be down to own preference except you are a hunter who doesn’t need white limbs covered with lettering. It is all your personal choice thing, therefore, go with something you like.

Takedown Bows

These bows are pretty large and need to be unstrung to be stored. Don’t place your bow with string under tension. When a bow is unstrung, it gets even bigger. Therefore you’ll require a lot of room or a wall to hang your bow. Or, you can purchase a carry case to store a bow somewhere.

Limbs – Upgradeability

Takedown bows can be assembled or disassembled into parts. Replacing the limbs of your bow is a budget-friendly deal than buying a whole new bow. It is also a way of increasing or decreasing the draw weight.

Choosing a bow with readily available limb replacement is a better idea if you are a beginner since it lets you progress from a lower to higher draw weight.


Generally, recurve bow packages come with a minimum of accessories that may only include the bow and string. You can make a separate purchase for the essential components for your weapon.

It includes arrows, field tips, bow stringer, nocking points, and archery targets for practice. Elements such as arm guards, finger tabs, bowstring wax, and wrench Allen can be brought later as they ensure long term comfort and bow durability.


Different brands give different warranty periods with their bows and only cover the riser and limbs. Recurve bows have some quality issues, so choose a bow that comes with a warranty.

Sometimes limbs may break earlier than expected due to manufacturing defects. The limited warranty covers the part of the cost by replacing the defective part after a certain period.

How To Set up A Recurve Bow?

Step 1: The Bigger loop of the bowstring is for the upper limb and Smaller loop for the lower limb.


Step 2: The bow will look as in the image after the limbs are installed.


Step 3: Assemble limbs on the bow riser by screw.

Step 3

Step 4: The recurve bow will look as in the picture after the limbs are installed.

Step 4

Step 5: Put the loop on the upper and lower limb, then hitch the end using the pouch of the stringer.

Step 5

Step 6: Step on the bow stringer, hold the riser & pull up slowly, slide the string bigger loop until it fits into the groove of the upper limb.

Step 6

Step 7: Screw the arrow rest onto the riser.

Best Recurve Bow In 2020

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. How To String A Recurve Bow?

Here is a step by step guide to string a bow.

Step 1– Buy a bow stringer to string a recurve bow without damaging the limbs. Choose the one that is designed for a recurve bow, not a longbow. Also, confirm that the ends of the stringer fit snugly over the bow’s limb tips.

Step 2 – Now place the bowstring over the bow tips. Thread the bigger loop on the upper limb and the smaller ones on the lower limb.

The lower limb is on the heavier side of the handle; thus, the draw weight is usually marked on the lower limb.

Step 3 – Put the smallest stringer pocket over the upper limb tip. If your bow-stringer has a leather pad on one end, push it over the top-limb and just behind the string loop.

Step 4 – Hold your bow horizontally with your non-dominant hand.

Step 5 – Step on the bowstring about shoulder-width. This helps your bow to bend, and bowstring slides upward.

Step 6 – Confirm if the string is secured, then gently lower your bow. Do not rush this step or a loose string as it can slip-off and sling-shot the limb into your face.

Step 7 – Take off your recurve, and you are ready to go.

2. Is Recurve Bow Better Than A Longbow?

Recurve bow shoots faster and more effectively than a longbow because it has a number-three like shape while the longbow has a straight grip and half-moon shape.

3. How Much Draw Weight Required To Kill A Deer?

You can kill a deer with 40 lbs of draw weight. And 50 pounds of energy is needed for a big game such as moose, bear or elk.

4. What Draw Weight Bow Olympic Archers Use?

Olympic archer uses a recurve bow with a very light draw weight of around 50 lbs. The popular model used by Olympic archers is Hoyt Prodigy recurve bow.

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