Best Mechanical Broadheads – [January 2021]

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

1. Swhacker Set of 3-100 Grain Cut Broadheads

Swhacker Broadhead

2. G5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain Broadheads

G5 Outdoors Montec

Broadheads have become widely popular among the hunters and easily fits for new bow hunters. It is the first piece of gear that makes contact with the target that makes it count as an essential tool. A broadhead is nothing but a large cutting point assembly, attached in an arrow for shooting. If you want your arrows to go through your prey with accuracy and precision, then you need to invest in the broadheads.

Many manufacturers come with many new models design to maximize the flight deviation and increase stability. There are generally two types of Broadheads depends on the number of blades. It includes a fixed blade and mechanical blade. The broadheads come with an aerodynamic ferrule for more filed tip precision and accuracy.

Selecting a poor quality broadhead may reduce the chances of bringing the food at home. A low-quality broadhead might not cut through the animal bone, flesh, and internal organs. If you are a hunter with the intent of killing game for meat or taking home dinner, then it’s for you.

Below is the list of 10 Best Mechanical Broadheads, comparison chart, and buying guide.

Comparison Chart for Top 10 Broadheads​

Mechanical BroadheadsCutting DiameterBlades
Swhacker 2″.032″ Stainless Steel
G5 Outdoors Montec 1-1/16″
Rage Chisel 2″.035″ Stainless Steel
Carbon Express Torrid 1.5″0.031″ Stainless Steel
NAP Spitfire 2″.035″ Stainless Steel
Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar 1 3/16″.035″ Stainless Steel
Rage Hypodermic 2″.035″ Stainless Steel
Muzzy Trocar 2″.035″ Stainless Steel
Rage 2″.035″ Stainless Steel
Carbon Express F-15 1.375″0.030″ Stainless Steel

Which are the 10 Best Mechanical Broadheads In 2021?​

1. Swhacker Set of 3-100 Grain 2 Inch Cut Broadheads​

Swhacker Broadhead

Swhacker 2-inch 3 blade broadhead has a unique blade design with two cutting edge. The broadheads are made of high quality materials and deliver unexpected results. The 3 set of Broadhead comes with blade 100 grains expandable broadheads and two blade broadheads. Broadheads are 1 inch wide closed and 2 inches wide open.

The blades give better resistance, rust, and corrosion. The Anodized Aircraft Aluminum Ferrule keeps the arrow weight to a minimum. Its .032″ thick stainless blades are hardened enough to deliver excellent power.

The broadheads have two sets of cutting edges. The first set of edges are useful for cutting the hides and ribs, whereas the main blades doesn’t touch anything during the first penetration, in the case of the second set of edges.

The Good

  • It has hardened high carbon steel points.
  • The broadheads are made of high quality materials.
  • Its expandable blades are razor sharp.
  • It is one of the best-quality expandable broadheads.

The Bad

  • The smaller blades aren’t easy to clean.
  • It doesn’t come with practice tip version.

2. G5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain​

G5 Outdoors Montec

The Carbon Steel Montec CS is the finest one-piece Broadhead, manufactured using. It is 100% spin tested, and its carbon-steel is incredibly sharp and easily re-sharpened after repeated use.

It is the updated version of the previous model with better enhancements. It ensures maximum flight capacity and more sharpness in this version.
It maintains a high standard and low tolerance.

The broadheads are made in the USA and are spin tested, strength tested, deployment tested, and sharpness tested. It further eliminates the failure rate and ensures good sharpness retention.

The Good

  • The broadheads are durable and have excellent sharpness retention.
  • It’s diamond cut blades ensure large wound trails for a humane kill.
  • It is the best and a good fit for all bows.

3. Rage Chisel Tip SC Broadhead 100-Grain (3 Pack)​

Rage Chisel Tip SC Broadhead

It is one of the most popular 2-blade broadheads which are equipped with shock collar technology. Its SS blades assure to kill the target.

Its Shock-Collar Technology offers excellent blade retention when the arrow is stored and inflight. Its chisel tip got an appreciation of skilled bowhunters as it goes smoothly. These broadheads are known for better precision and accuracy. The chisel point can even go through the bone that means your chances of getting a kill hunting down your prey are high.

The Good

  • The model offers free practice sets come with the broadheads.
  • It has the best Shock Collar technology with great blade retention.
  • It ensures excellent cutting power with chisel tips and stainless steel blades.

4. Carbon Express Torrid 100 Broadhead​

Carbon Express Torrid

Torrid Broadheads are high-quality broadheads with .31 thick blades with razor-sharp, .68” wide lead blade that ensures maximum penetration. It comes with an Aircraft-grade ferrule that provides better efficiency.

The broadheads include field point accuracy and a retention system of the blade. Its specifications are a 1.5″ cutting diameter, 0.031″ blade thickness, and 100-grain weight.

5. NAP Spitfire Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead​

NAP Spitfire Broadhead

NAP Crossbow is designed to shot accurately from a modern high-speed crossbow that gives a large amount of kinetic energy. It is designed for reliability and no O-rings or rubber bands makes them more likely to open. This high quality product ensures you shot with maximum accuracy and gives superior performance.

Its Trophy tip is made of from hardened carbon-steel that provides precision. The blades of broadheads are made of razor-sharp stainless-steel. The broadheads have a blade-retention system that holds the blade close during the flight. The ferrule reduce the drag so that your arrows will fly through the air precisely.

The Good

  • The retention system is straightforward and durable.
  • It provides the best accuracy and precision.
  • You can even easily replace the blades.
  • The low-drag Ferrule brings high precision in these broadheads.

6. Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar Crossbow Broadheads​

Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar

Muzzy is engineered for undisputed toughness. The broadheads are available in two versions 75 grains and 100-grain broadhead. The fixed blades feature a 0.035-inch-thick helix-blade design that ensures field-point-like accuracy. Its solid-steel Ferrule is made of one solid steel-piece.

The sharp blades and a 1-3/16-inch cutting diameter ensures deep penetration, huge exit wounds, massive blood trails, and unmatched precision. Not only this, the broadheads were tested extensively before launching on the market.

These broadheads help you achieve deadly and massive precision with 100 and 125-grain broadheads with precision.

The Good

  • These are available in two versions 100 grain and 125 grain.
  • Solid steel ferrule assures you that the arrows will stay on target.
  • It has large wound channels.
  • The broadheads have razor sharp-blades.

The Bad

  • The hardware of software is small, so replacing the blades can be a bit tricky.

7. Rage Bowhunting Hypodermic Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead​

Rage Hypodermic Broadheads

These broadheads offer precision with the product. It is considered to be the most accurate Broadhead in the world. Its shock collar technology ensures proper blade retention.

With a pack of 3 broadheads, you will get a free practice head. It comes with the best Aerodynamic one-piece steel ferrule, .035″ stainless blades, and 2″ diameter. These broadheads are great for deer hunting.

These broadheads will cut through ribs, hide, and internal organ that ensures that your prey is down. The steel ferrule prevents damage to the tip so that you don’t have to deal with uncleaned cut. The broadheads have better penetrative power.

The Good

  • It has 100-grade broadhead version.
  • The pack includes three practice head.
  • It has easily replaceable blades and gives the broadheads a unique design.
  • It includes a hybrid tip for better precision.
  • It has long cutting diameters.
  • It comes with improved shock-collar technology.
  • Its increased penetration power makes your shot deadlier than ever.

8. Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain 3-Blade Broadhead​

Muzzy Trocar Broadhead

Trocar has a helix design blades and is available in 100-grain, and 125-grain. The Ferrule of the Broadhead is made of one solid piece of steel that brings maximum accuracy. Its helical design maximizes arrow stabilization and pinpoint-accuracy at long ranges.

The broadheads ensure the expected result when using field points. It offers a cutting surface of 2-5/8 inches with a fixed diameter of 1 inch. The 100-grain broadheads and 125 grain ensure deadly accuracy and precision. Its Trocar tip is designed to hit through muscles and bones of the target.

The Good

  • It is available in two versions 100-grain and 125 grain.
  • Its solid steel ferrule ensures that your arrow will stay on the target.
  • It has razor sharp blades and is made of hardened steel.

9. Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX Mechanical Broadhead​

Rage Bowhunting Broadhead

This Broadhead is popular for its accuracy and precision. It comes with both 100 and 125 Grain version. The technology comes with improved Shock-Collar, which ensures proper blade retention. The 2-inch cut diameter leaves a large entry hole thanks to the fully deployed blades.

Its Ferrule Alignment Technology promotes aerodynamic flight, Razor sharp .035″ stainless blades, Massive leading edge blade. The Broadhead includes a free practice head that ensures you will be on target when it counts.

The Good

  • It comes with both 100 and 125 Grain version.
  • It comes with extra shock collars.
  • Its blades are made of steel.
  • The Broadhead comes with free practice head in the package.
  • This best broadheads brings efficiency and flies straight.

The Bad

  • Its shock collars are quite delicate.

10. Carbon Express F-15 Expandable Dual Blade Broadhead​

Carbon Express XT Broadhead

This F-15 is designed with innovation, keeping in mind performance and precision. The broadheads have six edges that create a wound channel that is two or half time larger and effective than traditional models.

These models are lightweight, and its aerodynamic profile and 100% spin testing enhance precision. Its ferrule keeps your arrows on the target.

The Broadhead comes with 0.030″ stainless blades with a 1.375″ cutting diameter. The blades are sharp and create the wound open for a precise kill.

The Good

  • The six-cut edges create up to a 250% greater wound opening than traditional broadheads.
  • It ensures greater devastation.
  • The long-lasting blades remain sharp for longer.
  • It has an aerodynamic profile that makes the best arrow flow at a distance.
  • The broadheads have spin capabilities for extra precision.

How to Choose Best Mechanical Broadheads?​

Best Mechanical Broadheads 2020

The Best Mechanical Broadheads are usually perfect for deer hunting and fly like you target tips open their full cutting blades upon impact with an animal.

It has a larger cutting diameter. When it comes to shooting, they are easy to shoot as compared to the fixed one.

The manufacturers do advertise that the broadheads will fly like your field tip. The broadheads do offer large-cutting diameter which leaves impressive entrance and exit wound. Here are some list of broadheads

Weight and Penetration

Generally, the broadheads come in two different weight that is 100 grains and 125 grains heads. For large games or prey, you need to depend on superior grain weight for a better level of penetration. Always make sure that broadheads are correctly installed and arrows are straight. If you are using a powerful compound bow, then a heavier broadhead will be good for heavier draw weight.


The precision is essential to pull broadheads to gives better accuracy close to field points if not equal. The better the quality broadheads and precision, the more it will hone your aim and gives accuracte shots.


The fixed broadheads are made of the same types of materials, but the other types are a combination of materials. They are made of SS blades that offer superior cutting power. The Ferrule is made of aluminum to avoid unnecessarily added weight to your arrows.

Cutting Diameter

The larger wound of the broadheads can cut the larger prey for your takedown.

Number of Blades

Many Mechanical Broadheads comes with two to four blades that are important than the cutting diameter. Beware of broadheads that offer more blades than a wood chipper. It comes with more blades that make a better blood trail. The two to four-blade models are sufficient for any game. The downside of moving blades is more moving parts to malfunction. If you are a beginner hunter then for a small or medium-sized game, a three-blade mechanical broadhead is a better option.

Broadhead Tip

One must pay special attention to the tip of the Broadhead related to the mechanical design or fixed blade. The chisel tip is the basic pointed tip or a cut on contact tips that are razor blade tips mounted at the tip of the head.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. How Many Blades are Present in Broadheads?

The different models of broadheads vary with a different no. of blades. Your shots depend on the no of blades. The broadheads guarantee consistent blood trails which allow you to follow your target.

2. What Broadhead has the Large Cutting Diameter?

Rage Xtreme Broadhead has the largest cutting diameter in the field of 2 ¼ inches. The 0.34-inch-thick giant blades are very sharp. They are versatile and you can use it with recurve bows and compound bows as well. It has the largest cutting diameter and can be purchased as a chisel or cut-on-contact broadheads.

3. What are Mechanical Broadheads?

These Broadheads are just like your field points. The broadheads create a massive wound channel and cut a larger hole for great blood trails.

4. How Do Broadheads Kill?

The tips of broadheads deliver a low energy impact by cutting vital tissues. It reduces the animal chances of running away.

5. Are Mechanical Broadheads More Accurate?

When it comes to accuracy, this is less affected by the winds and more accurate than their fixed blade counterpart.

6. How Do Mechanical Broadheads Work?

When the bow stores kinetic energy, it releases it in the form of an arrow to hit the target. These broadheads count on the force of the impact that catches the animal hide to open blades. In the broadheads, the broadhead blades are retracted back into the ferrule.

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