Best Hunting Knife – [January 2021]

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

1. Buck Knives 0110BRS 110 Folding Hunter Knife

Buck Knives 0110BRS best hunting knife

2. Havalon Piranta-Edge Blaze Blades

Havalon Piranta

If you love fishing or hunting or just have a passion for wilderness expeditions, then you need a reliable hunting knife.

A sharp hunting knife is the ideal cutting tool and provides you with a lot of versatility for all sorts of hunting, from skinning small and big game, cleaning a fish, field-dressing a deer or cutting a rope to make a shelter.

Before selecting any kind of knife, it is important to know for what purpose you’ll be using it and what type of game you’re hunting for. Obviously, anyone hunting for a small game will want to be using a knife that varies from what you would use to kill a deer. Using a mini knife to clean bigger animals will make your job more difficult, and you could possibly end up cutting yourself.

There are a variety of hunting knives available in the market that fits in everyone’s budget. A perfect hunting knife is hard to find, as any keen hunter knows. However, once you find the one you want, it’ll be with you for years.

Below is the list of Best Hunting Knife, comparison chart, and buying guide.

Comparison Chart for Top 10 Best Hunting Knives​

Hunting KnifeBlade TypeWeightBlade Length
Buck Knives 0110BRS Folding7.2 oz3 – 3/4″
Havalon Piranta Folding5.6 oz2 – 3/4″
Mossy Oak Fixed16.8 oz10″
Kershaw Folding4.3 oz3.1″
Bubba Blade Fixed3.04 oz7″
Winchester 22-41324 Folding2.2 oz2.5″
SOG Seal Pup Fixed5.4 oz4.75″
Jungle Master Fixed3.52 oz10″
Gerber Bear Grylls Fixed11.2 oz4.8″
Benchmade Fixed3.41 oz2.67″

Which are the 10 Best Hunting Knife In 2021?​

1. Buck Knives 0110BRS 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife​

Buck Knives 0110BRS best hunting knife

Buck is one of the popular manufacturers of hunter knives and provides a lifetime warranty on the product. If you like a folding knife as compared to a fixed blade knife, the Buck Knives 0110BRS 110 is destined to be your new tool for your next game expedition.

It has a razor sharp 3 ¾ inch clip-point blade that is built from high carbon  steel. It provides the best strength, edge retention, and is corrosion resistant. The Micarta handle of Buck 110 is Dymondwood handle with steel bolsters, a competent and natural wood grain. Buck Hunter Knife comes with a leather sheath of high quality. The closed length of the knife is 4-7/8″ and weighs 7.2 ounces.

Its clip styled blade has a sharp controllable point and ideal for detail-work, slicing, piercing through animal skin and hide. Buck 110 is a good hunting and camping knife and is provided with a nail-notch lock back design that enables the blade to open easily and close safely. This Buck knife provides a comfortable grip and a durable finish.

It has a compact size of 5 inches; therefore, it’ll fit into your pocket or backpack.

The Good

  • It has razor-sharp clip point blade.
  • It is an amazing tool for fishing, hunting, and everyday cutting tasks.
  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • It has a stylish natural-wood grain handle with polished brass bolsters.
  • It offers a lifetime warranty.
  • It has a patented heat-treating system.

The Bad

  • It isn’t ideal for hunting hard hunting cutting tasks.
  • Its lock bar pivot is not seated flush nor tight.

2. Havalon Piranta-Edge Blaze Orange Handle 12 Additional Crazy Sharp Blades​

Havalon Piranta

The Havalon Piranta is a well-known brand that is a part of a new, famous family of high-quality deer hunting knives that have a replaceable, razor-sharp blade. It has a lightweight design and excellent deer hunting knives with quick change, replaceable blades.

Its small size makes it suitable for field dressing knife for deer as well as the best skinning knife. Havlaon provides 12 blades that change out in a matter of seconds so that you always have an incredibly sharp edge.

It is lightweight and much too flimsy to take on heavy tasks, however for skinning and field dressing, it can’t be beaten. This Havalon Piranta knife comes with a sheath of reinforced nylon that contains a pocket for storing the replacement blades. Carry some extra blades with you to ensure that you’ve means of skinning your prey.

The Good

  • It has razor-sharp replaceable blades.
  • Its lightweight and small size reduce hand fatigue.
  • It offers surgical steel blades that change in seconds.
  • It features a removable stainless steel pocket clip.
  • It is easy to sharpen and easy to replace.
  • The handle of the knife is blaze orange for high visibility when placed on the ground.
  • It is one of the best deer hunting knives for skinning on the market today.

The Bad

  • It can be hard to clean.

3. Mossy Oak Survival Knife, 15-inch Fixed Blade Bowie Knife​

Mossy Oak

With a super sturdy handle and a razor sharp blade, Mossy Oak Knife is the best-selling knife and most reliable. It is well crafted to satisfy all your outdoor cutting needs. The total length of the knife is 15 inch with a blade length of 10 inches and a thickness of 3.5 mm.

Its Clip Point Blade 440 C stainless-steel cutting blade is well balanced and offers great edge qualities. It is a full tang knife provides excellent strength and excellent reliability than the average knife.

The Mossy Oak provides Nylon Sheath with sharpener and fire starter. This knife suitable for hunter, camper, survivalist, or outdoor sports enthusiast.

The Good

  • It offers superb quality and sharpness.
  • It is built for tough cutting needs.
  • It has awesome edge qualities.
  • It provides multiple carrying positions.

The Bad

  • Its handle is a bit short.
  • The sheath feels flimsy.

4. Kershaw Clash Black Serrated Pocket Knife​


Kershaw is one of the reputed brands of knives. This Clash Knife is affordable and offers an array of features that makes it suitable for almost any job. Whether you use it for hunting, camping, fishing, breaking down boxes or for next outdoor project, the Black Clash Folding Knife is a great everyday companion with its versatility, attractive appearance, and affordability.

It comes with a drop point blade and is made of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel with a black oxide finish to ensure hardness, strength, and wear resistance. The handle of the knife is built with a textured glass-filled nylon that provides a comfortable grip with gentle contour.

This Knife features a flipper on the back of the blade that allows the user to pull back the blade easily and safely out of the handle. Its handles come pre-drilled holes that enable the hunter using nothing more than a screwdriver to change either the knife’s tip position or the side of the handle on which it carries.

The Good

  • It features high-performance steel and has an attractive blade coating.
  • It comes with a secure locking system.
  • Its handle is very tough and able to take heavy-duty hard use.
  • It’s a great value for money.
  • It isn’t light and flimsy.
  • It is ideal for hunters and outdoor enthusiast.

5. Bubba Blade 7-Inch Tapered Flex Fillet Knife​

Bubba Blade

Bubba provides excellent tools to enjoy the ultimate lifestyle of adventure. The Bubba Blade Knife is constructed of high carbon stainless steel blade for unbelievable strength and durability. This non-stick coated 7-inch blade makes filleting smaller pan-fish and meat cutting even effortless.

It is coated with a non-stick surface to prevent corrosion. The thumb and finger make filleting comfortable while the safety guard shields from the blade and pesky fish spine. It also provides custom black synthetic sheath with straps.

The Good

  • It features ergonomic non-slip grip.
  • It has full-tang construction made from one-piece of steel.
  • It is balanced, strong, and durable.
  • Its trigger grip can handle the pressure.
  • It is built from a high carbon stainless steel.
  • It is ideal for accurate precision cutting.

The Bad

  • It isn’t ideal for heavy-duty cutting tasks.

6. Winchester 22-41324 Brass Folding Knife, 2.5-In. Blade​

Winchester 22-41324

Winchester knife is a handy folding knife, allowing it to fit neatly in your pocket. This brass foldable knife has a wood overlays and polished brass plated bolsters. Its total length is six inches and weighs two and a half ounces.

Its plain edge, stainless-steel blade is emblazoned with Winchester and has a nail nick for easy opening. It has a lanyard hole that provides an alternative to pocket carrying.

It can be used in various hunting, tactical, survival, industrial and outdoor situations.

The Good

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It is well-made and sharp.
  • It is less expensive.
  • It is beautifully designed.

The Bad

  • Its handle isn’t properly balanced.

7. SOG Fixed Blade Knives Seal Pup Knife​

SOG Seal Pup

SOG Seal Pup is a fixed blade military inspired knife that can trace its root back to that original SOG blade. It has nine inches length and lightweight at just 5.4 ounces.

Its blade is made up of 0.19-inch thick slab of AUS-6 stainless-steel and has a striking, angular appearance. It has a clip-point design with pronounced grind lines.

There is a thumb cutout in front of the handle to let you apply a bit more pressure and control. It is a serrated knife that is suitable for strap cutting. Its sheath is made from ballistic nylon and has belt loops that make it easy and secure to carry. The knife has four finger grooves and a ramp for a thumb.

The Good

  • It is an excellent tactical knife.
  • It has a sturdy blade with plenty of edges to handle most cutting tasks.
  • It has an ergonomic handle which is well designed and extremely strong.
  • It is made in the U.S.A.
  • It has full tang construction.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.

8. Jungle Master 15 Inch Hunting Knife​

Jungle Master

Jungle Master is the best deer hunting knife and a multi-purpose that serves great for any task. This knife offers a sharpen and durable stainless-steel blade with sawteeth on the back of the blade. It is designed with rugged use in mind, and this knife has a 10 inch, 4mm thick satin-finished stainless-steel blade with teeth serrations on the reverse blade.

The rubber handle fits comfortably in hand and comes with a glass breaker at the end. It is easy to carry around and wouldn’t weigh you down. It comes with a tactical sheath for easy portability.

This knife is ideal for you if you’re looking for a reliable knife that looks and works great.

The Good

  • It is a heavy-duty knife.
  • Its blade is fine, and the total length of this knife is 15 inches.
  • It features a sawteeth SS blade.
  • Its grip is the best and comfortable.
  • It is perfect for skinning deer and everyday cutting tasks.

9. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge​

Gerber Bear Grylls

The Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife manufactured by a Gerber that is known for producing high quality survival knives for the US military. It is a fixed blade knife that uses 7Cr17MoV stainless steel and has a 3/4 tang. This knife has a rubberized handle that maximizes comfort and reduces slippage.

At the butt end of the hunting-knife is a textured metal end cap. Its blade locks into a plastic sleeve that is part of the nylon sheath.

It comes with a sheath that can easily be attached to your belt or tactical backpack.

The Good

  • It has a great design coupled with sturdy frame.
  • It is perfectly designed for all survival applications.
  • It is ideal for edge retention and cutting rope.
  • It comes with a Ferrocerium rod locks into sheath.
  • It is extremely tactical and easy to hold.
  • It is easy to re-sharpen.

The Bad

  • It requires further sharpening for more aggressive use.

10. Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter 15016 Knife​

Benchmade Hidden Canyon

Benchmade Canyon Hunter is a handy tool and designed for precision, work and safety. Its simplicity and style meet unmatched function. It features a high-quality stainless steel rustproof blade with a stabilized wood handle. It feels great to hold in your hands and comfortable to use.

This 15016 Canyon is the best knife capable of countless tasks in the field. It is perfectly suitable for outdoor activities like fishing, camping, or fighting survival. Its drop-point wide blade makes breaking down the game a breeze. The large applied blade radius excels at skinning and meat removal. It weighs 3.53 ounces, and the total length is 6.32″. Whereas the length of the blade is 2.67 inches and the width is 0.140 inches.

The Good

  • It uses American made CPM-S30V steel.
  • It is rustproof, wearable, and sharp.
  • Its sharp edge is great for cutting, skinning, slicing or dicing.
  • It has ergonomically designed handle.
  • It is a perfect knife for self-defence, field survival, hunting, and fishing.

How to Choose Best Hunting Knife?​

While looking for the Hunting-Knife, there are various aspects to consider, such as blade type, handle, blade material, and quality of blade sheath. Here is the guide and knife reviews to help you choose the best knife for your purposes.

The Blade Shape

The most common blade shapes are clip point and drop point blades.

The clip-point shape comes to a sharper end and is better for delicate and detail work. The end of the blade is more pointed, and it is also more susceptible to breaking if you use it to pull things apart or open cans and such.

The drop point blade shape is more durable and can resist all kinds of lateral pressure. It has a balanced design and blades curve slightly downward toward the point of the blade. Drop point knives like the Benchmade Hunter Knife and Case Drop Point Hunter Knife have a razor-sharp pointed end that is stronger than the clip pointed blade. The only downside is that you’ve to be careful if you’re using it for a small game like fish or bird since the strong blade can damage the internal organs.

Straight Edge Blade

It has a single-edged blade that curves downwards toward its point whereas another side of the blade is flat, an unsharpened edge that allows to press down on this edge with finger’s to increase the knife’s cutting force.

Its increased thickness of the blade gives extra-strength for difficult tasks. The straight-edge blade is a great for splitting kindling, cutting-rope and slash through tree roots.

Fixed or Folding

Hunting-knife blades are either fixed or foldable. Old-timers generally prefer the fixed blade while new hunters favor the foldable style knives. Fixed blade knife is more durable than the folding as it has less mechanical parts to deal with and break. This fixed blade knife comes out of the box ready to handle heavy duty tasks, even expected to go through bone without running the blade. These fixed-blade knives are easier to clean and maintain.

On the other hand, the Folding blade is more versatile in their use and can easily be hidden and taken out quicker than a fixed blade. You can carry it in a pocket in situations where it would be a burden to have a sheath on one side. However, it is harder to clean and less sturdy.

Blade Material

There are various hunting knives on the market two primary types of material used in the best hunting knives, i.e., stainless steel and high carbon steel (HC steel). High carbon steel is expensive than regular stainless steel. HC steel is easier to sharpen, holds an edge better, and resist the corrosion.

Stainless steel is made up of various components like nickel, iron, carbon, chromium, etc. and it is corrosion resistance but lacks the razor sharpness of carbon and is known to stain in some environments. Depending on their use aren’t going to be shiny trophies in the long run so the staining may not be a big deal.

Carbon steel blade is more sharpest and simpler to care for and sustain that sharpness. The dulling of the blade isn’t a big issue at all. It needs the most care, and it can rust and discolor very easily even if cared for. A good warranty is vital when buying a Carbon Steel knife, as it becomes a game to avoid corrosion.


Full tang indicates that the steel of the blade doesn’t stop at the handle. It continues through the handle to the butt end without interruption. This design of hunting knives is subjected to vigorous use. If the blade were gummed onto the end of the handle, they would become loose.

The Handle

The handle is usually an overlooked part in hunting-knife and on depending on what the hunter is looking for can make a big difference in the way the blade is used.

It should allow you to get a good grip on the knife and allow you that flexibility throughout the skinning or cutting process. It is made out of polished wood like the Buck hunter knives or ABS plastic Elk Ridge Knife or leather like the case hunting knife.

Leather and wood is a stylish option and feels solid and heavy in hand. Even plastic is lightweight and easy to keep clean and can give a solid grip.

The Sheath

A good Knife comes with a sheath as a part of the package. It keeps knife safe and secure and protects you from cutting your leg open. It is also designed to keep the blade in good condition and. This sheath can be made out of nylon or leather.

The leather sheath is highly durable and long-lasting. However, it may need re-stitching after heavy duty use. Whereas nylon is easy to clean and it is lighter, but it doesn’t look as stylish as leather. It can be a flimsy material.

Gut Hook Blades and Hand Guard

It is the best tool for gutting animals and field-dressing as the extra-fine hooked blade enables you to unzip the skin of an animal for quick and easy gutting, cleaning, and skinning.

A hand guard prevents the hand from slipping onto the blade, that can give you a nasty cut.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the difference between the Serrated Edges and Fine Edges?

There are two types of the blade edge, i.e., serrated or fine.

It can be used for cutting through cartilage and bone of an animal.It can be used for skinning animals.
It is Used for sawing through wood.It is Used for cutting through animal flesh.
Cutting through certain materials (i.e., rope)Chopping wood and Cutting through certain materials(i.e., Fishing reel)

2. What is Bowie Hunting Knife?

The Bowie Hunting Knife is a popular type of fixed knife. It has a large blade and a simplistic design with a crossguard on the hilt.

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