Best Hunting Arrows – [January 2021]

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

1. Easton Full Metal Jacket 6pk

Easton Full Metal

2. Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Fletched BuffTuff Plus

Carbon Express Maxima

Are you looking for arrows that offer high penetrating power?

As a hunter, you require to have the right set of arrows to be successful in your hunting endeavors. Good quality arrows unleash the power of the bow at full strength. It’ll result in cleaner and quicker kills.

Choose an arrow that is the stiff, straight, and adequate length. It’ll allow the arrow to maintain its projection. Here we listed 10 Best Hunting Arrows based on in-depth research and top reviews.

Comparison Chart for Top 10 Arrows​

Crossbow ArrowsSizeWeight
Easton Full Metal 31.5″10.2 gpi
Carbon Express Maxima 20″390 gr
Gold Tip Hunter Pro 32″8.9 gpi
Carbon Red 29″6
Tiger 30″13 gpi
MS Jumpper 28″-31″
GPP 28 28″35 gram
Easton Aftermath 32″6
Carbon Express PileDriver 20″442 gr
Carbon BLU RZ 31.5″6.59 gpi

Which are the 10 Best Hunting Arrows?​

1. Easton Full Metal Jacket 6pk​

Easton Full Metal

Technical Specifications
Sraightness Factor±.003″
Weight10.2 GPI
Spine Deflection0.400″
RPS Point17/64″

Easton Full Metal Jacket designed to deliver maximum penetration and arrows are dense and small enough to increase your chances of a pass-through with every shot. It is known for its accuracy. It provides hunters a hard-hitting shaft with extra knockdown power.

The Full Metal Jacket includes a HIT insert, Chamfer stone, installation tool, and HIT epoxy. It offers a uniform spine between all the same sized arrows, so you are confident your next arrow will fly like the last.

These shafts are constructed from an aluminum coating over a high strength, high-impact carbon core. It offers an increased lifespan, and if they do break through use, they won’t splinter that can lead to injury.

The Good

  • It offers easy target pull.
  • It has a small diameter.
  • Its metal jacket helps in reducing friction.
  • It features HIT inserts.
  • It is more substantial in weight.

The Bad

  • It isn’t ideal for beginners.

2. Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Fletched BuffTuff Plus Carbon Crossbolt with R2 Vanes​

Carbon Express Maxima

Technical Specifications
Dimensions1.2 x 1.2 x 20 inches
Sraightness Factor±.0025″
Weight390 grains

It is one of the quickest and most precise hunting bolts crafted by Carbon Express. These arrows consist of a durable Mossy Oak finish over 2/3 of the shaft 2 inches bright red Blazer vanes that make it look similar to an excellent arrow.

Its Dual Spine Weight Forward technology features a perfect combination of double diverse carbon materials that bring about 2-spines in a single arrow to take care of energy in an efficient way. This causes the projectile to regain speedier spin around twenty percent closer. It is one of the best hunting arrows that maintain more momentum and offers excellent accuracy.

The Good

  • It affords optimal shaft configuration.
  • It is one of the speediest.
  • It delivers a more consistent precision of one shot after the other.

The Bad

  • It requires a lot of maintenance.

3. Gold Tip Hunter Pro Arrow with Raptor Vane

Gold Tip Hunter Pro

Technical Specifications
Sraightness Factor±.001″
Weight8.9 GPI
Wt. Tolerance+-.5 grain

This Hunter Pro comprises of extraordinary tight tolerance. Its shafts are straight with a tolerance of 0.01 inch, and weight varies by 0.5 grains per inch.

Its length goes to about 32 as the endurance or tolerance of the tool is around 0.5 grains. The GTO nocks and the bushings area offer precision nock aligning for enhanced accuracy.

The Good

  • It features high precision and straightness.
  • It offers effective nock alignment.

4. Carbon Express Maxima Red Fletched Carbon Arrows​

Carbon Express Maxima Red Best Hunting Arrows

Technical Specifications
Sraightness Factor+/- 0.0025”
Weight414 gr

The Maxima Red Fletched arrows are considered as one of the top carbon arrows. These Carbon Express arrows are six in a pack, and each has a blazer vane.

Its dynamic spine control design is a game-changing feature. It is the bolt’s stiff tip that carries the in-flight flex. Also, it improves the broadhead accuracy during flights.

Its launchpad nocks improve the appearance of the arrow’s shaft. Apart from being stylish, these nocks control arrow release and increase their flight accuracy.

These arrows are suitable for use with the bows that have draw weight ranges of between 40 to 91 pounds.

The Good

  • Its shaft goes under laser beams at 0.001 inches.
  • The Maxima Red arrows feature Fletched blazer vanes.
  • Its blade broadhead flies better due to its Dynamic Spine Control feature.
  • It offers excellent accuracy.
  • It is a good value for money product.

5. Tiger Archery 30Inch Carbon Arrow Practice Arrows​

Tiger Archery 30Inch

Technical Specifications
Sraightness Factor+/- 0.0025”
Shaft DiameterOuter 7.85mm / Inner 6.2mm

These 30-Inch Carbon arrows are an excellent choice for hunting big games. It comes with “o” rings to avoid the issue of loose tips.

They are specially built for crossbows with low weights and fly straight with more precision. The bolts are well-made with steel tips, colored rubber fletchers, carbon shafts.

They are compact, durable and can resist weather, moisture and environmental effects by stainless steel tips and plastic fletchers. The fletchers give flight stability, while the spine assures a low rate of oscillation after releasing the bow’s string. Moreover, the lighter tips provide pinpoint accuracy and more penetration power.

The Good

  • It is one of the best hunting arrows for 40 to 60 pounds bows.
  • It is a pack of twelve arrows that comes with six extra (replaceable) nocks.
  • They have nickel-plated SS tips.

The Bad

  • Its nocks and fletchers are not fixed with glue.

6. MS Jumpper Archery Carbon Arrows​

MS Jumpper

Technical Specifications
Length28″ – 31″
Sraightness Factor± 0.003″
Shaft Diameter7.4 mm
TipStainless steel

These arrows are constructed with high-grade materials, have great performance, high speed, and low hand shock. It is a lightweight 100-grain fast arrow that is suitable for compound bows with draw -weights of at least 65-70 pounds.

Also, they include a 100-grain tip that could be used for hunting or target practice. The diameter of the shaft is .291″ for these arrows.

These arrows make deeper penetration at high velocities, and they are often accurate with impressive bolts.

The Good

  • It has replaceable screw-in stainless.
  • It is suitable for target practice while using recurve, compound, or longbows.
  • It is a high-quality carbon-fiber with low hand shock and good speed.
  • It includes real feathers.
  • It is a great fusion between traditional vanes and modern shafts.

The Bad

  • Its fletchers may come off after extended use.

7. GPP 28 Fiberglass Archery Target Arrows​

GPP 28

Technical Specifications
OD7 mm
Weight35 grams
Draw WeightUp to 45 pounds

These arrows are ideal for beginners. They feature field points and provide superior performance to young and novice archers.

Moreover, they come with plastic vanes for stable in-flights after releasing the bow’s string. Its fiberglass shafts help in proper in-flight projection. It comes with shaft straightness confirmed under the laser beam.

They have multi-colored fletches that allow users to track their trajectory. Their high visibility enables easy retrieval from tall bushes at the backyard.

The Good

  • Its weatherproof plastic vanes are fletched to the body.
  • These fiberglass bolts are designed to help beginners improve their skills.
  • It is suitable for traditional and recurve bows.
  • It comes in multi-colors for enhanced visibility.

The Bad

  • Its nocks may come loose.

8. Easton 420789-TF Aftermath Arrows​

Easton Aftermath

Technical Specifications
Sraightness Factor+/- 0.005
Weight Tolerance+/- 2.0 gr.
ConstructionHigh strength carbon fiber

The Aftermath arrows are the latest addition to Easton lineup. These 2-inch arrows are made of carbon, and the inserts are different such that the arrows can be slashed to DL.

It is made in the USA and has a slick finish for low friction and easy removal. Furthermore, it is a low-profile arrow that helps it to penetrate with less friction.

These arrows can be used on all sizes of game, so they are suitable for hunting and archery practice. Also, it is very durable and can withstand the abuse of being shot over and over.

The Good

  • It is excellent and durable.
  • It is incredibly straight.
  • It is carbon made arrows.

The Bad

  • It doesn’t come with tips.

9. Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt​

Carbon Express

Technical Specifications
Sraightness Factor+/- 0.004”
Weight442 gr
NocksInserted Moon

With heavy grain weight, it has the bone crashing ability of your game. It is a perfect option for deer hunting and target practice. Also, it has a great penetration ability and looks beautiful with 4-inch vanes of fletchers.

These Carbon arrows are great for those who are looking for strong carbon cross-bolts. With 4-inch vanes, the fletched bolts have compact broadhead.

The penetrations are quite strong enough to crush the bones of the game. Its blade’s weight balances with the speed as it cuts through the wind. Moreover, its 4-inch vanes provide support during flights and make precision seamless.

It is built for the hunter who wants to feel the impact of maximum kinetic energy.

The Good

  • These bolts are lightweight and can be used for small bows.
  • It travels with great accuracy and maintains a flatter trajectory.
  • Its design offers optimal spine uniformity and momentum.
  • It offers excellent consistency.

The Bad

  • It requires a high level of mastery for uniform use.

10. Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ Arrows​

Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ

Technical Specifications
Sraightness Factorf +/- 0.0025”
Weight6.59 GPI

This all-new Maxima BLU RZ arrow offers speed and accuracy to set a new standard for hunting arrow performance. It is a lightweight hunting arrow that shoots broadheads better than anything.

It is built with a proprietary cross-weaved carbon material called Diamond Weave. This weave creates an exceptionally stiff arrow that has great spine consistency.

It offers straightness tolerance of +/-0.0025 inches and weight tolerance of +/-1 grain. Moreover, it comes rigged with Launchpad nocks with BullDog collars that protect direct impacts to the end.

The metallic blue looks amazing on the BuffTuff finishing coat over the fiber. Overall these arrows are premium priced and offer premium features and performance.

The Good

  • It uses American made CPM-S30V steel.
  • It is rustproof, wearable, and sharp.
  • Its sharp edge is great for cutting, skinning, slicing or dicing.
  • It has ergonomically designed handle.
  • It is a perfect knife for self-defence, field survival, hunting, and fishing.

Types Of Arrow​

Depending on the material used, there are different types of arrows. They are often classified into wood, carbon, fiberglass, and composite arrows.

Aluminum Arrows

Aluminum arrows are the most popular ones. They are preferred by most of the tournament hunters for training and practice target shooting. Also, they are more durable than wood and fiberglass.

They are suitable for both recurve and compound bows.

Fiberglass arrows

These types of arrows are suitable for bow fishing and target archery. Fiberglass is one of the heaviest among all other types. They boast of a reliable strength. Also, it posses great power and a high impact on penetration.

Composite Arrows

They are aluminum arrows decked with fiber. They are designed for long-distance shots. It is quite durable. These bolts is recommended for some competitive hunting.

Carbon Arrows

These carbon arrows can fly fast, and they are usually made of the lightweight feature. Moreover, it posses a flat trajectory and can come in a wrapped package that causes the fletching to be well secured.

How to Choose The Best Hunting Arrows?​

Selecting high-grade arrows can be a daunting task since there are a lot of options that are crafted to cater to every need. If you choose the wrong arrows, there are chances that your hunting trip might not as successful as you want.

Therefore, there are few factors you need to take into consideration to be able to select the good quality arrows.


The weight of the arrow is also known as the grain and measured in grains per inch (GPI) or gain. Usually, a weight of around 420 to 480 grain is enough for optimal performance. During hunts, a hunter can achieve deep penetration and speed with heavier models.

The lightweight models often travel straight in the air with speed and more accuracy.


Straightness tolerance in arrow can be divided into three parts that are 0.006 inches, 0.003 inches, and 0.001 inches. It means that a 0.003″ shaft can swerve up to about 6/1000’s relating to an inch off of genuine center. Generally, the longer the distance, the more effective it would be if the straightness of the shaft is higher.

Therefore if you have a 0.001 shaft, it would be more effective for longer paces than a shaft of 0.006 inches.

Draw Weight

As a hunter, shooting the best arrow will bring confidence. Its length, spine, tip weight, the stiffness of shafts, bow’s weight, and speed can help you design a weight chart. It offers better performance while maintaining optimum arrow flight.

The right weight arrow prevents your hands from straining during target practice and archery tournaments.

Arrow Spine

One of the biggest issues that catch the attention of most hunters is the reduced impact on the prey and unreliable shooting. It is generally displayed on a three-digit numeral and known as deflection. Arrow with a thicker spine affects the accuracy of your shots.

You can measure the spine by bending the shaft while suspended. Then calculate its number of inches and multiply by 1000.

Shaft Length & Diameter

The length of the shaft is an important material to examine when selecting your favorite arrow. The distance between the arrow tip and the nock is arrow’s length.

For measuring diameter, cut an arrow shaft and hold vertically below your eyes. Then measure the distance from one half of the surface area to another that is its diameter.

The shaft of the arrow helps the bolt to attain proper flight projection.

Plastic Vanes

It is flexible and offers great durability. These plastic vanes are attached to different lengths of arrows. Moreover, they are heavyweight and waterproof. Apart from that, they provide moisture-proof function and impacts on target.


It offers arrow support and stability. This factor is important for buying the fast speeding arrow with optimum accuracy.

Front Of Center (FOC)

The mass of the Front Of Center allows more precision over high distances. It determines the arrow trajectory curvature and pattern. Moreover, arrow achieves more stability through a flight when its FOC is high.


Bolts with compact broadhead deliver seamless aerodynamics after releasing the bowstring. It can be a fixed blade or mechanical. It is good to know how well-made is the broadhead that is suitable for your bow. For choosing the best broadhead, you can read our guide for Best Broadheads.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. How heavy should your arrow be?

Usually, a lightweight arrow posses a complete Grains Per Pound (GPP) around 5-6.5 grains for every pound of the draw weight. On the other side, mid-weight ranges from 6.5 to 8 grains. Therefore, if you’re looking for a heavier arrow, make sure it goes over 8 grains.

2. What is the standard arrow diameter?

The S standard arrow diameter is 6.5MM, whereas the H reduced diameter is 6MM. The X Micro Diameter is 5MM, and the “Ultra-Micro” G Diameter is 4MM making use of some deep-six parts.

3. What does GPI stand for arrows?

It stands for Grain Per Inch and is the standard measurement for the archery industry for taking weighs. The diameter, wall thickness, and shaft stuff are all factors that make up the GPI of an arrow.

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