Best Crossbow Bolts to Buy – [February 2021]

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In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

Reegox 20 inch Carbon Bolts

Reegox Price as of 2021-02-26 at 23:53

BloodSport 20-Inch Crossbow Bolts

BloodSport Price as of 2021-02-26 at 23:53

Crossbow is a powerful weaponry that takes down the target and bolts are that reliable source that helps to nock the game with strength, accuracy, and speed. The best bolts allow you to hunt the target with precision every time.

With a large market for bolts, it becomes quite tiresome to find crossbow bolts for your needs. Whether it’s archery or hunting without a crossbow, you cannot shoot the target. Likewise, the wrong equipment can leave you with nothing. When hunting with the crossbow, bolt plays a crucial part. The best crossbow arrows give you a smooth flight of the rail and provide optimal energy transfer from the string. It covers long distances while maintaining target penetration and speed.

Below is the list of 10 Best Crossbow Bolts, its comparison chart, and buying guide.

Comparison Chart for Top 10 Crossbow Bolts​

Crossbow BoltsSizePieces
Reegox 20″12
BloodSport 20″6
Barnett Outdoors 20″5
Musen 22″12
SinoArt 20″12
Pandarus 17″ / 20″ / 22″12
JY-Sports 16”12
Carbon Express 20″6
M.A.K. 20″12
TenPoint 20″6

Which are the 10 Best Crossbow Bolts In 2021?​

1. Reegox 20 inch Carbon Crossbow Bolts​

Reegox Price as of 2021-02-26 at 23:53

Reegox Bolts is designed for beginners in archery and hunting. It is high-cost effective that brings you better kinetic energy, speed, and accuracy. It ensures extraordinary durability for more extended usage.

The bolts are 20″ in length and arrow bolt shaft material is composed of carbon. The bolts come with strong carbon shaft with 4″ TPU vanes and inserted moon nocks.

The nock, insert, and standard point allows you to obtain accessories for the repair with ease.

The Good

  • This bolt is made of Crossbows/Xbows
  • It is a good quality carbon fiber bolt.
  • It shoots with accuracy and penetration.

The Bad

  • You can’t beat the target for the money with these arrows.

2. BloodSport 20-Inch Crossbow Bolts​

BloodSport Price as of 2021-02-26 at 23:53

BloodSport is a high-speed crossbow which offers unique qualities and everything you need to hunt whitetails without breaking the bank. The arrows are light in weight and come with great features. Its features include blazer vanes, blood rings, and slim diameter.

The six solid arrow bolts for hunting work well with high-speed crossbows as well as the standard 150lbs crossbow. The bolt has an overall weight of 325 grains that offer terminal performance. The bolts are 20″ in length with .003 Straightness and 9.0 GPI.

The Good

  • It ensures reliable performance with a high-speed crossbow.
  • It is lightweight and ensures a better shot.
  • The bolt is recommended by the manufacturer and is incredibly accurate.
  • It provides consistent performance.

The Bad

  • It is a bit costly.

3. Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-Inch Arrows​

Barnett Outdoors Price as of 2021-02-26 at 23:53

Barnett Arrows are remarkably popular in crossbow users. It is a suitable option for hunters on a budget and offers high-quality accuracy. The Barnett comes with 20-inch arrows with field.

The Archers who seek to hone their archery skills may find it perfect to aim by firing high volume practice shots. The 20″ bolt comes in a pack of 5 with half-moon nocks, 13.78 GPS. It can match with 100-grain points to ensure precision and penetration. The lightweight arrow with a field tip or broadhead brings weight up to 400 grains.

The bolts are compatible with Ghost 350, and Jackal, Whitetail hunter II, Raptor FX3 and other models. These fast bolts have an accuracy of for distances up to 50 yards.

The Good

  • It comes with a five year of manufacturing warranty.
  • It is a lightweight arrow shafts with improved wall thickness for durability.
  • This bolt ensures better accuracy at short ranges and target penetration.
  • It is easy and highly compatible with many crossbow models.
  • The bolts are the best option for beginner archers and target hunters.

The Bad

  • It is less effective at longer ranges above 50 yards.
  • This bolt may show some inconsistencies in firing with accuracy.

4. Musen 22 Inch Carbon Archery Crossbow Bolts​

Musen 22 Inch Carbon Bolts Price as of 2021-02-26 at 23:53

Musen is a precision shaft bolts for best hunting and practice. It has a high-grade material that contributes to exterior durability and long-lasting target practice. Its removable field points are made of stainless steel.

The 125-grain broadhead and field points are tight enough. This bolt could be removed and replaced according to personal needs. It come in 12pcs. It has an 8.8mm outer diameter and arrows-fletched 4″ Vane. It has a solid structure that contributes to the straight flight path, target-penetration, and accuracy.

The Good

  • It is a great shooting and hunting arrows for youth and adults.
  • The bolt ensures target penetration and optimal accuracy.
  • The field point is made of stainless steel.
  • The field grain points can be removed and replaced as per your personal needs.

5. SinoArt 20″ Carbon Crossbolt Arrows​

SinoArt Price as of 2021-02-26 at 23:53

SinoArt 20″ bolts are made of the carbon shaft. The bolts have standard 4″ vanes and two blue one white inserted moon nock. The bolts have 12 pack of 20-inch cross-bolt arrows with lightweight shafts, improved wall thickness with durability.

It comes with removable tips to attach broadheads. It provides extra strength and durability.

6. Pandarus Archery Carbon Crossbow 17/20/22-Inch Arrows Bolt​

Pandarus Price as of 2021-02-26 at 23:53

Pandarus is archery equipment designed for creating a perfect archery experience for archers. It is a highly cost-effective safety practice arrows. This bolt uses high stainless and high strength and accuracy of the glass fiber shaft. The arrows are highly compatible with Penetrator, Wildcat C-5, Ghost 350, and Jackal Crossbows.

The arrows come in 17″/20”/22″ length and 8.8mm outer diameter with 100-grain filed broadheads. It has a half moon shape arrow nock and comes in 12 pieces of crossbow arrow.

The Good

  • The arrows are compatible with many crossbows.
  • It is available in 3 sizes 17″/20”/22″ length.
  • The package includes 100- grain field tip.
  • It is cost effective safety practice arrows for archers.
  • It is best suitable for practice target and precision.

7. JY-Sports Bolts 16 Inch Archery Hunting Arrow​

JY-Sports Price as of 2021-02-26 at 23:53

JianYi Sports are specialized in manufacturing arrows and crossbow bolts. The high quality arrows are made up of carbon fiber and glass fiber.

This bolt is more stable, faster, and include three-color arrows feather and black arrow shaft. Its arrow tip material is made of automatic steel.

These precision arrows are made of extended durability and target practice. The arrow material is 90% carbon, 5% plastic and 5% easy cutting steel.

The Good

  • It produces all kinds of high-quality arrows.
  • It ensures a satisfactory experience to the customers.
  • It is more stable, shots faster, and brings better accuracy.
  • It ensures long-lasting target practice.
  • The arrows quality is impeccable and ensures precision.
  • It is the crossbow bolt for hunters and archers.

8. Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt​

Carbon Express Price as of 2021-02-26 at 16:54

Carbon Express PileDriver bolt 20in is designed to ensure better performance while hunting. It is the heaviest cross bolt that offers better performance at a mid-market price. It comes with 20-inch fletched carbon-arrows. The grain weight of the arrows creates heavy, kinetic energy and higher knock down power. Its advanced construction ensures spine consistency for greater accuracy. The heavy weight of grain provides the maximum kinetic energy and allows bolts to penetrate deep and even cutting through tough thick hides.

The bolts are capable of bone-crushing penetration, and its stronger spine resists bending effectively. The bolts are available in 20″ to 22″ version and have standard cross-bolt with 4-inch Vanes and 6 universal flat nocks. It is designed to enable the arrows to more easily cut through the air as it flies. It increases the mid-air stability and overall speed. The hard-hitting penetration of these bolts performs well on the largest games and ensures 30 fps of arrow speed.

The Good

  • It is designed for the hunter who wants ultimate penetration.
  • The bolt offers massive knock down power and better penetration.
  • It creates maximum kinetic energy.
  • The bolts are extremely durable for many hunting seasons.
  • It is suitable for big game hunting. 
  • It brings spine consistency for greater accuracy.
  • The bolts are inexpensive and suitable for hunting large game.

The Bad

  • It is less accurate at a greater distance.

9. M.A.K. 20″ Bolts Hunting Archery with 4″ vanes Feather​

M.A.K. Price as of 2021-02-26 at 23:53

M.A.K. Bolts provides high grade and cost-effective bolts. It has a mixed carbon material and a half moon arrow nock. The 20″ length offers an outer diameter of 8.8mm and an inner diameter of 7.6mm. The arrows have replaceable steel point with an aluminum insert for screwing the arrow tips.

Its standard weight is 125 grain and is fit for crossbow hunting and practice. The pack includes 12pcs of bolt with 4 inches of fletching length.

The Good

  • It is suitable for crossbow hunting and practice.
  • The bolts are of good quality.
  • It is a high-quality product that provides massive accuracy.

10. Tenpoint EVO-X Center Punch Carbon Crossbow Arrows​

Tenpoint EVO-X Center Punch Price as of 2021-02-26 at 23:53

TenPoint Bolts offers durable Easton shafts that are inspected for straightness. It is fitted with an 84-grain insert and alpha-Brite nock. It is designed from modulus carbon-fiber at 33 MSI. Its design reduces indexing difficulties and dangerous string slippage. The TenPoint Bolts stay consistent in penetrating your target with every bolt.

It includes 20-inch carbon bolts shafts that features slightly offset fletching. It is fletched with 3.5″ Bohning X Vanes. The bolts are fitted with long-range accuracy with better kinetic energy. It includes 20″ bolts shafts that features slightly offset fletching

The Good

  • The bolts are powerful and accurate.
  • It is suitable for hunting in open fields and at a larger distance.
  • It comes with new alpha-nock or white SuperBrite Omni-nock.
  • The bolt has Lazer-Tech carbon finishing.
  • It offers 25% increased crossbow accuracy.

How to Choose The Best Crossbow Bolts?​

Best Crossbow Bolts

Picking a crossbow bolts isn’t an easy task. With this buyer guide, we will help you find the best quality bolts. The bolts should be sized correctly to get better speed, precision, and momentum.

The weight of the bolt measures in grain and combines the fletched shaft, insert, nock, broadhead or field point. The weight plays a crucial role as heavier bolts generate more energy, which offers better target penetration. Many others also play a role in selecting the crossbow. Here we will explain each characteristic one by one.

Before choosing the bolts for your crossbow make sure to read the manufacturing specifications that came with your device.

Bolt Length

First, you need to consider your crossbow brand as different brands have different length specifications. The normal length of the crossbow bolt is 20 inches. However, the length of the bolt varies from 16″ to 22″. In case you are using a different arrow for the crossbow model, you can use slightly longer bolts. If the bolts are too short, then tip can interfere with the rail while shooting the bolt.


The archers use a lighter bolt weight to hit the target smoothly at the farther distance easily. On the other hand, hunters use heavy bolts that ensure better target penetration. The heavier bolt may be able to strike the targets in shorter distances and have in-flight stability. You can also go with the manufacturer’s recommendation to know the proper length and weight you needed for your crossbow. The light-arrows are susceptible to wind resistance. The lighter bolts are used by the archers that easily helps to hit the soft target and reach even at farther distances.

The bolt weight is measured in grains per inch. The lightweight bolts weigh less than 350 grain and are suitable for hunting and shooting in open areas where judging distance is difficult. Standard bolts weight lies between 350 to 400 grains. However, the heavyweight bolt weighs more than 400 grains for a big game with tough hides.

Bolt Diameter

The diameter of the bolt is an essential factor in penetration. The small diameter will cut down on wind drag at the time of the release of a bolt. It enhances the durability, boosts in penetration-power as compared to standard diameter bolts.


The shafts are composed of aluminum and carbon materials and are lightweight in the material. The aluminum shafts are less expensive as compared to carbon. The one drawback is that it bends easily and are less durable than carbon. The carbon shafts wind drift better and shoot flatter. The carbon-fiber shafts are stronger but expensive.


The spine is broadly categorized into two static and dynamic. A shaft with greater spine weight provides more resistant to bending. It is composed of carbon or aluminum bolts. The static spine is the stiffness of the bolt, whereas dynamic spine refers to how much a bolt bend when it’s fired. It is vital to control the spine on a bolt as bending will impact consistency, accuracy.

Bolt Heads

There are two points of crossbow heads used for different purposes that are the target or field points and broadheads. Field points are used for small game and target practicing. In most game field point is not recommended as they possess a pointed tip without sharp edges. This bolt can be used to hit soft targets and don’t have sharp field tips. It weighs 125 to 150 grains.

Broadheads are used for animal hunting. It is divided into three: fixed blade, removable blade, and expandable blade. It has razor sharp blades that can hit the target through penetration. It is attached to the tip of the shaft like the field points. The field points wounds an animal rather than providing a kill shot. The broadheads are easy to remove and replaced when damaged.


A nock is made from aluminum and plastic and keeps a bolt in place while targeting the shot. The types of nocks are flat and half-moon nock. Half moon nocks are slightly concave at the edges that make sure that the strings are aligned before firing. It also provide secure bolt placement on the string.

Flat Nock

The conventional nock consists of a single flat disc that allows for the contact with the string in any position. It carries a risk of dry fire if you have a crossbow with a heavyweight draw.

Lighted Nocks

Lighted Nocks is an advancement in the field and highly recommended by the archers. It emits light glow and is easy to find when hunting at night. It helps to find the path of your bolt and pinpoint where your bolt struck animals and make your bolts easy to rescue.


It is the fins or the wings near the back of the bolt, and the crossbow has three fletchings made from plastic. The longer fletchings fit better with long shafts.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Which Shafts are Better Carbon Bolts or Aluminium Bolts?

Aluminum shafts are less expensive than Carbon bolts. The aluminum bolts bend easily and are less durable. If you want bolts for practice, then it is a reliable option. The carbon bolt is expensive, no doubt but provide better precision and accuracy. Many archers also go with aluminum crossbow bolts for target practicing as they are affordable. In case of deep-penetration, use a carbon-bolt instead of aluminum.

2. What Size Bolts Do I Need for my Crossbow?

The average length of the crossbow is 20 inches, and mostly crossbows arrows are 16 to 22 inches in length. The crossbow does come with the recommendation as to what arrow length one must use. While making the purchase make sure it is of the same length as recommended.

3. How Should the Arrow Weigh?

Generally, the arrow can be measured in grain per inch. For instance, the shaft is 30 inches long and has grain per inch of 9.5 weighs 285 grains.

4. What is the Grain of an Arrow?

The grain is the weight of an arrow measured grains per pound. The light arrow has finished G.D.P. of 5 to 6.5 grains for draw weight of each pound. The heavy arrow weighs 8 grains whereas a mid arrow weighs between 6.5 and 8 grains. The arrow’s total weight is divided by the bow’s poundage for shooting the arrow.

5. What Do You Mean by Spine of an Arrow?

The spine of an arrow is a measurement of its stiffness. Easton Arrow comes in a variety of stiffness. The lower the number of the spine, the stiffer the arrows.

6. How are Arrows Measured?

The standard measurement of an arrow is the distance between the bottom of the groove of the nock to the end of the arrows. It doesn’t include a tip or insert.

7. What are the Four Parts of an Arrow?

The arrows have four parts that include a shaft, Fletching, Arrowhead, Nock.

  • Shaft: It is the spine of an arrow.
  • Fletching: It is the plastic veins or feathers of an arrow.
  • Arrowhead: It is the point of an arrow with the target point.
  • Nock: It is located on the rear end of the arrow which holds the arrow in a position.

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